Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

My sweet pool baby!

Family fun. Relaxing. And sun!!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21 Month Update

21 months! You know what that means....Davis is almost the big 2. But seeing as how I'm sure you can do simple math, you knew this already. Things have been exciting in our household lately and I don't mean all "YAY" exciting. Living with a pretoddler is like living on a roller coaster. One minute he is in an amazing mood and all is good in the world. The next, we are down low again and I swear I'm never having more children. Then, with in a span of .5 seconds, we are up and I'm decorating my baby girl's room. Because of course I'm going to have a baby girl next! Of course things aren't that drastic here, but of course it feels that way at times.

Just a few updates. I have really loved being able to look back on these and see what he was doing when!

Sleep: is great!! Davis is such a wonderful sleeper. He wakes up at 8am, takes a nap from 2-5, and is in bed no later than 8pm. And all is good in the world again! He has been sleeping more than that lately, and think he may be going through a growth spurt.

Food: Still...what does this child NOT eat. He is on a massive cottage cheese kick right now. I may have to buy the economy size at Sam's just to be able to keep some in the house. He also love V8 right now. I can't keep my glass full without him grabbing to drink it. He loves the stuff! Overall, Davis eats like a grown man, so this should be fun. He did go through a few days last week where he didn't eat lunch and the nurse said this was normal. I tried to explain to her it's not, you don't know my son!! Then he inhaled his food again and we were back.

Playing: Davis is getting better and better at having alone playtime. If there are balls, books, trucks/cars in the room, he'll play for long periods of time and not really care who is around. His favorite is still being outside. He loves it and can simply not get enough of being outdoors.

Talking: My child is stubborn like me....BAD! So he has always done what he is supposed to, when he's ready. He'll spit out five new words in a day and then decide he doesn't want to use them for a few days. However, his vocabulary is getting bigger and better, and it's wonderful watching him learn and grow! Everything is Uh oh right now. He walks into the kitchen and sees me eating his goldfish. Arm extended and says,'uh oh!' It is so cute!

Mannerisms: Davis has a temper like me so this should be really fun! He has started 'fake smiling' as I call it and will scowl on command, then make his 'excited' face with his mouth wide open. This child cracks me up! He also waves at every car and trunk. And I mean EVERY car and truck. Even if we are in the car, he waves at the cars. I wish I could get it on video and show him when he's older!

Potty Training: Mama is still reading up on this one. I bought the training toilet and have sat him on there a few times and that's about it. He screams bloody murder, but I'm hoping he'll get used to the fact that he will be using it soon. For me, potty training isn't something I want to rush as I don't want to be doing it that much longer. So we are going to take the slow approach, start now, and maybe by the time he's 15 he'll pee in the potty.

These are a few things that stick out to me right now. Davis is getting so big and so much fun to play with. It's even entertaining for me to watch him interact with things and learn on his own.

Love you Davis!!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soooo BIG!

Just a few pictures from the past week that I love!

Um...guys! Hey! I'm not too sure about this. Can I get down, now? Thanks.

I love bathtime so much. Why not add balloons!

Yo! Ma! These flowers are playing music!!!

My little spa baby!!! I just want to cuddle all day with him....but if I get six seconds, I'm happy!

Monday, May 16, 2011


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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clunkity, Clunk, Clunk!

My First Clunker...I Mean Car!

Now, anyone is very lucky to be getting a car when they first get their liscense. You just take what you get and learn to live with it. Because face it. The alternative is not having a car, or working at Arby's until you slice so much beef that you're 20 before you can actually pay for a car. Yes, I was working at Arby's! My first car was a 1994 sky blue Toyota Camry. While this seems like a great first car to have, this car had been through the wringer. By the time I had gotten the car, it had been driven and ragged out by 3 other people in my family. Still drivable and fine! Right?? Well, sort of. When I got this beauty of a gem, it had already had 2..count them...2 engines. I know you are asking why we didn't just get a new car? People, that is much to easy. Why not live to the motto that Toyotas last forever! If you make them last forever, that is.

Two engines later, and I had my first car. The outside of the car was a sky blue color, but so was the inside. Blue. Everywhere! Even the knobs for the AC and radio. It was so very classy. But my car was unlike other special cars. I had to keep a wrench in my car daily. Not for protection to whack someone on the head if they were trying to steal this amazing found car, but to get my AC to work. You see, all of the knobs had fallen off and some were missing at this point. The only way to get the AC to work was put the wrench in where the knobs go. Hey, it got the job done. Another awesome thing about this awesome car was one of the back windows. It had a keen sense of when it was about to rain and would decide not to stay up. If the weather was beautiful, go figure it would stay up on it's own. Having a back seat full of people getting soaked when the weather was awful, was not always a great thing. I can't understand why people didn't want to ride with me that often.

