Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh S*@t!

When I say Oh Sh*#!, I literally mean that to it's full terms! So we are still in Tulsa and things are actually going quite well. Davis has been so good and patient. We have been in and out, and in and out of the car some more. He is hanging in there like a champ.

So yesterday, Davis and I went to see my best friend that lives not too far from where we are staying. (Fine, it's over two hours, but I really wanted to see her!) We had fun, though. We had planned to take Davis to a splash pad that is close to her house, but it looked like rain. Hmm....what to do. Ahhh yes, Natural History Museum. Okay, I can honestly tell you I have never been to a natural history museum in my life (doesn't interest me, got to be honest) but this place was actually pretty amazing. It was like a (very) mini version of the Smithsonian with the dinosaurs everywhere. Davis slept through everything. Guess he is like his mom and doesn't like the stuff already. (Poor kid hadn't slept all day and was so fussy. Him sleeping was the plan)

Now I think I know why the little guy wasn't sleeping and was so fussy. Oh Lord have mercy. I had the worst mom moment to date. Like, I want to crawl in a hole and die moment. Well, apparently Davis had explosive, erupting diarrhea and I did not know this. Maybe him whining in the backseat should have been an indication, but I thought he was just wet, and decided to keep on going and get back to the hotel. You're wearing a 12 hour nighttime diaper, little man. You got this! Umm, not so much. We get back to the hotel and I go to get Davis out of the car seat. All is normal. Not until we get on the elevator did I notice what happened. I switched hips to hold Davis and felt the warm nasty mush all over my arm. Oh good Jesus, kid. What did you eat?!? It is coming out of his clothes and all over his WHITE socks. Of course he is wearing all white, right? Well go figure there are about 20 soccer teams staying at the hotel and we aren't the only ones on it. This very sweet lady is talking to me and Davis. Oh he's so cute. I have a 9 month old granddaughter. I am not listening to a word she is saying. All I can think is I so hope she doesn't see what I am trying to cover. Surely she smells something. And she's still talking. Oh...please don't touch him! You may find a not so pleasant gift. If she noticed, she was so kind and didn't make a face. Or vomit on the elevator. Even get off on an earlier floor. Again, what did you eat kid? Wow! I don't know how I didn't notice when I got him out of the car, but obviously I had to get him inside somehow. I'm a mom, what do you expect. Surely this has happened to someone else?! Maybe? Okay, I'll take the trophy for this one. Just another day in the life of mom, right? Always an adventure! :)

We took a trip to the zoo today and had so much fun. I think Davis looooved it!

My monkeys :)
My #1 monkey! He's getting too big!!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

you crack me up! and I love your new blog look!

sara said...

Great pictures. Looks like Davis is having a blast...hmmm...perhaps I should phrase that differently :)

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

Poor baby! And don't worry-I've done this before! And I beat myself up just as badly as you do!

I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK! My comp has been dead so I'm using some crappy excuse of a computer that takes forever to download anything so I haven't seen your new place yet!

I'm off to grab the new button!!!

Daisygirl said...

ahhh the pictures are fabulous!

Holy grossness....its happened to me a few times! I thought those diapers were supposed to hold everything and anything!

Natalie said...

Ugh! That is the WORST! And it's amazing how much we beat ourselves up :(

LOVE, love, LOVE the new look! I'm totally stealing your button and putting it on my blog roll page :)

Crazed Mama said...

Girl you look HOT! Love the new blog! Been too long since i visited...sorry, I suck :-)

LisaDay said...

Oh dear. That's too funny. I hope Davis is OK now. I love the pic of the two monkeys.


Queen of the Nerds said...

I never had the explosive diaper in public, but I did experience a moment in my daughter's crib that still gives me nightmares. What I thought was baby vomit, turned to be baby crap. And by the time I found that out, I had already touched it.

I love your blog!

Jen said...

Just found your blog through Taylor's; so cute!