Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5 months and counting!!

On Thursday, I'll officially be a full five months along. So far, this pregnancy has blown by. Now, the more and more I get excited to meet Davis, the longer it seems to be. August just seems so far away. Patience isn't a virtue I have. At all.I've become addicted to Craigslist, buying little things for Davis, and trying to save a buck here and there. I was actually able to get the same swing I had registered for. It seems so odd to have all this baby stuff in my house. Our dog, Dexter, has been so curious as to what is going on. He goes into the room where it is, and just sniffs it out, wondering what is invading his turf.I had a sono appointment last week, and it was absolutely wonderful! I was able to really see Davis this time, and it was amazing. He's already 1 pound 1 ounce! Slow down in there! Whoa, baby! Most babies don't get to one pound until after the 23rd week, but of course Davis wants to make a statement. Goodness! I think I've jinxed myself though. I kept saying I was going to have a big baby, and I think it's coming true. Michael was 10 pounds when he was born. 10 pounds!!! Really?!? Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

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Marisa and John said...

The blog looks so cute! Our dog has been going crazy, too. He keeps stealing Ty's hand mitts and trying to eat all his socks! No matter how hard I try to keep him out of the room he gets in there somehow. You look cute as ever!