Thursday, September 30, 2010

We Partied Together!! You Were There!

For those of you that are friends with me on Facebook, you have seen this already. But I couldn't help resist the wonderful opportunity to share this with the rest of the world.

On Tuesday, Michael had all of his wisdom teeth taken out....finally. He had to get stitches and was pretty out of it. He is not the type of person to ever, EVER take medicine and has never had any type of surgery before. So, needless to say, the drugs affected him to the max. While he was sedated, he thought he was at a college party....with the dentist....and the nurses!!! As soon as he "woke up" he thought he was drunk, but couldn't figure out why he was in a dentist chair. Oh, bless him! He then asks for a piece of paper and a pen and writes this:
It says I thought we were at a party and you were there and Smith. Smith was the dentist. When the nurses were wheeling Michael out to the car, I just took one look at him and thought, "Oh Lord!" Mouth full of gauze, he looked over at one of the other nurses and said, "You were there too! We just partied together!!"
Wow! I wish I had that recorded!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Workin 9 to 5...

What a way to make a livin!! Okay, I'm not working 9 to 5, I just found it appropriate. I know I have been a little MIA lately, so I need to give my blog a little more TLC. There has been so much going on, I don't really know where to start! First of all, we are moving back to Dallas!!!! I am so excited to finally be able to announce this after months of wondering when it was going to happen. We got the call last week and found out Michael will be starting this Friday? Yes, in two days! It's overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. Now, we have to think about selling our house, what area we want to live in, find a car, move...I could keep going. I'm sure most of you have been there before! We are really looking forward to being closer to my family and our friends now. I can finally get Davis in some sort of Mother's Day Out (crossing fingers for that.) Michael will actually have normal hours again and will be home on the weekend. I told him I don't know what I'm going to do with all of this time with him now! Haha :)

We were in Dallas this past weekend working a Fall Fest where we had a booth set up. Michael was workin it!! I walked away for a minute, and he had a few women that entered my raffle and got people's information. What a little sales man he is. It sure was great having him help me this weekend!

After the long day, we went outside where they had some GREAT bands playing....and my dad sang with them. My dad was 'born to be wild!'
Our little monkey came to see us! He spent the weekend with Nana and loved it! She bought him a little push toy that he was actually running up and down the sidewalk with! Totally BLEW MY MIND! I wish I had it recorded!

Davis' little sticker says he's a police pal! Haha :)

Tune in. I'll be back. I know you have lost sleep over me being gone, but I haven't left for good!
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What An Amazing Weekend!!!

ROAD TRIP!! This past weekend was beyond wonderful and I can't begin to explain the fantastic time I had. Stella & Dot had an opportunity event Friday night, and boot camp training on Saturday. Jessica Herrin, the founder of the company, was there to share everything she knows, what is coming in October, and the basics of direct sales. I was the dork that felt like I was around a celebrity and was jumping for joy. (don't worry, in my head!)

See? We go way back now! Can't you tell? Haha ;)

Friday night was also a cocktail hour, and meet other stylists. It was great to mingle and learn how other women work the business.

Don't you want to hang with fun people and drink wine while you work?

The training lasted all day on Saturday and we were able to get a sneak peek of the new Holiday pieces that are coming out next month! I am so excited and can't wait to get mine!

Maya Brenner has teamed up with Stella & Dot and made some beautiful pieces for the holidays!
We will also have jewelry cases, as well!

After the phenomenal training, it was off to San Antonio for the rest of the weekend where I had a great trunk show! I had so much fun and can't stress to you how much I love my job. It's liberating!

**If you have any questions as to how to get started and the benefits of Stella & Dot, please feel free to ask!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busted!!-Wordless Wednesday

This has to be my favorite picture right now! I was cleaning the bathroom, and guess who discovered the toilet paper! Honestly, I didn't get mad, it CRACKED ME UP!! If he can entertain himself for a minute while I clean, more power to him.
Have a great day :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fast Approaching...

