Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael also has baby brain!

I just had to point out that I'm apparently not the only one completely losing my mind these days. Michael has been completely scatter brained and doing things that I thought only I had been doing. A few weeks ago, while Michael was at work, he managed to lock his keys in his truck. To make the situation even better, he was out on location, in the middle of nowhere, and left the truck running!! Nice, right? I tried so hard not to die of hysterical laughter when he told me this. Which, now that I think of it, am totally shocked that he even told me. He knew I would only laugh! :) Then, last week, Michael and I went to the grocery store and parked next to a woman getting her children out of the car. He pretty much seemed to stop mid sentence talking to me and directed his full attention at this woman. I had no idea what in the world was going on in his head, but it sure was funny to watch. His just staring over in there direction and it's a wonder the woman didn't look over and give him a funny look! Michael gets out of the car, shuts the door, and is standing there waiting for me to get out. Really, Michael? Seriously? You did it again! The keys are still in the ignition. So, it turns out that he was staring the woman down because he was trying really hard to figure out what kind of car seat she had. Oh, that is priceless. I think I laughed the whole way through the store.

Michael has been amazing and has gone to all of my doctor's appointments with me. Somehow he comes up with questions that I can't even think of, but that I should be asking. When it comes time for me to weigh myself, he for some reason, does the same. And then complains about it later. He has actually made a few comments to the nurse and the doctor about how he's gained weight since I've been pregnant. Their answer to him is simple, "It's completely normal and most men do." I don't think he liked that answer to much. But hey, it's better than them saying, yeah bud, lay off that tub of ice cream and you won't feel like a tub of lard! To me, I seriously can't tell that he's gaining weight at all. I'm probably just focusing on my ever expanding belly and the fact that my feet have disappeared! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Humor for the Day

I try and think happy thoughts....but I swear, sometimes it feels like he's going to fly out of my back!
pregnancy cartoon

Although so far I'm doing pretty good, the last few days I've felt like this. My energy is shot.
pregnancy cartoon">

Seriously!! Is all I have to say about that!
pregnancy cartoon">

I'm going to try reallllllllly hard to be nice! :)
pregnancy cartoon">

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A couple of frames I made :)

I know soooo many people that are pregnant right now and thought it would be a good idea to make some people frames for their new babies. I've only made a couple so far, but these are my favorites!!!

I made this frame for a friend's son. His birthday is this weekend.

Little baby picture frame

I made this one for my sister and it is by far my favorite. I love the flowers!

If you like them and are interested, please feel free to ask me about them. I can always make you one. Let me know what theme you want, whether it's for a child, or for you! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

30 Weeks!!

Last Thursday, I was officially at the 30 week mark. Only 10 weeks left! Almost there. I'm still in shock at how fast the time has flown by. Michael and I have been trying so hard to stay as busy as possible and do as much as we can together before the baby comes. People keep telling us how much everything is going to change after the baby comes. Thanks for the wonderful insight, but I know! It already has! It scares me a little bit knowing that things are going to change so much for Michael and I. Laying together on the couch or going out to a last minute movie is pretty much over, at least for quite a while. There are just a lot of things that are going to take adjusting to, but I know everything will work out. I'm not worried about anything and know Michael is going to be a spectacular father. He's been reading fatherhood books as I read my books. I swear, the book he has is more informative than mine. There have been so many times that when something is going on with me, or changes happen, he's the one the explains to me what is going on. Umm...really? Should that be happening. I find it rather amusing. I look at him with a rather confused, yet content look. I just nod and smile. Most of the time his book says, "maybe this part you shouldn't tell your wife as not to startle her." Haha.

30 Weeks and showing every inch of it!!

I get bigger when I breathe!

