Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Went. We Conquered!

We found a house!! I am beyond excited and can't tell you how much this is my absolutel dream house! We are in just in time to be able to pick out our colors of cabinets, flooring, etc. Did I mention I am so excited?? Here are a few pictures of what it will look like when it's done. **These are mostly pictures of the house across the street, so this will be similar.**
Um....this house comes with a WINE BAR! Hello!! I actually didn't mean for this picture to post first and was hoping for the outside, but now I find this fitting.
 The heavens opened, and the angels sang! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The closet has built in dressers and cabinets with shoe shelves! Can I get an AMEN!?
 Similar to what our mast bath will look like. So pretty :)
 The backyard has a balcony and covered patio.....including an outdoor bathroom. Perfect for entertaining. Or if you opened the hatch, then here you go.
 Oh my love! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Did I say, LOVE!!????!!!
I'm sorry, I am totally so excited!! So stop by anytime for a glass with me :)

**Don't forget 'Make My Monday' next week. The question will be what is your favorite recipe to make for entertaining?** Can't wait to see what ya got :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Seriously Impulsvie Blog Swap-VLOG

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Thanks again, Jennifer! My gifts are the cutest, and will of course be used!! I love them all! :)

Mommy’s Sippy Cup 

Don't forget to linkup with Kelly & I for 'Make My Monday' next week. The question is going to be-What is your favorite for entertaining?  This could be anything from cocktails to dessert.
I'm always looking for great, new recipes, so I can't wait to see what you've got to show us!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Worst Fashion MISTAKE-Make My Monday Linkup

Mommy’s Sippy Cup
For those of you just tuning in, it's Make My Monday with myself and Kelly over at Just The Two Of Us. Every week, we will have a question posted to get to know our readers better! It's a fun way to start the week, because who really likes Mondays, anyway. What you need to do, is make sure you are following BOTH of our blogs, grab our cute little button and linkup with the question. Simple as that!

This week, the question was what is one fashion fad from your past that makes you cringe now when you see pictures? (hair, clothes, makeup)And show us the pictures :)

Ready? Go!

I have to tell you that I searched high and low for a particular picture of a certain trend I am going to share with you. I absolutely had no luck, BUT, I was able to google some pretty great pictures to to paint a pretty awesome image in your head. From the age of about 12-questionable, I had an amazing ghetto fabulous look going on. I worked hard everyday to wear the baggiest clothes I could find. The biggest, and baggiest shirts that were sold at men's XL stores. My guy friend's clothing became automatic possession of yours truly. To top it off, my hair was what I call, a ghetto fabulous A-line. It was a typical A-line haircut with a twist. It was shaved up in the back, instead of stacked. Yes, you read right. Shaved. I shaved my freaking hair!! Believe it or not, this was actually popular and I decided I needed to try it. This is one time I did NOT need to be with the current trend. You may be thinking this was a popular trend only in my head, so you are just going to have to go with it.
Look at the style and detail on the baby? That should win a hair trophy. Just beautiful, isn't it?! So that hair, paired with something a little like this......

Even though those are guys, I'm sure that is what I looked like. A tiny, petite thing, with clothes three times as big on my body that swallowed me whole. (Okay, don't worry. My clothes weren't literally that big. I still had a female side in me!) What tiny little chest I did have under there was hidden and blended in right with my sexy outfit. I mean, if this doesn't scream HOT, I don't know what does. It especially had a nice classy look when singing in choir class. If you're wondering how I ever had a boyfriend, this is what I attracted.

A dream of a guy that any mom would be so proud of.  Michael tells me that we would have for sure been friends, but he would have never dated my hot mess, self! Hopefully this creates the most incredible image ever in your head of what a hottie I used to by. I mean, I obviously won best dressed at school!

