Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Am Soooo in Love!

Yesterday, Davis was one week old. It's already been a week and I'm already not wanting him to get bigger. Maybe I'll try an old ancient thought and put bricks on his feet and head and keep him the same size forever. Yes people...I'm kidding! haha He is the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. Besides being over the top, massively sleep deprived, I love every single minute of it. I seriously can not imagine my life with out him. I feel like I have the missing piece that I didn't even know was missing. Last night was actually quite smooth. Although, maybe I shouldn't talk about it as not to jinx it! But Michael and I started early to put him to bed around 8:30. We gave him a sponge bath, which seems to calm him down a little bit. I fed him while Michael read Davis a book. I swear, I think there is something about his voice that must soothe and relax Davis because he always seems to eat more and is pretty much sedated. He actually slept from 9 until almost 1am. We actually got some sleep last night because he was sleeping in almost 4 hour incriments. Okay, that's it. I'm probably in for it tonight.
It is so hard for me to put him down. He warms my heart with every coo, smile, and everything he does. He purses his lips and makes little monkey faces which I am just in love with! I love looking into eyes....when they are open that is. Right now they are a dark blue color and are just beautiful! More than likely, they will change in a few months, but if they don't, I won't complain! I love being a mom and can't imagine my life without him. It's amazing. Now, I'll just pray for sleep!

Life is so rough!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Few Early Pics of My Little Monkey :)

These are only three pics from right after Davis was born. The last one was yesterday after, 4 days old. His little nose is still red like Rudolph and is too cute. I am so over the top in love with him. Even though I'm completely sleep deprived, this is the best feeling in the world. I LOVE being a mom. I've never been happier. I'm sure we'll be taking new pictures today :)

I am so blessed.

One of Daddy and Davis' first pictures. 2 days old.

Our little boxer!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Pre-Davis Post!

Wow! Tomorrow I'll be a mommy. I feel like I'm in a total surreal state right now and I'm not too sure what I'm doing. We had our last doctor's appointment this morning and everything is still as scheduled. Arrive at the hospital in the morning at 5a.m. UG!! But I'm sure knowing me, it's not like I'll be sleeping too much anyway, awake with anticipation. I feel like a kid at Christmas time right now. Yesterday was a little hard for me actually. I had a flood of emotions that took over and just completely had a meltdown for a little bit. One minute, Michael is massaging my pinched nerve in my back and the next minute, I run into the bathroom trying to hold back my tears. Michael came in to hold me and I just told him I'm getting so scared...I'm so nervous. Thank goodness he was with me, otherwise I think I would have spent the day crying. He has such an amazing way of calming me down. I can't even begin to explain everything that I was thinking yesterday. Thoughts of, 'my goodness, this is going to be painful!' and wondering how things will change between Michael and I. Not knowing and not having any control over a situation is so hard for me, I'll admit! At the same time, it's exciting not knowing too. I can't wait to see his little face, wondering how he'll look like Michael and I. It excites me and fascinates me knowing we created this life together. I'm going to be a mom, I'm going to be a mom! For some reason, it's still shocking for me, even though I've had plenty of time to let this thought sink in. I can't wait for my life to change for the better and I am so extactic for this. Happy early birthday my little Davis. I can't wait to meet you tomorrow! I love you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday....My Love

The love of my life, my wonderful husband, my best friend, and soon to be father of our new little one. I couldn't imagine life without him. Always An Adventure :)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Things I Haven't Been Able to Live Without While Pregnant!

I'm probably writing this as a reminder to self for the future, but either way, these are some of the things I haven't been able to live without during my pregnancy! Some...more than others. And I'm so forgetful, so I know that I've forgotten things too! :)

1. Tylenol PM....zzzzzzzzzz. During the last trimester, getting a good night sleep was something I have only daydreamed about. I have until next week to really know what true insomnia is. Until then, I have Tylenol just in case.

2. Snoogle Pillow: I seriously wouldn't be able to sleep without this!! It's a total body support pillow that even Michael tries to steel from me. It supports your belly and your back. It's so wonderful.

