Friday, June 5, 2009

Hope I Pass the Test!

I'm getting ready for my doctor's appointment today and I have to take the glucose test....AGAIN! I guess I had a blond moment last time and wasn't able to take it. I had my exam and drank that wonderfully delicious drink they make you drink before all of the blood work. (Actually, I was so thirsty that it just tasted like a realllllly sweet Sprite. Not too shabby!) I still had 30 minutes to wait before I could get my tests done, so Michael and I waited downstairs in the lobby. I guess his blood sugar was dropping a little bit and he poured himself some hot chocolate. I stared at him, with my mouth watering. For the hot chocolate that is! I grabbed the cup and started drinking, obviously not thinking about the whole reason I was sitting there in the first place! Yeah, not too smart. After about FOUR big gulps of it, I thought, "OH CRAP! WHAT HAVE I DONE!" I went and told the lab tech, who then had to contact the nurse and the doctor, who had to come down and check the labels on the package mix. The nurse just stared at me with this goofy grin and started shaking her head. Kind of like the -Jessica, you should have known better look. Yes, yes, I know.What I was thinking. She joked around and said next time, she's going to have me sit right next to her chair for 30 minutes and wait next to her, so as to be sure I don't eat/drink anything! Wait, I hope she was joking!! So, we'll see. I just ate a big breakfast that will hopefully tide me over until about12:30 or so. I think the fact of just knowing I can't eat or drink anything for over 2 hours makes it that much more difficult. See? I'm already thirsty! So, here's to me not having another blond moment and actually being able to take the test today! *Last sip of water* :)


Rachel U said...

Silly girl!! You always have loved the hot chocolate!!

Felicia said...

LOL at you and for your hubby wanting hot chocolate in the summer!!

Lora said...

ha! my brain was so fried when I was pregnant, this sounds like something I would have done!