Okay, you're turn! Don't forget to follow us both and grab the button when you linkup! I can't wait to see what your worst fashion fad was :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I'll Be Eating This Week

Every once in a while, I get a few emails about our weekly menu that I've talked about before. Each Sunday, I make a menu for the entire week. This saves time, money, and wanting to eat out more. I love already knowing what we are going to have, and not standing in front of the pantry come dinner time. It's a life saver. Hopefully you can see my little menu up there. If you are interested in getting any of these recipes, I will be sure and email them to you. Also, these are all carb free and around 500 calories or less. Something your whole family can enjoy, too! :)

Do you make a menu for the week? What's your favorite recipe you have you are making this week?

Happy eating :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go!

Today is the day! The day I've been waiting for, for such a long time. We are house hunting in Houston, and I seriously can't tell you how excited I am. It's time to get this family settled and plant some roots, already. By the time this gets scheduled, I will be meeting our realtor to go on the journey and conquer this hunt! Since I knew I would be MIA this week, I thought I would show you a few favorites that I have saved. These are for sure homes that we are going to first. Have I mentioned that I can't wait??!! I've already looked into Soccer Tots, mother's day out, activites to do, mom groups, networking for business, spas....I could keep going. I think Houston will be a good thing. I've had a lot of time to mull over this, and I'm really looking forward to it. I know, strange. Very strange since this is going to be our third move in a year. But I'm ready. I'm always up for change, and like exploring new places. In my heart I know that this is what is best for Michael and his career, meaning it will be best for us and our family. And the positive side is we can finally settle somewhere. Phew!!!!!!!! I'm ready to start traditions as a family. Have Davis make new friends. Actually be able to throw a birthday party for him. Meet our neighbors, and go to block parties. Get involved. With anything and everything. Be committed to a church and have Davis go to Sunday School. (He LOVES church. It's so cute!)

Okay, so before I keep going on my ramble, here are a few of my favorites.....


My style is a southern style home, but french country cottage on the inside. LOVE...LOVE....LOVE! Okay, so we have one day (the day you are reading this) to find a house. Please cross your fingers that we find something. I have a huge long list of where we are going, so I am praying that something works out in our favor.

I'll keep you updated, and show you pictures along the way! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Done Did My Hair...From Pinterest

I recently posted about some of my hair LOVES on pinterest. I try to recreate them, but since I pretty much stink at hair, they look okay.....ish, but not the same. This happens to be my favorite of them all.

I think I've been trying to perfect a french braid for, well, my life. So, I still need a lot of work. But I still had to show you my improvement.
1. I didn't wash my hair today (yes, that's right, I didn't wash it) so it was particularly thin. I think I should have teased it more to have the part like her.
2. I'm laughing at myself in the first picture, because I am having to bend down to take a picture of myself (which is weird) since that mirror was positioned so low.
3. The third picture is the reason why I had to bend because of my wedges I was wearing. Which, by the way, are super comfy. They are like slippers on a wedge. Perfect for mommies!!
4. So, you can kind of see what it resulted in. I still wore it, but my whole braid thang needs some work. I'll get it by the time I'm 50!

Are you as addicted to pinterest as I am? What's your favorite thing to 'pin'?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Have An Artist On My Hands

Yeah, I'll admit it, I have a really cute kid. But I'm his mom, so of course I think that! Davis is so smart, artistic, and his intelligence blows me away. This was last Sunday, a relaxing, cold, rainy day=finger painting day for Davis. He loved it just a little bit, and I love when he's a happy kid. Makes mama happy!

(I was told by several people that I must be crazy for allowing Davis to finger paint inside. Does no one do finger painting indoors??)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The New Planking-Mom Style

I'm sure we all know the fad of planking. Are people really that bored? How in the world do you come up with something like this? Maybe they were on the verge of passing out anyway, and decided to call it a trend to avoid being called on it. Besides, it's not a comfortable position. Don't ask me how I know that. Just letting you know.

Exhibit A

As you can see from Exhibit A, I think this is the perfect spot for her. At least she won't have a mess to clean up. Great plank by the way. Good form, arms in good position. All around, a 9.

