Friday, September 30, 2011

Heart To Heart Part 2

Dear Davis,
I don't want to say this out loud, but you have been amazing this week, and I really needed that. Don't get me wrong, you're still your crazy terror two year old self, but I saw a glimpse of mama's sweet baby in there. There were times this week so were SO good, it was actually frightening. And made me want to tear up. And alert the press all at the same time.

I took you to an event this week called 'Music Sandwiched In' at the library downtown. I found out about it from the kid's magazine here in town, so I just figured it was a bunch of kids dancing around listening to music played by a quartet. This specific one we went to was called 'Music with a Twist.' One man played a violin, while another lady played the harp to such pieces as Michael Jackson, Led Zeplin, Elton John, Coldplay, and more. I have to say that is was awesome!! While we were just about the youngest people there, it didn't seem to bother us much because we had a blast! You sat in my lap for the most part and danced around. (Yes, sat in my lap. Please check your pulse) Or sat next to me in the chair. Or danced in the aisle next to me. Also flirted with some of the senior citizens not realizing they were listening to KISS. You were so good. As I had anticipated though, since there was live music. When we were leaving, a few women that were behind us told me how good of a little boy you were and they were shocked you sat still for an hour. Of course I thought, no shit, right?! But instead I mustered up a, yes, he did very good!

Another day this week, which was not so exciting, was new tire day. Oh how excited I was to get ALL new tires. Sheesh! But seeing as how they were pretty much legally bald and I'm driving home today, that may be a good thing. So while we were getting new tires, you and I walked across the parking lot to the mall. I swear, someone was smart by putting Good Year in the same parking lot! We went dress shopping, for me of course, for a wedding I am going to next weekend. Then you got to play around on the indoor playground and carousel. Once again, checking my pulse. You did so good. I seriously wanted to reward you (and me) with a cupcake!

And last but not least, yesterday! I had a spray tan yesterday morning at someones house that you came with me to. You played with your toys and were so quiet. Seriously, did someone sedate you and not tell me? You were great! Afterwards, we had to go check out a preschool that I'm thinking about sending you to because I may be going back to work, which feels weird saying. You immediately found the music class and went right in like you'd been there before. So cute!! After the preschool tour, we then went to a meeting so I could check out a spa I may be working on call for my spray tans. While you were getting a little rambunctious, you still were so good! Overall, I have to say this has been one of the best weeks we have had in such a long time! Gold star for you!!

Davis, I love you with all my heart and you continue to melt it all the time. Even little things get me. Like when you woke up screaming from a nap yesterday, and you kept saying POOH!!! Evidently, pooh bear escaped to the floor during nap and that was not okay.

Thank you baby, for the love you give me. For the sloppy banana kisses you give me. And for filling my life and my heart with love and joy.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Babies Are Like Drunk People

***If you get offended easily or do not have a warped sense of humor, please move on the next blog***

In one of my lasts posts while talking about my two year old eractic behavior, I compared him to a little drunk man. Stumbling around with his roller coaster of emotion. Never knowing what we are going to get next. Liquids spilling everywhere!

So you can see why I was absolutley almost peeing my pants when I came across this video. Like literally having to keep my laughter under control as to not wake up the hubby, that was lying right next to me. I found the perfect time to watch this video, let me tell ya!

If you have a little demented sense of humor, you may enjoy this. Or you may have seen it before. I believe it was on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Either way, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Big Man Upstairs

Normally I don't post anything about religion, or ask that you pray for someone in need. Religion can be a touchy subject, especially to those that you do not know. But just this once, I am asking you say a quick prayer for a friend. You may have read her blog, Just The Two of Us, before.

Today, she is getting brain surgery. While I know she is scared, she has been brave for her sweet little girl. So, all I'm asking is that you keep her, and her family in your thoughts, as she is going to have a bumpy ride ahead of her, I'm sure.

