Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Casa...finally

We've been all settled in our home for about a month now, and I couldn't be more excited with it. Its my dream home x 100. Love, love, love and a little drool over it. I think I'm even more proud of it because I got to pick everything that went in here. I just crossed my fingers and hoped Michael liked everything I chose. And then figured, well, too late! He'll have to learn to love it :)
Here's a few pictures of downstairs. And yes, the house was built to look old. Another reason why I drool over it.
Also, that's a small wine bar. The house had my calling card. :)

Happy Sunday, everyone. Have a great day!


Courtney. said...

What a gorgeous home! I'm obsessed with that kitchen :)

ty said...

I am OBSESSED. I am MORE than obsessed. Might have to pin it sort of obsessed.