And then we had owling. (Seriously! Owling?! All I can say is drugs are bad!)
My story for this is the person that started it, was actually caught in the woods about to use the bathroom. Instead they said, 'no, no, man. This is called owling! You haven't heard about this? It's the new planking! didn't know?'

I am jumping in on the trend, MOM STYLE! If you have ever had a day when your child is driving you crazy, you too, can join. If you have read some of my recent posts, then you know that my toddler is giving me the ride of my life, but I'm ready to hit the breaks. If you too, ever want to hide, run, scream, pull your hair out, or sell your child to the gypsies, then you too, can join. When the day seems to have no end, when there is no light in sight, and you're wanting an I.V. of coffee, my friend, this is for you. MOM STYLE. Now, if you are reading this, and you think I'm the devil for thinking my child is insane at times, not true. I am human and you must have super powers.

So, at the end of the day when you just want to relax with your own sippy cup, trust me fellow moms, I am right there with you. Together we can join in and win the battle that is toddler hood. MOM STYLE, UNITE! Meanwhile, on my next crazy day with my delightful little man, I will be invoking MOM STYLE, AKA, HIDING. Yup, you read right, hiding. Moms always joke about hiding in the closet to get away from their child, but this mom is not joking. I will bring my trusty friend Vino, and have some peace and quiet. Maybe bring a book or a magazine, I'm just not sure yet. Things could get crazy in there. Just me and Vino.

The next time you have a hectic day, just remember MOM STYLE and know you are not alone. There is actually someone out there, (ME!) that is actually crazy enough to go and do it :)

Happy hiding, everyone :)

**FYI, this post was intended to be humorous. I love my crazy little man to bits, and have only googled selling him to the gypsies twice. I also don't sit in my closet....on a daily basis.**

Monday, February 20, 2012

Make My Monday-First Linkup!

Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Hey, everybody!!! I am so, so excited to be doing my first linkup with Kelly. If you haven't already, be sure to pass on the word of our linkup. Tell your neighbors, your mom, your grandmother, and alert the press. This will be so much fun! We want to get to know you better. Your style, your family, foods you like, what kind of food your dog eats.....haha :) Why Monday? Because who really likes Mondays. The weekend is over and ready to face a new week of work and your busy, crazy life. Let's start it off right with Make My Monday.

This is how it's going to work. Each Monday, Kelly and I will have a question/s for you to answer. These could be anything from your most  unforgiveable fashion faux pas, or how you unwind at the end of a hectic day. On our sidebar, we will list upcoming questions, so you can be ready to tackle that sucker! Be sure you follow both of our blogs, and add our button to your post. Then just link up with us! Easy peezy! And did I mention, fun?!? YES!

This week for 'Make My Monday' the questions are a word to describe yourself. Ready? Go!
What is one word to describe you?
            one word to describe your life?
            one word to describe your love?
            one word to describe your body?
            one word to describe your cooking?
            one word to describe your career?
            one word to describe your hobby?
            one word to describe your style?
            one word to describe your blog?
            one word to describe your home?

What are your answers?

Here are mine:
What is one word to describe you?
I've moved so much, made so many new friend, and enjoy so many different aspects of life.
one word to describe your life?
No, I don't go crazy adventures to the pyramids, or anything. But Michael and I have always used the phrase, "always an adventure" when it comes to our life together. It always seems like we are facing new challenges, trying new things, or something pops up in our life. Instead of looking at the not so positive, it's a new adventure. Although, I am a daring person and will try anything once!

one word to describe your love?
When it comes to the love I share with Michael, I have found my true soul mate. He accepts me for who I am, knows all of my darkest secrets, and has never tried to change me. My family has an amazing love for me, always there to listen when I need them, be there to help, and always there with open arms. I am truly blessed.