Thanks, everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends?! Talk To Us Tuesday

Going through this relocation, adjustment, and chaos to Tulsa leaves me sometimes feeling alone. I have Michael, of course, to talk to, but sometimes I just want my friends to be around. Luckily, I am over the upset and crying part of moving, so at least that is a positive. But I can't help but wonder...a lot....where the hell are my friends! I feel like I have hit the out of sight out of mind deal. Having some of these girls around almost weekly to hang out at the house and have a glass or wine, or go out for a night out.

I have a few really good friends that I know will always be there for me. No. Matter. What! A few of these girls don't even live in the same state as I do, but we can always talk and pick up like we see each other all of the time. They truly are amazing friends to have in my life.

Then there are the people that I saw a lot. Some I even grew up with. Do you just grow apart from someone (all of a sudden, when you're moving)? Realize you aren't that close after all? I will be at my house next week, and was hoping to get together with a few girls. But how can you ask if you don't talk. No returned texts, calls, messages. So this is telling me to not think about it anymore and waste any more energy on this. I want to be like, 'YO PEOPLE! I'm still here. I haven't died. Guess what, you can talk to me!'

I can't help but feel a little hurt, but I guess that's life. Expect the unexpected and keep your head up. I thank God for the wonderful friends that I do have in my life and cherish the close friends that I do have. I am slowly starting to meet people here in Tulsa and that is always reassuring.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Being in a new city, let alone a new state, is overwhelming. With new adjustments, transitions, and trying to figure out where you are, can be a little rough. Maybe the finding out where you are is just me, because Lord knows I can't read a map. Thank goodness for map quest on my phone, or I'd be really lost!

One thing that has been a God send has been seeking sitters. Whether you are new to a city, or just don't have a sitter, this company does all the work for you. I put my trust in this company and feel confident with the sitters that have come to watch Davis. Locally owned and operated (check for a location near you, as they are in most states), seeking sitters was started by a licensed private investigator. You can rest assured knowing your sitter has had a thorough background check, and is first aid and CPR certified. Seeking Sitters can help with a full-time, part-time or even last-minute babysitter needs!

Another wonderful thing about Seeking Sitters is they come prepared with a bag full of new toys and crafts to play with your child. What child doesn't want to play with something new for a few hours? Davis is very comfortable with her, as I have had the same sitter come several times. And with Davis never being left with a sitter before besides family, leaves us feeling at ease.

This has been a wonderful assest for us, as we have actually gone on a few date nights now. Dinner and movie? Yes, please! Seeking sitters will be a perfect fit for your family, too. You'll be glad you checked in to them!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gotta Give a Shout Out

Notice anything different? Ahhhh! My blog is done, beautiful, and I love it!! Like taking in a nice breath of fresh air. Davis is all grown up in his new picture, but his screaming remains the same. So, I don't know about you, but I do believe this new look is just absolutely amazing. I have to thank Danielle Moss for doing a truly fabulous job. Danielle is quick and easy to work with. I also really loved how she told me her opinions on the look of the finished product. It was very, very helpful. Because really, who wants a tacky looking blog!

If you need a little makeover, or want to start over fresh, contact Danielle. She will have your blog looking fresh and fantastic in no time. Tell her Mommy's Sippy Cup sent ya!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Am Special-Note To Self


What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, if you have been on pinterest lately, or seen a million people posting and pinning images of sock bun curls, then you know how beautiful they are. I thought, sheesh! I got this! My hair is going to look gee-or-geous!

Isn't that beautiful? I'm sure you have guessed that is obviously NOT my hair. No. Not. At. All! I watched a tutorial the other day and was ready to go. However, she demonstrated on her little girl, not herself. So I followed, step by step of exactly what she did. I was so excited this morning to unveil my beautiful flowing locks. I was going to have the easiest, most beautiful curls.

So, I get up, and unravel my hair from this tiny little sock. That's right. Like I said, I followed step by step as in the video. She used a toddler sock, so I figured that since I have a toddler, I have a lot of toddler socks. Why did I think this? Lord, I question these things all of the time. So I unwrap my hair from this tiny little sock and just stared. Surely this can't be right. What the...????

