Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleep. A Thing of the Past.

I have never been one to be able to get by on little sleep. I love sleep. Probably a little too much, seeing as how I don't remember what that's like anymore. Used to, I could barely function on anything less than 6 hours. Now I get super excited if I am able to sleep 3-4 hours straight. I never thought I would be saying that. Some days are better than others, though. It's not always bad, but when it's bad, I'm a walking zombie. I feel like I'm stuck in the dessert and sweating like a pig. I think I run fevers and my body feels like a limp noodle. I've been wondering a lot lately how in the world do people have more than one child? It seems close to impossible to me right now.

Davis looooves being out in public. If we are out to dinner or at someone's house, he is so good. He sleeps great. Especially in the car! But then if we have to stop at a red light, he freaks out. He loves motion and does not like sitting still. At all. Ever. This of course can cause problems at 3am when all I want to do is sleep. He loves going on long walks also and being outside. Then again, do not stop pushing the stroller. If I stop to talk to someone, I have to keep pushing it back and forth as not to disrupt the little man. I'm so in for it :) haha.

He makes the cutest little faces though. He purses his lips into a little O and looks like a cute monkey. It's adorable. And when he smiles it just melts my heart. Of course, it's probably just gas, but I'd like to think otherwise. He makes the funniest noises, especially when he sleeps. He actually sounds like E.T. sometimes and it's so funny. I absolutely hate when he cries and always wish there was something that I could do for him. Like right now, he's been crying for about 2 hours and I think it's probably due to something I ate today. Great. Oh the joys of breastfeeding. I didn't even think anything I had today was too spicy, but his little tummy thinks otherwise apparently. I've tried placing him on his belly, rubbing his feet, warm cloths, drops, you name it. Just makes me so sad. And of course frustrated a little too. But then I see that little face and of course can't get too mad.

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Lisa said...

I'm with you on the sleep! And Davis sounds like Colton with the ET noises and funny little "O" lips and smiles. It's all worth it, right? :) Hope breastfeeding is going well for you, too, as we've had our challenges here!

Ashley said...

Right there with you too on the sleep thing.. and close on the motion thing- Aeson's the same with being held. You put him down, he freaks out. Our doctor taught us how to swaddle him really tightly (not how I was originally swaddling him) and they make special blankets for it at Babies R Us.. you may want to try it to help his fussiness! That and growth spurts (with nursing particularly) are SO frustrating. But yes, they're totally worth it. And this stage will pass very quickly!

jineen said...

oh my goodness! everytime i come here and look at your little guy, it makes my ovaries hurt:) in a good way, he is too cute for words! not sleeping sucks big time! but i can promise you, the 3-4 hour thing doesn't last for ever. mine did that for about 3 months, and just when i couldn't take it anymore, he started 5-6 which was like a 100 year nap! it will come, promise! i bet you are loving being a mom tho, huh? i wanna see pics of you! you were so cute with that belly, but i bet it is all gone already:)