3. The pool!!: To actually feel weightless in the pool instead of feeling like a beached whale for a little bit has been wonderful. Even though I'm sure I look like Shamu since my bathing suit is black and white, it's still been nice!

4.Palmer's Belly Butter: Never too early to start while pregnant. Thank goodness for this stuff. Seriously!

5. Pedicures: Just because I love them. That is all

6. Prenatal Massages: Just because I'm human. Michael has given me a massage almost every day since I've been pregnant. Davis has managed to pinch off a nerve in my back, while has just been lovely. Michael literally had the end of a rolling pin in my back pushing on it. The sucker won't move!

7. Labor Music List: Michael made a labor list on my iPod for when we are in the hospital and I've loved it. I play it for Davis all of the time and I swear, he loves the piano. Either that or he just hates it...but I tell myself that he loves it.

8. Benefiber: I don't need to go there. I swear!

9. Reese's Pieces: OMG! My favorite candy in the whole world.

10. Of course I wouldn't have been able to keep most of my sanity without my amazing husband and family. I'm sure that for the most part, they have just turned their heads, but they have all been so wonderful

11. I have actually fallen in love with maternity clothes even though I swore I wouldn't wear them (I was in denial) and that I would hate them. I love maternity pants, dresses, and skirts. But yes, I can't wait to wear my own clothes!

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One Week To Go!

Yup, that's right. After going to the doctor today, the induction was scheduled. My mom always said be careful what you wish for, because now I'm totally freaking out. Next Tuesday is the big day! I'm so excited, I can't wait. And I'm also so nervous, that I think I may throw up. I have been waiting for this and now it's actually here and I don't really know what I think about it. Wow!!! Next week I'm going to be a mom. Me! A mom! I've actually calmed down a little bit, so this is nothing. I am so looking forward to what this little guy looks like. I wonder if he's even going to look like me at all, or will people just think I'm babysitting the neighbors child.
I just know that I'm so lucky to have Michael. He is going to be such an amazing father. I think for once in my life, I'm actually speechless. A good, happy speechless.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Show Us Your Life:Wedding Reception/Honeymoon

These are so hard for me to do because I am in love with literally every single one of my wedding pictures and the ones from our honeymoon. But here are a few that I was able to pick.

We surprised Michael with a Chicago Bears groom's cake! It was so great since he had absolutely no idea.

Our cake, which I fell in love with. I seriously didn't want to eat it because I thought it was so pretty.

Our First Dance as a married couple. We danced to 'You and I' by Michael Buble.

This was part of the Barbie and Ken doll we played at the reception. It was absolutely hysterical!! We had such a great time.

Our Honeymoon

We traveled Italy for two weeks and were able to go to Rome, Florence, Venice, and Tuscany. This was seriously the BEST two weeks of my life and we are already missing it and planning on when we can go back. These are just a few pictures.

This was at Vatican City. The pope wasn't home that day.

Having a great dinner in Venice on the canal. There were people racing gondolas while we ate...something you don't normally get to see everyday.

Playin around: The city even looks beautiful stuck in a wine glass :)

Night out in Florence. We ordered a meal called Claudio's Extravaganza. After about the fifth course, we had to cut them off. Our waiter wasn't too happy with us. It was also such strange seafood, but the weirder, the better tasting it was.

This was at the Duke's Palace. Off course I can defile anything, but couldn't help it. I'm sure I make my mama proud. Haha

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

37 Weeks! Ready to Cross Finish Line!

So, it could possibly be about two weeks from today! Wow!!! BUT, if I'm not dilated enough (crossing fingers) then it will be three weeks. Fine, I'll have to live with it. :) I've been religiously sitting on my excercise ball at home trying to get things moving along in there. Davis still hasn't really dropped yet and it's so frustrating. I really do not want the dr. to have to do that next Monday. Doesn't sounds very pleasant. I've also bought different herbal teas. At this point, I'll try anything. I read about a castor oil cocktail, but I think whoever wrote that is crazy. Castor oil, something else, and vodka! Vodka!?! As much as I love me some vodka, I don't think so. It's only 30ml, but still. I'll stick to bouncing on the ball for now. We also bought a rolling pin to take to the hospital and it has worked so wonderful on my back. I've actually needed a rolling pin so many different times for baking, but never had one. Didn't know I had to go get pregnant before I actually went and bought one! Haha

