Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a boy!!!!

We are soooo excited to introduce (in several months) Davis Michael Cortez! We can't wait, and I know I'm already dying with anticipation! Seeing him for the first time was absolutely amazing. I thought that I would be calm, and not really get emotional. Me!? Not get emotional? Exactly. We were able to see a full view of his face. He was sticking his tounge out at us pretty much the entire time. He already has my attitude. Watch out!

For some reason, I just knew that we were having a boy. Either way, I didn't care what we were going to have, as long as we have a healthy baby. But I just KNEW! I kept having these dreams about buying blue things, and taking care of a baby boy. Although, in a couple of my dreams, our baby boy had blonde hair and light skin. I don't see that one happening. Maybe I was babysitting :)

I feel like I've been waiting for this moment forever, and can't even begin to describe how excited that I am. As soon as we left the room from our sono, I just lost it. I just started crying so hard because all of a sudden, it seemed so real. Michael just stood there, and hugged me as hard as he could. I'm sure people at the hospital thought we just got the worst news ever, but they were good tears.

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