Then I realized, Hello not five year old little girl! Use a bigger sock! Man am I blonde! But at least I can follow instructions, right?!???
I got to work quickly and started straightening my hair. But really, how did I think I was going to shove all of my hair in a tiny little sock and it actually look good??

I will try again. I will concur this sock bun thing. My hubby may be missing a few socks, but it will be done!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Grab Your Glasses-WW

Just a little humor for your day.


Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 19, 2011

Heart To Heart

Dear Davis,

Don't worry, Mommy still loves you. I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back, and bigger than the world. Even though you sometimes make me want to bang my head into the wall, you still melt my heart with your sweet kisses and hugs. I know what you are going through right now is just a phase, but if you could please just have a talk with yourself and move this along quickly, mommy would really appreciate it. Now that we are staying in an apartment temporarily, I think your shrill screaming is going to have the neighbors wondering what is going on in our home. I would prefer CPS to not show up at my door. Then again, I'm sure that when I told them that I have a two year old, they would just nod and smile.

Luckily, I know that I am not alone. That what you are going through is normal. I know mommy gets very stressed and my face sometimes turns into a sweating tomato, but not to worry. I will not explode.

I still get excited when I wake you up every morning and get to see your face. I still look forward to every night when I get to sing you to sleep. I look forward to cuddling for five seconds here and there when you'll let me. I love watching your face when you try new foods and realize you love it. And when you experience something new for the first time, you get so excited.

So, you and I are both going through something new right now. But we are both making the best of it, as best as we can. I know you love me, little man. Your body is changing and your mind is growing. But anytime you want to simmer down, both daddy and I would love it.

Don't forget we love you, my crazy little two year old. Try to bring it down a notch.


"A temper tantrum, whether thrown by a child or an adult is a coping mechanism occurring because an individual has not learned how to correctly manage disappointment"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Boarding School?

I can't begin to describe the copious amounts of stress I am under right now, that I actually feel like I'm going to break. To add the cherry on top, Davis is none other than a awful, very bad, no good, terrible two year old. Is there a cure for this? Can we hypnotize him? Baby Prozac? Something? Anything? Being around a two year old is like living with someone that is bipolar. One minute, he totally loves me, and the next, he's in the midst of the 100th tantrum. By the way, it's only 9am at this point. (Right now, he's kicking the walls. I just want to fill you in on every aspect right now. Found a cure, yet?)

Take this morning for example. I had finally made it to the gym on time for the first day this week, for a class. (It's been one of those weeks with Davis) To help him with the transition of everything that has been going on, he is beyond attached to his Pooh Bear right now. While this is very cute, it makes things difficult when we are out in public. I was letting him bring the bear into the kids area the first few days, to help him get used to being in there. I noticed that when he has the bear, he wasn't wanting to play with anyone or anything else in there, so I cut that off. Today he decided to show me how upset he was about this. I was talking to someone outside of the kids area, and she was saying how cute Davis is. Ha! If only you knew lady. Cute on the outside, flames on the inside. Out of left field, SMACK! Right across my face. I was so in shock that I had no clue what to do. Put him in time out in the middle of the gym? I didn't feel like making an even bigger scene than we already had. I told him no, had a talk with him, and still didn't know what to do. I'm sure some of you are thinking that I should have spanked him. Me wanting to spank Davis is crossing my mind more and more as the minutes go on. But we don't spank. I have my reasons, but that's another discussion. All I wanted to do was go to the sauna and just cry. I feel defeated. Defeated by a tiny two year old. I'm at a loss and am praying that I can figure out something to do with this child before things get worse. Please say they get better!

Seemingly overnight, my son has transformed from a kid we could take anywhere—WOULD take anywhere thanks to his perfect restaurant behavior—into a child that can’t handle sitting in a shopping cart for five minutes while in Target because all he wants to do is squirm and run around and knock things over.