one word to describe your body?
My body is something I've always had issues with. Having had dealt with an eating disorder years ago, my body can be my biggest enemy. I've come to accept it, but I'm not quite at the love stage. I work at making it better daily, because I would like to try and keep it around for a little bit :)

one word to describe your cooking?
Oh my goodness, I seriously love to cook and cook on almost a daily basis. I love trying new recipes and putting new things together. The more colorful, the better. Since I'm conscience of what I put in my body, I try to make pretty decent and healthy meals. I have started to stay away from processed foods and am more aware of what's actually in what I eat. (I sound like a nut, I'm sure. It's okay)  And heck yes, I splurge every once in a while and have pizza or a burger. I think my mouth just watered.
one word to describe your career?
Love because I love what I do. I'm an esthetician-skin care. I give facials, body waxing, chemical peels and more. I recently started my own business of doing mobile spray tanning. I love helping people feel better about themselves, whether it's giving them a healthy glow without baking it in a bed, or with a skincare issue that they have been having. It's makes me feel good when they feel good.

one word to describe your hobby?
I would have said crafty stuff, but let's be honest, I'm on blogger all the time. Seriously! I love reading what you have to say and have learned so much from other people's blog. It's awesome!!
one word to describe your style?
I know that's not exactly a style, but I don't know that I actually fall into a category. I buy what I like, and wear it. Some days I have a huge pair of bell bottoms on with flowers in my hair, or a cute sailor (yes, that says sailor) dress with a pair of wedges. I'll try just about anything if it's cute! Just no leather pants. Can't go there.
one word to describe your blog?
What you see if what you get, and what you get is my life. I blog about clothes, my crazy 2 year old, date nights, favorite recipes, and anything that may go on in my daily life. Things I want to improve or even things I want to try. So if your new, stick around. You may find something you like! :)

one word to describe your home?
To me, my home is warm and inviting because it is full of love. I love entertaining and having people over. So if you live near (which I'm moving again in a few weeks back to Texas) you should stop by for a cup of coffee ;)

Be sure to come back and linkup!!

**Don't forget to follow both of our blogs when you linkup** :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mommy’s Sippy Cup 

Tomorrow (2/20/2012)  is the BIG day. The day for Make My Monday, that is. Every Monday, the ever so amazing Kelly and I, will be doing a linkup together WITH YOU! Who really likes Mondays? Blah!! So let's do something fun, and start the week off right, together!

This is our first ever linkup, so we need you to help us out, and 'Make My Monday.' Here's how it works...

Grab our button and post it on your blog. Be sure to add it in your post each Monday. Each week on Monday we will post a topic.. with a question and we want you to link up with us. We need to know about our other bloggers out there so we all can connect in some sort of way.....

This Monday's Topic is: getting to know you,
with the question one word that describes you.....
We want to know about you and your blog.... and we want to hear the best word that describes you....

What is one word to describe you?

            one word to describe your life?
            one word to describe your love?
            one word to describe your body?
            one word to describe your cooking?
            one word to describe your career?
            one word to describe your hobby?
           one word to describe your style?
           one word to describe your blog?
           one word to describe your home?

Have your word in mind? Let us know tomorrow! If you aren't already following Kelly, be sure to go on over to her blog!

See you tomorrow!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

On My Heart-My Little Monkey

My little man is going through a hard time, which is making mama go through a hard time, which is making me want to scream. Just like with every child, you go through one phase, meet a section of calm water, and then the rapids are treacherous again. Trying to figure out what is going on in the brain of a two and a half year out, is like trying to communicate with a mime. It is close to impossible.

Davis' fits are in full swing again, and have yet to meet that patch of calm water. It seems from the moment this child wakes in the morning, he is angry at the world. I am the lucky person that gets to greet this bundle of joy in the morning, and carry on my day. Or at least attempt to carry on my day. I am trying like crazy to get this child potty trained, but it seems I am being defeated. I might as well start stocking up on every size, and get the child some Depends, because this has to be the hardest thing ever. This morning like usual, I get Davis up to go potty, but instead, Pooh Bear needs a diaper. No, No, Davis. I think Pooh needs to go potty instead.
So Pooh sat, and sat, and sat some more. I have to say, Pooh did an excellent job so he got a treat. Davis on the other hand, I'm still working on that. Is there a potty training genie I can hire? No joke!

