Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who Knew Rain Boots Were So Amazing!

That's right! Rain boots are the coolest thing on the block. Well, maybe just in our household today. I finally got Davis a pair today, for the rainy, yucky weather, and the puddles to splash in. I couldn't even get to the checkout line before Davis was gaga for them. He grabbed them in the cart and immediately put them on. Hey, whatever steers away from not screaming, right?! To make the image better, Davis had a cracker filled face, crazy messy hair, and was carrying his monkey lunch box. Why he felt like he needed his rain boots on with his lunch box, I have no idea. Did I argue with him? Oh, hell no! Knock yourself out, kiddo!
"I do it, mama", he kept telling me. Off to the pool we went, rain boots and all. He would have worn them in the water if I let him. Watching him try to run in these huge boots was the cutest thing ever.

Today was a much needed, wonderful day with my little man. No tantrums, fits, or screaming. Oh, shoot. It's only 3:20. Hopefully I didn't jinx it!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Closert...To Moving Time...Again :)

I went by the house last week, to see how the progress was going, and I have to say I was SO EXCITED! I pretty much did a giddy, crazy, happy dance, in the middle of the kitchen. No, I didn't care there was a bunch of men working in there. I just looked like a crazy chick that walked into a house and started dancing, to them.

When I got there, they were installing the front door. I had to take a picture, because this is Michael's dream door. Yes, his! :) Where the cardboard is, will be a giant panel of glass, to let as much light in as possible. it!
And here it is! Can't get much more southern style home than that. Once the shutters get put up, it will look amazing! Through the garage right there, goes straight out to the backyard. The garage also goes the length of the house, which was a selling point for Michael. I can only imagine what is going in there!
Entry way lights (I'm pretty excited about the lights because I had to pick them out when Michael wasn't in town, and crossed my fingers he would like them! Thank goodness we have the same taste!) That doorway is a powder bath.
This light fixture is still wrapped, but I still had to add it. I picked this light and pretty much said I don't care what else is put in the house. As long as I have it. It's amazing when you see it. I know, the plastic looks good (haha) but unwrapped is drool worthy!

And Oooooooooooh my kitchen! This is where I did my awesome happy dance! And no, I didn't care if a random man was in my picture. I just told him he was amazing and kept going. The cabinets at the very top will have glass, which is perfect. Because how can I show off my 1920's cookbooks without glass cabinets? They knew I was coming. I picked all the lights to go with the period of my house, which is my favorite, so I have to say....THIS IS MY DREAM HOME!!
Note to Michael: If you move again, I am staying here. That is all.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Potty Training, Trainer?

Potty training Davis has been a challenge, as I'm sure it is with just about any child. But now there is no training, there is just potty. We have come to a complete stand still in the potty training world, and I'm sure now that he'll be 6 before he decides it's his time again. When we moved to Houston, we were sure not to pack his little potty and have it ready to go. We set it in his bathroom, and went along as we had been. Davis was always extremely excited when he went, and would have to run across the room to show either myself or Michael his achievement. He was sitting no problem, going no problem, and even telling me when he had to go. Well, I guess I put a damper in things, and still not quite sure what happened over here. I bought Pull-Ups. Are Pull-Ups the dreaded Pull-Ups? Should you not buy these dang things? Because now I believe they are the devil. As soon as Davis saw a 'cars' figure on them, he got so excited, so of course I did, too. I was thinking, yes, we are going to conquer this potty training battle, and show it who's boss! Yes, I even explained they were 'big boy diapers' and he still had to tell me when he had to go. Nope, no go. As soon as he put those awful things one, we are back to the very beginning. And unlike what Fraulein Maria thinks, now the beginning is not a very good place to start.

I read recently there are lice cleaners. These people come over to your house, clean your child's head, clothes, toys, etc. and you don't have to worry about a thing. Now this has my wheels turning. Is there a potty training, trainer? Can Super Nanny come over for dinner and slide in tips for potty training?

Getting this child to even sit on the dang potty now is a stretch. He screams like he's being beaten. I even try and bribe with a treat, and that still doesn't work. Oh, me oh, my. What was even better was recently getting potty training advice from a young 20 something that doesn't even have kids. Wait. What the?!? Are you kidding me right now? No, no my child. Go back to the loud bars, and I'll go back to the loud toddler.

So, I'm pleading for help. Maybe begging for it. Groveling! Serenity, now! Surely this is a normal thing in little boys. Davis is as stubborn as they get, thanks to yours truly, so I hate to say I expect it. If anyone, (and yes, I'm being totally serious) has ANY advice for me, I would LOVE IT. The starting over again part, isn't working to well for me.
FYI, we move again to our house next month. Has anyone had experience with this setting children back?

Thanks, everyone! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogger Hiatus-Catch Up

I haven't been writing so much lately, I know. I think I'm taking a leave of absence. A sabbatical. A hiatus. Call it what you will, but no, I haven't been around too much. I am, however, getting used to being in Houston. I have to say that I love it here, but I HATE the freaking traffic. Where is everyone going all the time? At 1:45 today on my way to pick Davis up from school, I was in bumper to bumper. Needless to say I was flippin out, trying to detour my way to through cars.

Here's my RANDOM update....

YES! Davis started school last week! I think he's really enjoying it so far, but still taking a little getting used to.  They had an Easter Egg hunt today at his school and he was ready to conquer be nice and not take all of the eggs.
Is that not THE CUTEST little outfit, ever?? Thanks, Gigi!! Davis also got the BIGGEST Easter basket sent to us from 'Lita' the other day. Filled with new jammy's, puzzles, books, and snacks we all love. So a big thanks to 'Lita', too :)

On Easter Sunday, we went to a new church down the street, that we really, really loved. It was gorgeous to begin with! Everything was wonderful about it, and Davis enjoyed every minute of it. I think he thinks we are taking him to a musical story time and claps, and sings the whole time. When we are done singing, he yells, 'YAY!!!' When we about to pray, he yells (while looking at people) PRAY!!! It's by far the cutest thing ever. Love it! After mass, we went to a new favorite seafood place of mine for the Blues Sunday Brunch. Again, Davis loved it because there was live music. This boy needs to be signed up for music camp! While we were waiting for our food to be ready, the three of us danced next to band and had the best time. Go me for not getting any pictures of it. I think I should dress us up in the same clothes and recreate the moment next Sunday.

I was really excited about our little Easter Sunday! One, because it was the best and so much fun. And two, because it was the first holiday that we did on our own without any family. My goodness, I think we have a new tradition started for Easter. Mom, you should just come here next year :)

Michael and I also had date night last Friday to see Tosh.0. He's crazy, crass, and blunt as heck and I love him. My face hurt after about the first 10 minutes!

Our move in date ended up getting pushed after all. That's a HUGE BLAAAHHHHHHH! We won't be moving in until June, now.  As much as I'm ready to have my stuff back, be in a house, and feel like I can start my life and be organized, I guess it could be worse. We are in a great area, and the house is looking amazing! So while I'm ready, they can take a little more time if it's going to give me my absolute dream home. (But still, insert huge ughh!!)

I'm slowly starting to book appointments for my mobile tanning, and beyond excited about it. I went to an amazing women's networking lunch last week, and met so many fabulous women! I had such a great time, and booked many appointments from it. Maybe networking groups aren't all bad, after all!

That's it for now in a nutshell!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and has a great week!