It’s a tough stage. It’s a stage that makes you doubt yourself as a parent. It pushes you far beyond your patience limit and then back again. It’s a stage where one parent is pitted against the other at times, just desperately trying to find a way to make it through our cheeseburgers on a Friday night out in public.

Time-outs work pretty well, but my husband and I are still frazzled and on-edge after a particularly difficult tantrum session. But, thankfully, we’ve found a way to cope—we laugh. We joke that living with our son is like living with a very tiny, very loud, very destructive drunk person–emotionally unstable, extreme mood swings, wobbly gait, copious amounts of drool, liquids spilled on the carpet and a predilection for running around naked. It’s like living with a college student.

So, here’s hoping that this challenging stage passes soon—although it’s sort of the-devil-you-know-versus-the-devil-you-don’t. Because I’ll probably look back at this post later on in life, after he’s totaled our car or something similar, and wish time-outs still worked.

But, I’d love to hear any other suggestions or comments—even if it’s just to express shared misery!

And remember, you may want to share something fast, or googling baby boarding school is in my near future.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cookie Monster

Davis is a lot like me when it comes to sweets. It's not until I started dating Michael that I actually had my first piece of cake or pie. I don't keep many sweets in the house, so my little guy never gets them. And when he does, goes and puts them in the trash.
This was at a picnic last weekend.

He's really thinking about. Do I like this chocolatey goodness? Hmmm..

Oh, dear! I do believe we created a monster! And he's off!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mom, Fail!

Last week, I had the pleasure of driving alone with my very well behaved two year old, and my 80 pound dog that never cries when he wants attention. It was four hours of singing, laughing, and having a grand ole time. I would look back at Davis and think, 'Golly, gee! This is swell. I can get used to this!'


I'm sure that you can put two and two together to realize what went on for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT! Davis used to love car rides and would actually take his naps quite well on road trips. But seeing as how he has turned into a crazy child, he wanted to really let me know how he felt about being strapped down for so long. From the moment we set foot into the car, blood curdling screams came out of his tiny little body. How can something so small, make noises so insanely large? A two year old is really hard to rationalize with. Well, because it is beyond impossible! You can't turn around and say, 'Now sweet pea, mommy is sitting quietly for four hours also. See? I'm strapped to my chair, as well. Now carry on like a good prince you are.' That's when a truck would probably have been hurled at my head. Again!

By the time that we were back in the Dallas metroplex, I think steam was coming out of my ears, and my head was about to explode. And awww crap, it's now dinner time. Cooking something for us was the last thing that I wanted to do. Especially since we took all of our food to Tulsa and this now entailed actually doing some grocery shopping. Yes, yes. I could have ordered a pizza, but it would have taken way too long. Grocery store it was. I was on the hunt for some pre-made sandwiches, or something already put together. I saw notta!! Honestly, the thought of buying some lunchables seriously crossed my mind. While they would have sufficed for me, I couldn't bring myself to feed my son crackers for dinner. So, I threw them in the cart anyway just in case for lunch tomorrow. Lunch is totally different than dinner....of course! So the next best thing to buy was frozen dinners. I can not tell you the last time I bought a frozen dinner! Literally, has been years. Grab some chicken and pasta mess and figured we are good to go. But wait, Davis will be going down to bed soon and I would really love a glass of wine and to unwind. Oh, maybe I should get some beer, too. So, I grab a pack of beer and a bottle of wine, and I head to the front. At this point, I was so exhausted that I had forgotten that Michael will be out of town, and that's who I was buying the beer for. Since Davis was starting to get antsy, I let him out of the buggy and he was helping me push. I'm chit chatting away on my phone, while he's pushing like a big boy. I then look in my buggy, and think, wow! Frozen dinner, lunchables, beer, and wine. This does not look good. This ensemble looks like something a bachelor would have thrown into the cart. Not a mom trying to get dinner ready for her son. So, I'm feeling pretty awesome at this point.