30 Weeks and 4 days

Michael and I started our parenting classes last week. So far we have just taken the Newborn Class. It went over such things as how to sponge bathe and bathe your baby when they first get home from the hospital. I realized how much stuff I had no clue about sitting in that class last week. When we got there, each couple sat next to a 'baby.' Michael chose the darkest baby in the class and said that it was the closest thing that was going to look like Davis. He's special. I won't be surprised at all if our baby looks absolutely nothing like me. Not like he's going to have blond hair and freckles. I said what if? Michael said, paternity test! It was rather amusing watching all of the guys diapering the dolls in class. Michael is such a sport and just goes along with everything. Tonight we go to our breastfeeding class. On the sheets of paper, it says husband need to go to this class. Michael jokingly asked, 'why? I'm not the one doing the breastfeeding.' My response, pointing to belly,'you did this to me. that's it!' If he actually has any complaints about these classes, he sure does a great job of keeping it to himself.

We are ALMOST done with Davis' room. Next month we are getting blinds and curtains and we just need to hang up pictures. I love his room. Just a few little touches here and there and we'll be done. I'm so excited!!

Michael organized his closet. I separated all of his little clothes :)

His dresser/changing table with glider/ottoman. That is the most comfortable chair. I love it!

His crib! Pretty soon, he'll be home in it

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To My Children

Michael and I are still newlyweds, as we got married last October 11, 2008. We always knew that we wanted children, but thought that we would wait atleast a year before that happened. Wrong!!! Seeing as how I'm about to give birth in about 10 weeks. Funny how that happens. I think God just had different plans for us and knew it was time. I guess you could say my life goal was to be a mom and the best mom I can be. Well, my wish came true and I've never been so thrilled.

Michael and I went to Italy for our honeymoon last year. Yes, I serioulsy want to move there. Two weeks just wasn't long enough and we are already thinking about how and when we can get away again. Send the kids to grandparents house! While we were in Italy though, I bought a journel and wanted to record as much as I could. I wrote about different things from the museums, people, the food, the amazing wine, churches, etc. I didn't want to forget anything and wanted to remember it forever. One of the entries I wrote was a letter to my children. I know it may sound weird, but it was short and to the point. I also didn't know that I would come back and one month later be pregnant. Maybe there is something in the wine :) This was my little letter:

Sitting in front of a cafe on a great day, writing in my journal

To My Children,
I'm sure this seems very odd to write to my nonexsisten children, but oh well. Within the next year or so, maybe I'll get lucky and you will be here. I am mainly writing this book for you, in hopes that someday you read it and understand our love for one another...maybe even get to know us a little better. Who knows! But, that's my corny wish! Know it wasn't easy for us to get here, but if you want something bad enough, you'll work as hard as you can to get it. Even if people tell you it's impossible. Never give up, if you fail, try harder. Follow your heart and fulfill your dreams! xoxo

While I would write, Michael would drink his espresso that he fell in love with...he's not even a coffee drinker!

Friday, June 12, 2009

These Are a Few of My (not so) Favorite Things.....

Just had to rant a little bit over the joys of pregnancy. Like I've said, I love being pregnant, but I'm not in love with it. I'm still confused as to how anyone could be besides the fact they are having a baby. Maybe I'm just in too much pain!

1) Monthly PMS for nine months of weeping
I swear, I cry even more now at Hallmark commercials than I did before

2) If my boobs get any bigger, I can use them as floating devices- well, make that my entire body. I'm a buoy now

3) Lacy thongs for cotton tents- seriously! You can't make pregnancy lingerie sexy, so really, why try!

4) Sex for gas- I'm competing with my dog and my husband. Nice!

5) Can't take Advil, etc....but sure to take Benefiber in the morning

6) My lower back pain hurting sooooo bad, I'm almost convinced Davis is trying to find a way out back there

7) Taking walks around the neighborhood, I have my hands up in the air sometimes because I can feel my fingers starting to swell. Sure that looks interesting. Especially since I'm carrying no weights.

8) Trade sleeping for groaning. My 'Snoogle' pillow helps, but it doesn't work miracles.

9) My belly button is almost gone. I never thought I would have to wonder if I would have an outie. Now I'll have the belly, fat feet, hands, and belly button of a Cabbage Patch Kid!

10)Kickboxing for kick counts. I can barely get my leg up to kick the bag and even yoga is out of the question these days.