I do have to say, that staying in this apartment for that last several months has been a chore. There is hardly any room for Davis to play with his toys. And of course the bigger he gets, the bigger his toys get. Like any overly energized toddler, he runs in circles, drives his trucks through the kitchen, and yells with excitement. A lot! Being on the third floor, this is highly unacceptable to my neighbors. If Davis is too loud, we get thumps on the floor. Many thumps on the floor. Which in turn scares Davis to death, gets him rilled up, and freaks my dog out. We basically go in circles with this. Needless to say, I'm so over it and can't wait to get the heck out of here.

Today was like no other, except for my slap across the face. No, not from my neighbors. You would see my face on the next episode of 'Snapped.' Davis and I were making different animal noises and just being silly. He was obviously done playing our magnificent animal noise game, because he wound back, and popped me a good one across the face. In utter shock and trying to fight back tears, he got put in time out. The time out led to having his favorite toy taken away, explaining why he was in time out, and telling him he could come out after he told me he was sorry. This took quite a while because my child is insanely stubborn like I am. So the screaming led to more screaming, and just kept going. But wouldn't you know, right when I got him to calm down after time out, more banging. So the cycle started back up again.

This whole situation is just hard for me because how to you tell a child to stop playing? Well, in my opinion, you don't. Or get upset because he's screaming at 10am on a Friday morning. It's an apartment full of guys below me, I can't help if you're hungover and he's waking you up. If I told Davis to stop running the trucks across the kitchen floor, or yelling in excitement, he would think he's doing something wrong. Which makes me sad to think he can't be a kid and I have to keep him out all day long because of my neighbors.

I am, however, ready to have my happy Davis back. Feeling like my sweet baby can't stand the sight of me hurts. And his anger right now is of course making me want to know what it is stemming from. I know one thing, I'm just ready for a clean start, and no neighbors below us in a few weeks!

Whew! That was a load 'on my heart,' that's for sure!

GUESS WHAT, PEOPLE! On a happier note, Kelly and I are having a linkup on Monday's now. I'm so excited, and you should GET EXCITED!
  "MAKE MY MONDAY" is coming to the blog... A link up party every Monday, with a Random Topic for the week... You're gonna have to join, because it's gonna be quite awesome....

You can find Kelly's blog HERE and our button is up on the right side bars of our blogs if you want to go ahead and grab it.....which you so know you want to!


Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If This Doesn't Say HOT....

Scrolling through the pictures in my phone, I realize I am one way special person. Not to worry, I have known this. Think Davis will take after me? Oh, God bless him!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Today, I'm linking up with one of my favorite linkups. So if you haven't linked up, you should go link up with my link up, and we can be linked together! Yes, that just happened.

I haven't been able to blog in almost a week, so this is going to be a blog mess of playing catch up. It's ever so exciting in my world, so of course you are dying to know! Grab a cup of coffee, why don't ya!

This past weekend, I went to another concert! Yes, another! I feel like I'm in my 20's again and it's so much fun! I went with my bestie, Brooke. It was like our little friend's date night, and it was so much fun! We made our first stop to one of my favorite restaurants here, SMOKE. Let me just tell you, their food is like heaven on a plate. So, so, so good. I love this place so much, I even stock up on their ketchup. Which I'm out by the way, so I guess I need to go back. What a shame!
Then, on to Cain's Ballroom to see Matt Nathonson. I'm sure you've heard many of his songs on the radio, so I'm not going to talk about him. However, I could do a video for all of you and sing you some of my favorite songs. Think Ellen would let me on her show? New found talent? No, okay, well the opening act blew me away. I was like a tree left with no leaves. (sorry, that's all I got!) Rachel Platten rocked the house! I bought the album and a shirt. I am prepared to be a Rachel Platten groupie. She has a theme song for an ABC family show, Jane By Design. (I have no idea what that is, though)  Instead of giving you a little synopsis of what her music is like, just listen for yourselves. Hope you love her as much as me. Now go buy her album :)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>iframe>
Overall, perfect friend date night!