And last but I'm sure not least, the engine delima. On my way to see the love of my life, (because I was a teenager...of course we were determined to get married! haha) my car goes kaput! The engine went out for the time! In the middle of the road. With traffic. I called this love of my life and said, 'hey! I'm going to be a little late. I'm with the cops right now and they are helping me with the car.' You're what? Huh? So I go on to explain I am right down the street and will be pushed by a cop car to his house.

And that is how I roll, people!!

RIP old chum. You lived a good life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Note To Self....

These are either some random thoughts that go through my head, or things that should be in my head to begin with. Brace yourself. My head is filled with RANDOM!


  1. It is really hard to spray tan yourself. I was soo excited about my new machine that I thought I would give a whirl. I look like I have a skin disease in certain spots.

  2. Make sure I check said spray tan area before I venture out. In public. With shorts on.

  3. Be sure to put towels down in the bathroom! Hello!

  4. Don't try to machine wash my comforter. Especially right before I go to bed. I will be stuck with a cold, wet comforter, and wonder why I can't stay warm.

  5. The cold wet comforter will take off some of my spray tan. On white sheets.

  6. I will also be left with a hole in comforter.

  7. There are dry cleaners on every street.

  8. Be sure to clean the floors after I brush the dog. Do I really want extra work?

  9. I'm not necessarily sad that Oprah is ending her show. I'm sad because damn, it makes me feel old.

  10. When my strapless bra is down passed my ribs, it's time for a new one. Face it, they aren't getting any bigger.

  11. My toddler isn't big enough to take out the stinky diapers. Sorry.

  12. Don't ask for a babysitter unless I really mean it. They get upset when I cancel. Not cool.

  13. The day that Davis stops waving at cars will be a very sad day! It's the cutest thing ever.

  14. Davis waved at a car though, with people smoking a joint in it. "No, no Davis. We don't wave at THOSE cars!"

Have a great RANDOM day, everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Beautiful Family. Beautiful Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day. Whether you relaxed and had the day to yourself, or spent the day with your family. I was lucky enough to do both and loved it!
We met my mom for brunch yesterday and had such a great time. There was even a kid table buffet for the little ones. It came up to my ankles, so it was the perfect height for kids. Seeing as how Davis is a Hoover vacuum, I decided it would be best to get his food for him. Otherwise, Davis may have pulled a chair up to that table and thought it was all for him.

After our wonderful lunch, my sister and I decided to have a quick photo shoot. In the bathroom. Why? Because we are awesome like that!

Although it looks like we planned this, we really didn't mean to match. But since it's so cute (to me) I'll just say it was on purpose!

And last, but not least, me with my mom and sister!

The rest of my day was filled with time to myself. At the mall!! Happy Mother's Day to me! It was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better day.
I love you, Mama :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Heart Melted

Like any parent, when you have such a wonderful, tremendous, sweet little moment with your child, you can tend to overlook the food flying or screaming at dinner time. Call me hormonal, but last night, Davis turned me into putty as he was going upstairs for bed.
Every night, Michael takes Davis up to do the nightly routine. Bath time, book, and bed. If he even tries to skip bath for just one night, that won't happen because Davis will just stand by the tub until water starts getting poured into it. The other night wasn't different from any other. Michael was on his way to take Davis up the stairs, and Davis just stopped and stared at me with this sweet little expression. He comes running over to me and threw his whole body around me, giving me kisses. Oh, it was precious. He runs back over to the stairs, but looks like he forgot something, and quickly runs back to me. He probably did this a total of seven times. This is where the hormonal part came in. It was the sweetest thing that I actually started tearing up. Sometimes I feel like whenever Davis is actually feeling lovie, that I actually have to grab onto it and not let go. This is something he had never done before, and I probably could have been showered with his hugs and kisses all night long. As Michael started to see me tear up, was when he told Davis it was time to get things moving. Oh, I can't explain to you how it made my day.
Earlier that afternoon I had found several old videos of Davis that I couldn't help but watch over and over. I watched some of him learning to crawl, his first babbles, holding a sippy cup, and other moments that I feel like I have forgotten. So to get these kisses from my sweet little boy who is quickly growing told me for now, he's still mama's boy!
Shortly after we put him to sleep, I thought I heard him upstairs talking to himself, and figured I would go check on him. He just lay there, looking up at me, with this huge smile on his face. I gave into everything I have ever done with him before and picked him up out of that crib and held my sweet baby. I rocked him, hummed to him, and felt his sweet baby soft skin. For the first time since he was a newborn, Davis fell asleep in my arms. It was a moment I didn't want to let go of, but will be sure to not forget.
Davis, you melt my heart son, and I love you more than you will ever know.