I'm sure I could keep going :)

That being said, I really hope he doesn't decide to keep on baking in there weeks after his due date!! But we can't wait though and are sooooooooo excited!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My, How Things Have Changed

This past weekend, we had our couples shower which turned out AMAZING! We had so much fun and it was so wonderful to be able to catch up with friends and family. My sister, Emilee, threw us the shower and did such a wonderful job. She's so good to us! :) She even drove 30 minutes to this one bakery just to get our favorite cake. Tuxedo Truffle! It's deadly and oh so good! She had told me she couldn't find it anywhere, but ended up surprising us. I tried not to eat the entire thing myself. We ended up getting so much stuff at our shower, which shocked me. I guess I thought we would end up coming home with mostly clothes, but that wasn't the case at all. I felt like we had robbed a store or something. Our car looked absolutely ridiculous on the way home. I'm surprised stuff wasn't strapped to the hood and hanging out the windows. When we returned home, I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks. I was excited when we were opening all of the gifts, but now they were all in my home. Wow! This is really happening. I was starting to separate Davis' little clothes and just felt overwhelmed all of a sudden with nervousness. I couldn't help but start crying. (At least this time wasn't an uncontrollable cry!) Now in less than 80 days, we will have our little baby home with us. It excites me, but yes, it scares me at the same time. I thought my freaked out, nervous feelings were mostly over. But I'm starting to think that they are starting all over again.

I can't believe he's going to be that small!

The next day, we went out to exchange and return a lot of the stuff from the shower. Odd thing about it was that it was my birthday that day. Talk about a different feeling shopping for a baby on your birthday, especially when they aren't here yet! But I'm not going to lie, I loved every minute of it! I was so happy getting stuff for him that I felt like it was the best birthday. So we were in Target and were picking out mattresses for his crib. I couldn't just buy any mattress, you know!? So, what do I do? I pull all of the mattresses out, lay them on the ground, and proceed to lay on top of them. I mean come on, I have to think it's comfortable for him to think it's comfortable, right? Plus, I was wearing a dress which I'm sure was a nice sight when I was trying to get myself off of the ground! Michael didn't care a bit of course. He just stood there and laughed at me, saying 'only you!' But, of course!
Almost done with the furnitue! :)

That night, Michael and I went out to my favorite place for dinner at Fiore! YUMMM!!! We had such an amazing time. I really think this was one of my favorite birthdays in so many years. I would take just spending time with him over anything. But, it was still weird thinking what we would have done this time last year. After dinner, we would have sat at the bar for a couple of drinks, hung out for a bit, and then probably gone home. This year, we were done with dinner pretty early. It was still only about 8pm. So instead, we decided to rent a movie. After choosing our movies, the guy at the counter told me Happy Birthday! You get a free rental today! Michael and I started cracking up! I had a moment where I just felt 90 and needed to go put on a huge flannel gown or something. I didn't know you got a free rental on your birthday, probably because I've done anything but on my birthday!

At Fiore for my birthday :)

We talked on the way home about what we are most excited about, what we'll miss, things changing, and so forth. He's going to be such an amazing dad. As soon as we get home, I realize our dog had gotten into something, but didn't know what yet. He smelled of really weird beef jerky! OH LORD! What did he eat now?!? I find bits and pieces of a huge clove of garlic in the dining room, still wet from him slobbering all over it. Really? I should keep him with me at all times now to keep bugs away. I couldn't even be upset at all because I thought it was so funny. Dumb dog! Great. I'm going to have two toddlers in the house to watch over!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Some Pictures from our Couples Shower

Whitney and I
Opening all of our gifts!

Baby Stroller Relay much fun! My mom and I
'Don't Drop the Baby' water balloon game. Hysterical!!
Soon to be Aunt Rachel and Aunt Emilee!!!

We had such an amazing time at our shower. It was so wonderful seeing all of friends there and getting to hang out for a little bit. We were overwhelmed with all of the gifts we received. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! My best friend, Aunt Whitney, was supposed to be moving that day, but surprised me! Whitney drove from Oaklahoma just to come to our baby shower. She is such an amazing friend. I loves her :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hope I Pass the Test!