New news on the moving side. IT'S FOR SURE HAPPENING! Michael starts March 19th in Houston, and I'm actually getting excited. As much as I've absolutely loved my time in Tulsa, (all 6 months of it) I think this will be so awesome for our family. Why do I want to move? I don't actually want to, but it's inevitable. If we don't move now, we will either have to move in about a year, or Michael will have to find a new job. So let's just avoid it all and get this thing over with. Also, everything has worked out with the house we were beginning to build here, and things are starting to fall in place. The area we are looking to move to seems awesome!!! We will be close to downtown, which is a dream of Michael's, and close to so many things to do. I've already looked in to networking, mom groups, schools, etc. I hate getting somewhere and feeling lost. And on that note, thank goodness for GPS! Whew! So, I think it's time to find a house. Think so? We are going next week to start, so cross your fingers for us. Hopefully this time won't include a long hotel stay! UGH!

And last but not least, today is Valentine's Day. I know a lot of you don't like Valentine's Day. You may be single and are anti cupid, think it's a government holiday to get us to spend more money, or is all Hallmark spending. Or, the why have one day to tell the other person you love them? I get that, trust me. Michael and I have date nights a lot, leave each other little love notes, and show each other we love them all the time. I just love, love. And why not have an entire day dedicated to such an amazing and powerful thing. Love is what brought us together in the first place. Well, that and a bottle of wine. That's another story. I love the little crafty things Michael makes for me each year. Sometimes, when he hasn't had time, he will make me a Valentine's gift in his office, and I only wish I could see his coworkers as they walk by his office. Cupid hits me hard, and all day I feel all warm and fuzzy. Even more warm and fuzzy than I normally do around him. And no, that's without wine! When we moved to Tulsa, I made a list of places I wanted to eat at, and there are a few we haven't been to yet. So although we said we wouldn't be venturing out tonight, Michael surprised me and made reservations at one of those places on my list. I have to say I'm excited! Plus, Davis has been in a foul mood today, so I look forward to a nice romantic evening, just the two of us.

To end the Valentine discussion, here is a short conversation between the two of us. FYI, this is a totally normal conversation.
M: happy v d
J: happy venereal disease?
M: um, no
J: I don't think that's one that we should shorten
M: only you!
J: And you know this!

Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AB &J Burger-Recipe You HAVE To Try!

Last night, I made the most amazing dinner and so I have to share it with you. I'm thinking you should copy and paste the recipe so that you can wow your family, too! It is pretty mind blowing, let me tell you!

It's a Almond Butter & Strawberry Jelly Burger!! You're probably wondering if I'm pregnant, for making such a concoction, but the answer is a big no. I actually found this recipe over at The Clothes Make The Girl, blog. To back up a little, Michael is has a new obsession with CrossFit. If you've never heard of it, it's like a workout on steroids. He comes home almost daily all bruised up, but goes right back the next morning for more torture. I've met so many people lately that do it, and swear by it. In CrossFit, they follow the Paleo diet. I told Michael I would follow it with him, but not 100%. It's also called the Caveman diet. All of these terms refer to roughly the same way of eating; they are based on the idea that we are healthier—both mentally and physically—when we mimic the nutrition of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. It's pretty interesting, so this is a 'paleo friendly' recipe.

Almond butter Burger-

Makes 2

1 cup strawberries, sliced

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon powdered ginger -I didn't use this bc I'm allergic, but was still great

8 ounces ground beef- you can also use ground turkey :)

salt & pepper, to taste

2 tablespoons organic (sugar-free) Sunbutter or almond butter- I used almond and wanted to eat the whole jar!

