Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog Awards

Jessica at Baby Davis Michael. Her blog is beautiful and an absolute reflection of all that she holds precious, hence the name! :) Her writings are honest, poignant and entertaining too! Her posts always draw me in, which says something considering I don't have kids and still i can't stop reading! :)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Let's Be Realistic, Shall We?

So I'm in the fight for my life...okay, the weight loss fight, that is. I'm trying my hardest to lose just five more pounds before Thanksgiving. Yeah, that's smart, I know. Thanksgiving is my goal though and I'm hoping to obtain it. We shall see. Because let's face it. Holidays you gain weight. It's just given. So maybe I can lose a little more before I put the obvious back on. (I'm sure knowing me, I will be eating as small of portions as I first!) While I was pregnant, I put on a lovely 35 pounds. Gag me! Too bad I didn't have a 15 pound baby to say that's where the weight was. But hey, not bad though I guess. I've lost 28 pounds and I'm kinda just sitting still here. I have 5 more pounds to go until I'm at my prepregnancy weight. Honestly, even when I get there, I'll still feel like I have a long way to go. I have a permanent tire/doughnut it seems in my midsection. Also, since I am breastfeeding, I feel like I'm a mini clone of Dolly Parton and am trying to compete with her. I never thought I would miss my nonexistent boobs. Yeah, I said it. Seriously though, baby boobs aren't the same as non baby boobs. I don't need to elaborate. I'm sure you can figure it out! Plus, I'm in that still blah faze where I can't wear most of my old clothes because my boobs can't fit into ANYTHING, but I certainly can't wear maternity clothes. Very blah. If I could just strap these suckers down, trust me, I would! On a lighter note, I had to go shopping today and was finally successful. I know, such a thing to complain about :) So at least I got new clothes out of it. I've been trying to work out as much as I can to obtain my goal. I'm also starting to do weekly/bi-weekly measurements to see where I stand. Of course some parts of me fluctuate more than others!!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Skeleton...Wordless Wednesday

Very sleepy today!

Family walk in his skeleton outfit :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good News!

Davis is in the clear. All of his tests came back great and I couldn't be happier! He was so good while we were at the hospital that I was actually in shock. Every hour, he had to have his blood drawn, be weighed, check his diaper, blood pressure, etc. He barely cried at all. He wasn't able to eat for 12 hours and I don't know how he did it. I thought it was going to be a looooong 12 hours, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Around 3am, he started to get a little fussy, but for as hungry as he was, it could have been a lot worse. At 6am, we finally got a good test back. His urine was still pretty diluted, but concentrated enough to where the doctors were able to tell he does not have diabetes and ruled out everything else. I just have a massive peeing machine on my hands. I would rather spend a fortune in diapers than the alternative. Davis' doctor said that this is something we will have to watch and check every so often, but over time should be something he outgrows. Not bad! :) Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and thoughts. It really means a lot to us!

My sleeeepy head

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor Baby :(

Ever since Davis was born, I've been joking around saying that he's like an old man with diabetes because he pees so much. And when I say so much, I'm talking at least 14times by 1pm. That's a little excessive. Of course Michael didn't think anything of it and just got used to the fact that his son is a human faucet. I on the other hand, being the paranoid first time mommy, had to call the doctor and find out what is going on! I was also wanting to check on his colic and we are now on drops for his reflux that is apparently giving Davis bad heartburn. It seems to be helping him a lot and he doesn't seem like he's in as much pain. He's also been sleeping really good at night! But, back to the peeing issue. Davis' doctor did say that this is a little out of the norm and that we did need to do some urine analysis. I took that back in and just figured that he was going to call me and say everything was in the clear. Nope! We had to take my lil guy back in yesterday so they could put in a catheter and do blood work on him. I couldn't stand to watch him being poked and prodded like that, so I had to wait in the waiting room. They are trying to rule out any hormonal imbalance with his kidneys. His urine is diluted and he isn't concentrating causing him to pee more frequently and not hold on to portions of it. Well, today, our doctor called us back again with the same results on his UA. On Thursday, we are having to check Davis in the hospital for more tests. I am trying to stay calm and not let my mind wander, but that is so much easier said than done. They are trying to completely rule out diabetes. It wouldn't be the sugar diabetes that would need insulin, but a form that his brain isn't communicating with his kidneys properly. If his tests come back bad again, he is going to have to do brain scans to check his brain activity and waves. I asked if this meant if Davis would have any problems mentally and thank goodness, he won't. But one of the reasons he could be peeing so much is he could possibly have a tumor that is pushing on his pituitary gland causing him to pee more often. I'm sure, or at least crossing my fingers, that isn't the case. I actually wish the doctor had left that part out, but too late. Davis will have extensive test almost hourly through the night and won't be able to eat very often to check the amount of urine. I'm sure most of this is a bunch of jumbled mess, but I feel a little nerve wrecked right now! All I want to do is hold my little baby and pray that everything will be okay. I'm praying that it's nothing and I just have a big peeing machine on my hands. Please keep Davis in your prayers. Thank you.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick Post....

Davis will be 7 weeks tomorrow. Where is the time going? I're thinking it's only been 7 weeks. He's just getting so big already it's kind of sad. He's outgrowing his newborn clothes now and moving on to the bigger ones. Tear, tear. His colic his pretty much under control now. For the most part. Yesterday was a different story, but not everyday is great. Of course. The drops the doctor gave us are really working well and I am so glad that we have them! Davis is starting to talk to us more and more. I love it when he smiles and just wish that he would do it more often. He has a little dimple in one of his cheeks that is just toooo cute. I love it. He is absolutely in love with lights and mirrors. Yes, my baby loves to look at himself. During bath time, he just stares into my vanity mirror with the light turned on and sometimes smiles at himself. It is adorable. We also bought him a mirror for his crib/tummy time that he really seems to enjoy. Hey, whatever works! He also loves being in public. That baby will be stone cold passed out even with music blaring in the background. Nothing phases him. It's so weird. We went to a wine bar with friends and their baby this past weekend where they had acoustic playing. Nothing. He was OUT! But of course, being at home is different. It's quieter here and I swear he hates it. Sorry, kid!
We are still following Baby Wise and I feel like it's going pretty good. For anyone that has used this before, you know what I'm talking about. I love it. But when he gets off his schedule it really stresses me out and Davis doesn't do well with it either. He's doing much better during the night, but I still wish he would sleep for longer periods of time. He usually wakes up between 2-3 for diaper change and feeding. Davis is like a faucet! It's like he's an old man and pees every 5 minutes, no joke! But like clockwork, same thing every night. He sometimes wakes up at 6am, but I make him sleep another hour and feed him around 7. I'm happy though that he only wakes up one time during the night. I guess it could be worse like at the beginning. I was ready to take my head off!

But I love seeing him do new things. He's supporting his head really well now. He can pretty much sit in his Bumbo seat with no help. The smiles are my favorite