I'm getting ready for my doctor's appointment today and I have to take the glucose test....AGAIN! I guess I had a blond moment last time and wasn't able to take it. I had my exam and drank that wonderfully delicious drink they make you drink before all of the blood work. (Actually, I was so thirsty that it just tasted like a realllllly sweet Sprite. Not too shabby!) I still had 30 minutes to wait before I could get my tests done, so Michael and I waited downstairs in the lobby. I guess his blood sugar was dropping a little bit and he poured himself some hot chocolate. I stared at him, with my mouth watering. For the hot chocolate that is! I grabbed the cup and started drinking, obviously not thinking about the whole reason I was sitting there in the first place! Yeah, not too smart. After about FOUR big gulps of it, I thought, "OH CRAP! WHAT HAVE I DONE!" I went and told the lab tech, who then had to contact the nurse and the doctor, who had to come down and check the labels on the package mix. The nurse just stared at me with this goofy grin and started shaking her head. Kind of like the -Jessica, you should have known better look. Yes, yes, I know.What I was thinking. She joked around and said next time, she's going to have me sit right next to her chair for 30 minutes and wait next to her, so as to be sure I don't eat/drink anything! Wait, I hope she was joking!! So, we'll see. I just ate a big breakfast that will hopefully tide me over until about12:30 or so. I think the fact of just knowing I can't eat or drink anything for over 2 hours makes it that much more difficult. See? I'm already thirsty! So, here's to me not having another blond moment and actually being able to take the test today! *Last sip of water* :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

I waddle ever so gracefully

27 Weeks!
Davis and Daddy's first picture :)

A lot of women I've spoken to since I've been pregnant, really miss being pregnant themselves. I can only sit and wonder why. Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, but I'm not in love with it like a lot of other women are. I'll just say that I'm 'in like' with it. I love the fact that certain doctors were wrong and that Michael and I are blessed to be able to have a child, but I don't want to make a career out of being pregnant. Trust me, after Davis is born, I think I'll be rejoicing over no more back pain and so forth. With that being said, I am officially in the third trimester. Where has all of my energy gone? And more importantly, where did the time go? The second trimester was a breeze. I feel like now, I could sleep for hours a night and still want to take a nap the next day. I've read and heard this is completely normal, that the third trimester you are just drained and I'm really feeling it. I'm in SHOCK that we should be expecting Davis' arrival in less than 90 days. LESS THAN 90 DAYS! Wow! My life is in a whirlwind of change and I have never been more excited. Just the thought of an empty bedroom will soon occupy my newborn baby. Thanksgiving and Christmas this year I get to spend with my new son. This actually makes my heart melt and I feel like I'm going to cry. I stand in his doorway sometimes in his empty room just staring at, thinking how our household and lives are about to change forever. It thrills me to thinking about Michael being a father and knowing he is going to be absolutely amazing at it. I have never seen him so excited about anything. I love when he talks to my belly and tells Davis how much he loves him. He reads him little stories before we go to bed sometimes and always tells Davis goodbye before he leaves for work. I am so lucky to have that man in my life. God has truly, truly blessed me.
At the beginning of my pregnancy, I thought since I was still smaller, I would not 'waddle.' Hahahaha! This is only the beginning. When my back is hurting, I look like a penguin. If Michael and I are out in public and he's holding my hand, I have to pull him back because I can't walk that fast anymore. I got real excited the other day because I waddled around the neighborhood for an hour and a half, but then came to the realization that it was probably because I'm just slow! Oh well. I feel like I'm starting to go through the 'nesting' period and it's killing me not to set Davis' room up. Our baby shower is coming up this next weekend, so I'm trying to hold myself back. Yes, it's hard since I'm not the most patient person. So, since I have nothing else to do, I've been rearranging his stuff. It really isn't much at all, but I've been putting what clothes that I have bought him in stacks according to month. Michael makes fun of me, but I feel like I have to do something. I'm trying not to get in the kitchen and completely rearrange it just yet to make room for bottles and such. That's a big task that I'll take on, um, tomorrow.