Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writers Workshop:Parenting Pet Peeves

4.) Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids

You know those parents. You see them, you may know them, or you know of them. Some things they do just makes you want to cringe and think to yourself, what in the hell are they thinking?! Those people you feel like may need a few extra parenting classes because obviously they could use some coaching.

Take bedtime for example. In some households, it is nonexistent. How can this be? The parents are walking zombies and don't understand why the kids are so darn fussy all of the time. No, the later you keep your baby up at night does not mean that they will sleep in later. In fact, it is the exact opposite. That could possibly be the reason why your child is waking up at 4am screaming. Or, the, "My child just doesn't take naps." Hmm...that's interesting. Did your child decide this or did you decide this? Did they actually tell you this and you thought that was actually a great idea? I'm pretty sure any parent would want their child to take a nap. Maybe, just maybe, you didn't put your child on any type of routine so they are not disciplined. Your child should get up when you tell them to. Otherwise, put a book in the bed and let them look at it. Then there is the, "no, my baby just screams." I'm no barbarian, but let the child scream a little. Don't you get tired after you are crying? Exactly.

Then we have the picky eater. No, Suzy Q only eats goldfish. Is that really all you're feeding your child? Toss those goldfish crack of crackers in the trash! At 2 years old, you should not have a picky eater. Come, on. Maybe not like shrimp, or not want a chef salad, but your child will eat what they see you eat. Feed them broccoli as some of their first food and they will eat whole broccoli later.

And what happened to discipline? You're just trying to go grocery shopping and escape your own kids, when the devils lair is in your aisle. Seriously people? Grocery stores need a kids zone! You try to leave the soup aisle as fast as you can, but Little Johnny throws himself in front of your cart, screaming how he wants meatballs in his spaghetti o's. If this were my kid, we would have had a little talk and he would not be getting any spaghetti o's. What does this parent do? Okay, sweetie. How many cans would you like? At this point, you just want to run Little Johnny over with your cart and give the mom a, 'are you freaking kidding me,' look. But a can comes hurling your way because it is the wrong brand. It's okay because the mom tells you her son is very tired today. Hmmm... Parents, we make the rules! Not the kids!

What's with the counting?? Hasn't your kid gotten the idea by now that when you throw in a 3.5, you're not really being serious? Are you going to count backwards now?

With that being said, go be a bad mama jama!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Fame!

Fame! I'm gonna live forever! Why am I singing that song? He's going to be in 'Fame' for babies!

I look good in my leg warmers, right guys? Daddy didn't think so, but his socks are the perfect size! I'm going to dance the day away now!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Guest!

We recently went back home to visit Michael's family this past week. I've been really M.I.A. on here lately.n We hung out a lot and Davis really got to get to know his cousins. They are so good with him, it is absolutely adorable.

We took all the kids to the Shedd Aquarium one day, and I don't know who had more fun. Me or them!

We went to the shows, saw all of the exhibits, and even went to a 3D movie. Davis actually sat through the whole 12 minutes in awe.

Aren't they so cute? Sydney is 7 and Breyonna is 9. They took Davis with them all over the place. They were both carrying him up and down the stairs like he was a little doll

Breyonna has come back with us for the summer, and I have to say, I love having her around. I think Davis also thinks he has a new toy to play with. For now, he has decided to not go through massive tantrums which has been so nice. I'm not saying he hasn't been having them, just not as frequent. Yesterday, she surprised me and cleaned the entire upstairs. Yes, you read that right. She cleaned the upstairs. Her and Davis straightened up everything and it made my day!! It's the little things, right?!

(This is one of my favorite pictures of Breyonna reading a book to Davis)

Breyonna even got asked to go next door and play with a little girl. She spent hours over there and I could tell she had such a great time. I'm sure it was nice not being around a two year old for a little bit.

When she got backed, I promised her we would bake cookies together. I need to get this girl an apron, because she is a pro!

I know this summer is going to be a great one having her around! And Davis doens't argue, either!

Friday, June 10, 2011


While cleaning the bathroom the other day, I decided I would get Davis to help me out a little. Or at least pretend to help. Me, of course not thinking, gave myself more work to do. I was inside the bathtub and realized it seemed a little too quiet.

Yes, not even alone for one minute and he had taken apart the paper towel roll.

Little did I know that he had already managed to shred all the pieces on the ground. Nice.

Uh oh! Busted! Hi, mom!

Oops! Mom doesn't look happy!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Night Out With Auntie Em!

Emilee had date night with my sister. She watched him and I went to visit my friend in East Texas. The word love doesn't begin to describe how crazy they both are about each other. Davis lights up as soon as he sees her walk in the door. And she is all about that kid. It just melts my heart. Has to be the cutest thing ever.

Why can't he wake up like this all the time? Precious.

Gatti Town! Davis loves pizza as much as I do. Definitely my kid!

Baby bowler! Watch out, now!

And he's out of there!! I would say she wore him out....and had a BLAST!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Baby? Gone!

It seems as if we are entering the terrible two phase, without yet being at the two's. How in the world did this happen so soon? And what I would like to know, is what demon force decided to take over my sweet little man? As soon as I wake Davis up in the morning, I proceed with caution. I creep over to his crib with a huge smile on my face, hoping for the best, but ready for the worst. Sometimes, I am lucky however, and get the overly excited, jumping baby who is so thrilled to see me. Almost as if a sigh of relief that I didn't forget to get him out of his crib. Then there are the other mornings. You creep in, and the turn for the worst happens. Terror screams. Sounds so loud, you wonder how a little thing so small can make such a loud boisterous noise. At this point, you brace yourself knowing this is the start to an awesome day.

These my friend, are the roller coaster days. Talk about wishing there was a manual that came into play. Can I please look up the chapter for erratic and uncontrollable behavior for a 21 month old, please? Lately, I have also begun to call Davis, 'bipolar baby.' I think that a Sunday morning comic named this would be perfect. One minute we are playing, rolling the ball back and forth, big smiles. And then SCREAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!!!! What in the? What happened? I have recently implemented time out and some times this works, sometimes it seems pointless. When situations arise where there is absoutely nothing I can do to please this child, I have to other choice then to say, 'work it out buddy.' That's my way of saying I am going to attempt to ignore you right now. Let me know when you are done with your tantrum. I keep having people tell me that the three's are the worst and I wonder how anything can be worse than this? The-I'm so mad at you I'm going to throw my food across the room, after I smack in the face, then give you a kiss because I know I messed up, the scream on the floor phase?

Let the good times roll, people. This is when I say the serenity prayer....a lot. And of course a little wine doesn't hurt, either.