1-2 scallions, green tops only, thinly sliced

1. In a small bowl, mix the strawberries, lemon juice, and ginger; set aside.
2. Generously season the ground beef with salt and pepper, form into patties, and cook your favorite way. I like to grill them on the gas grill so they’re crispy on the outside, but pan fried would be really tasty, too.
3. While the burgers are cooking, heat a small saucepan over medium-high. Pour the strawberries and their juice into the pan and sauté the berries until they’re very soft and syrupy. They should be reduced to about 1/4 cup. Allow to cool a bit.
4. Put the Sunbutter in a microwave-safe dish and heat until thinned, about 40 seconds.
5. When the burgers are done, top each with 1 tablespoon of melted Sunbutter and 1-2 tablespoons of the strawberry “jelly,” then sprinkle with scallions

There was no talking about the dinner table last night. It was THAT good!! If you try it, let me know what you think :)
Have a great day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Vlog It Out!

My Life Comes with fine print

Okay, people! It's crazy, manic, Monday, and I'm double linking up! Wait, did you check the title? I did a vlog. That's right. Brace yourself!
If you haven't linked up yet, you should. Run! Go!!
**The vlog linkup is with 5ohwifey

Today is my first day to check it out, and both of them are such cute blogs. LOVE!! And I know you will, too :)

Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

To The Moon!

We took Davis to the space museum and planetarium yesterday, and as expected, he was so excited that he shut down. It is the funniest thing to watch him. Things he absolutely loves and gets excited about, he gets speechless around if he sees them. Train? So excited he didn't speak a word. Firetruck? At a loss for words, and screamed! So the space museum was no different.

Airplane? Real airplane? It sounds odd that he clams up, but it's quite cute. He was afraid to even touch the plane!

The man in the balloon he found fascinating. Can I get one of those?!? Thanks.

My cute little astronaut! So precious. :)

That's all for today. I just wanted to post a few pictures from yesterday.

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. If money wasn't an issue, the first thing I'd cross of my life list is

a LOT! But if I were living in a dream world, go to Paris or Italy again. In real life, I would have Davis' college paid for.

2. Mustard on french fries is not for me. BUT I'll put mayonnaise on my french fries. Weird? No, no. Normal :)

3. If my life were a movie right now, the title would be "My Life In Limbo"

4. Three things I am looking forward to this month are Valentine's Day , figuring out the dealio on where our life is taking us, (moving wise) and friend's birthdays!

5. My favorite song to sing in the shower is 'Hey Lover' by Kerri Noble. Although, my mom thought I was dying and ran back to the bathroom to check on me. There goes my singing career!

6. If I found out that the production Burt's Bees baby oil was ending this month, I'd go out and buy as much as I could tomorrow.

7. One thing I'll never grow tired of is date nights with my hubby. He is my best friend to bits. We spat like ridiculous (we sound stupid when we fight because then we laugh at ourselves!) and love each other to the fullest. Plus, I just think he's a pretty fun guy :)

Now, go link up with The Little Things We Do!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why Do I Watch Superbowl?

If you're like me, and LOVE "Laugh On Wednesday," then maybe you noticed that last night was reruns. Don't worry, my week isn't ruined because of tv, but whew, it was a close call. Much to my surprise, the best of the Superbowl Commercials was on last night. Because as much as I love watching men run around in tights and slap each other on the butt, chasing after a ball, I like the commercials much more. So, I took the liberty of finding a clip, (if you have 3 minutes to kill, then it's really funny) and posting it for you. Don't worry, you're welcome.

Have a wonderful Thusday!!

DON'T FORGET to check out my previous post about a possible giveaway!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If you read my title and thought, what is she talking about???.....then it worked!! I'm wanting to get a show of hands (COMMENTS) to see who is interested in this review/giveaway.

What is it, you're asking? Well, I can't give too much away, without doing the review first. BUT, I can tell you that last night, I lost FIVE inches!!! FIVE!!! In my sleep!! Okay, okay. That's all I can say. So, if you're interested in hearing more, pleave leave me a comment letting me know more.

FYI, Michael did this too! Oh, yay! I sucked him in!

(Just a little something cute for your day!)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone! Can't wait to see who's ready for this! :)