We are almost to the front of the line, and BAM! Davis smashes his fingers in between the cart and the conveyor belt. Oh, no! I hang up the phone to go get Davis and console him. WHAM! As I'm picking up my already screaming child, I ram his head into the grocery cart. Needless to say, Davis is now in hysterics. Which brings more attention to the very decent, and healthy meal that I have planned for us for dinner.

Of course when we get home, all is well as well can be. I feed Davis his gourmet chicken and pasta and he's off to bed. I have my....whatever that frozen mess was....and I sip happily in the silence that I was waiting for.

I now laugh at this experience. Although at the time, did not find it funny, but rather embarrassing. But hey, I'm only human. As for Davis, his gut wrenching screams have his species yet to be determined.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What A Typical Boy

Hey, whatever works, right?!? He ran through the house screaming Pee Pee, Pee Pee! Grabbed his bowl of goldfish, and darted to the potty. Nothing has happened quite yet, but it's a start. And too stinking cute!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Moving Time...Again.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know we JUST moved. And when I saw just moved, I mean we moved in to our current house in January. I'm pretty sure there are boxes still in the attic that we have yet to unpack. We had been in East Texas for several years, but our whole goal was to be back in the Dallas area. Of course, I have been elated being back here. My friends and family are here so it is wonderful being close to them again. But seeing as how life throws you the fastest curve balls, especially when you aren't ready to catch them, you just have to get that mitt on fast and throw it back. I haven't exactly thrown it back yet. I think I'm still processing this information like I just found out about it yesterday.

So, why are we moving, you ask? Well, since you are dying to know, I guess I'll tell you. Last year, Michael went to Tulsa to fill in for someone while they were out of town for two weeks. Davis and I went to visit Michael for a few days to hang out. I actually thought Tulsa was very nice! We went to the zoo, the aquarium, and other fun family places while we were there. So, while I thought it was nice, I never in a million years thought we would be moving there. Yes, Tulsa is where we are moving to. That same company called and offered a deal that we are obviously not able to turn down. So now the transition begins. And so do the stresses.

(This was on a bathroom door I saw on the way back to Texas. Seriously? I will send you smoke signals and you can come save me.)

Michael started his new job last week, and while he was working, I went for the week to help him look for apartments. UGGG!! Having to get an apartment while having a mortgage is just a tad overwhelming. If someone has any miracle grow for my money tree, I would really appreciate it. We found an apartment last week that we started to fill out the paper work on. I thought everything was peachy, but apparently not. I think I have become a victim of identity theft. I was flagged for being incarcerated for theft and auto theft in 2009. Come on, I may be a little wild, but I'm no clepto! Lord, help me. So while that is being handled, I am crossing my fingers that it is all settled. Oh, I was also born in 1968. I look damn good, don't I? Sheesh.

The sign was put in the yard just yesterday, and we had our first showing today. Wow!! I am crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes that we are able to sell this sucker soon. Looking for a house in the area??

While I know things will be better in the long run, things are just overly stressful right now. Davis wakes up and is always looking for Michael, confused as to where he has been. I also think he believes he is being punished because I have to keep all of his toys in the garage for when people view the house. His sad little face when he looks outside to see if Michael's car is there makes me want to cry. His tantrums that he has been throwing to show me how upset he is, is making me want to scream. The added stress is a lot! Serenity now, Davis!

And when this child throws a tantrum, he throws a tantrum. All DAY! But go figure he's an absolute angel when he's with others. Why is that? Riddle me this.

So, for now, I'm trying to stay calm and am praying Davis' baby horns stay in.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Notice any changes at my blog? Yeah, this isn't a good thing. I have managed to completely wipe out everything. My sidebars are screwed up, layout is gone, images and backgroung. Kaput! So why am I writing this post? I need someone to redo my blog. Maybe this a good thing. I'll take a deep breath and calm down. I am due for an update. I can't find anyone that can do my blog until the end of the year. Is there anyone out there that can help a girl out?