It seems like so long ago and also, just like it was yesterday, that we celebrated Davis' first birthday. And yes, I know, time flies when you have a baby. I couldn't help but look through pictures the other day of him and wonder what happened to that tiny little new born. Already? It wasn't supposed to happen this fast. Davis has never been the one to want to cuddle. It has always been me trying to force him to cuddle. That never seems to work out in my favor. I usually get smacked in the face, or he just tries to jump off my lap super fast. So instead, I attempt to carry him around the house like a tiny baby, while Michael and Davis both give me looks like I am a crazy person. I can't help it! My little baby isn't a baby and I'm grasping on to what I have left of him being little. At this rate, he'll be in college in the blink of an eye! I am still saying that I am scared to have anymore children. Maybe I am being selfish, who knows. I have been told I am being a brat, that I am selfish, I am only thinking about myself, and how dare I not allow Davis the chance to have any siblings. I never said that I was NEVER having anymore, just not now. Davis is at the age where a lot of people start trying to have their second child, while I am embracing my alone time with my husband. The thought of starting over, sleepless nights, and constant crying has me wanting to pull my hair out. Not to mention the tedious breastfeeding and never ending pumping to add in. So yes, maybe I am being a little selfish right now. I have given myself until Davis is two years old before we start trying again. And I am using every day to my advantage right now. He still sleeps amazing and I can count on his nap times and at night for some solitude. I know most people say you are never actually ready to have children, and believe me, I know. I was thrown into shock when I found out I was pregnant, but it has been a blessing ever since.

My whole life I have always wanted to be a mom. I have always known it. I have always had thoughts of being the mom that had after school snack waiting, was around for field trips, car pool, recitals, practices, and homework. Now, I don't want to be June Cleaver or anything with a little white picket fence, but since I'm going to be staying at home, I want to do it all! And besides, I have decided not to wear my pearls while cooking dinner anymore. I want Davis to experience a great amount of one on one time with me, as well as taking him to a Mother's Day Out and learning with other kids. The same goes for our next child. Even though I have so many years to come, I already think about disciplining when the age comes for drinking, drugs, driving, etc. Why do I already think about that now? I was hell on wheels and Michael was no angel either. People say you are twice as bad as your parents, so that means that Davis may be in juvenile by the time he's hits preschool. (Kidding people. We were never in jail!)

What is my point with all of my rambling? I am so happy right now. I am so proud of my family and love being with them. Michael and Davis are my life and mean the world to me. I am just not quite there yet to add another limb on our family tree. I do realize that it works well for many people, just not us personally. Maybe I should have just had twins and gotten two out of the way! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

He Eats Salad?

So, I know I read everywhere saying that once your child reaches toddler age, they go through a massive picky eating phase. See, some of you are nodding and telling me to just wait! Yeah, I'm sure it's coming. But for now, I am basking in the fact that I have a Hoover vacuum for a son.(Wednesday he was Big Foot) The child eats everything in site. And when I say everything, I mean everything! For example, last night I made a peach and chicken salad. This contained bleu cheese, peaches, chicken, balsamic, other oils, and obviously lettuce. He couldn't suck in the lettuce fast enough and actually even loved bleu cheese! I was wishing at that moment the battery on my video camera wasn't dead or I would have had to record that moment. I know it's only a moment that a mom can enjoy and love when it's your own child, but it was so funny! To me.
So, I decided to write this quick post to remind myself in the future, that I haven't always had a picky eater. That when Gerber says 'Toddler' on the packages, obviously they don't always apply for every child. And I know I've said it before, but what are we going to do when he's a teenager! He's going to have to have a paper route by the time he's in 5th grade to keep up with his eating!

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Thanks, everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Foot Is My Son!

Look at that gigantic foot!!! Yeah, you can't miss it. Creeping up on the kitchen table! He'll be wearing his daddy's shoes by first grade :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don't Forget Your Little Princess!

Do you have a little girl who's birthday is coming up? Maybe a niece, granddaughter, or want to give a gift just to say I love you? What about an adorable piece of jewelry from Stella & Dot? Their Little Girl's Line is absolutely precious and is very budget friendly. You can even match some of her pieces to yours!

The Little Girl's line comes cutely wrapped in the perfect little flower tins that can also be kept as a keepsake box. Prices for each piece are around $20! Not bad, huh!? Be sure to check out the little bows and headbands. Even perfect for little baby's head!

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Mimi Marie Clutch Winner!!!


Many congrats to Beth over at Two Monkeys and a Washtub for winning the clutch giveaway!

Thank you again to Barb from Mimi Marie for this wonderful giveaway. I am LOVING my new clutch. I have even added one of my Stella & Dot brooches to it at times!

Thanks again and hope everyone has a great day!!

Be sure to check back soon for my next giveaway! :)