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pregnant in the Summer

For everyone that is, or has been pregnant in the summer, you know how annoying it can be when people sit there and tell you how sorry they are for you. Thank you for the concern, but reminding me again that I live in Texas and it's really hot, doesn't really help the situation. I actually had a woman at the gym yesterday say, "Gee, you really picked a great time to be pregnant. Right in the dead center of summer." Yes, that's right. Michael and I actually sat down with a calander and chose when we were going to conceive this baby. I also had someone look at me and say, "Wow! Well...better you than me!" Nod and smile, nod and smile. Thank you. So, I've been thinking and even though, yes, I realize it's hotter than the desert, I think I would actually prefer being pregnant in the summer than in the winter. It's probably a mind thing at this point, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! So, while I've only come up with a few things, it's better than nothing!

It's SO WONDERFUL (haha) to be pregnant in summer because:
1. Ice cream! Mmmmmm: I've actually had a few Andy's cravings (it's a 50's style frozen custard place here) and thought I was going to kill if I didn't get it. If there was no Andy's, I would have to go to Marble Slab.

2. We won't go into labor and have to get to the hospital during an ice storm. Come on, that would suck! Not like Texas has ice storms...but still!

3. We get to wear sandals or go barefoot when tying shoes will be impossible! I don't even think I can reach my feet anymore. Like I said, are they even still there?!?

4. No maternity coats and no big sweaters. Why try to fit that big belly in more clothes and make us feel even bigger? UG!

5. We get to spend time at the pool and the water will help our aching backs against the weight of our bellies. This has seriously been a lifesaver!

6. Cute (as cute as pregnancy dresses can be) summer sun dresses! Less clothes that are free flowing, the better. Can't do that in winter!

Like I said, it's not a long list, but I think it's more of a mind thing. I just want to tell people that yes, I actually have A.C. in my house, so it's really not all that bad. Trust me, I don't sit outside in the heat all day! :)

Wordless Wednesday

I love this picture and for some reason, it speaks volumes to me. This is my grandmother, my uncle, and my mom. Even though you can't see my mom's face, we look so much alike it's scary. But I love this picture and wanted to have it on here :) Sadly enough, I just chopped my hair off...not that short, but now I think I look even more like my mother!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting closer.....I think :)

Today, Michael and I went in for my 36 week checkup. Everything went really well. I don't have to take any extra meds for the strep test that I took last week. Thank goodness!! Next week, I will be checked to see how far dilated I am. IF I am dilated enough at 38 weeks, I will be induced at 39! Sigh. I know it's not like that's massively early or anything, but any kind of early at this point feels like a sigh of relief. But, I don't want to get my hopes up too high. Wow! That would be two weeks from this Thursday. I'm really hoping that I will be able to be induced though. When we went to the hospital several weeks ago, I was already a little over 1cm dilated, so I'm hoping that something more has been going on in there. But then again, I think Davis is just as stubborn as his mama, so I'm thinking that he's changing his mind about coming out. We'll see! After my appointment today, I actually started to freak out a little bit. Crying in the car. Crying when we got home. I played music for Davis while sitting in his room today and a flood of thoughts came rushing in. I just started balling. It's like the closer that it gets to his arrival, the more freaked out I am becoming. And I mean, freaked out. Everything from-can we do this financially? I am going to be staying at home and not working. Then the other end of the spectrum of-Can I actually do this!? I feel like I usually deal with change quite well, but I can say that I've never had this much of a huge change in my life before. I just keep reminding myself that Michael and I have a phenomenal relationship and we have gotten through so much together. We can do this. In a little less than three weeks, I could be at home with my baby boy. I'm so excited and overjoyed to be a mom. Always An Adventure!

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