Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Baby Food Debate

Jar Food vs Homemade Food

I have recently had several conversations about the differences between jar food and making your own. I am making Davis' food right now and before I go any further, I don't want to come across as I am trying to persuade you to doing something different. Just wanted to share some facts of making your own. If in any way, this causes some sort of debate, or sparks something that makes you upset for any reason, I apologize and feel free to move on.

Sometimes going to the grocery store and buying the pre-made food is just so much easier. Why do something differently, especially when it takes more time to prepare? What happens if you run out of your already made food and you aren't at home? Well, obviously plan B. Go buy some! Check a couple of things: Buy the jars with the most calories. Unlike most women who look for 0 calories, obviously baby needs them. If only life were that easy! Also, make sure there are no added chemicals and preservatives. Sometimes, that is the tricky part. You don't always know.

Some benefits of homemade food:

More Nutritious
Making your own food actually retains more of Vitamins A and B, along with more nutrients. Unfortunately, many of the vitamins are destroyed in the jarring process because of the use of very high heat and pressure. Some baby food also has thickening agents and additives such as corn starch, flour, or tapioca. Preservatives include partially hydrogenated oils or trans-fats, which are linked to diabetes, cancer and heart disease. This means more filler, less nutrients. Making homemade is more bang for your buck!

Of course no one actually remembers what baby food tastes like...unless you're curious and take a couple of nibbles :) Jar food actually tastes less like the real thing. Fresh just tastes better. Jar food isn't seasonal and also doesn't come in every type of fruit or vegetable. Some children get used to bland, smooth, jarred foods and have difficulty being reintroduced to the same real foods and textures later.

Less Cost

The cost for making your own baby food is often less than buying commercially prepared baby foods, if you shop smart and cook in larger quantities. For instance a four ounce jar of baby food ranges in price from .60 - $1.20 each, depending on brand and place purchased. With just one sweet potato, I was able to feed Davis for a little over a week with it. You can also pour your food into an ice cube tray and save large quantities.

It's super easy to make and takes very little time. Now, with that being said, hope no one is offended, just wanted to share some things.


Michele H. said...

Hi there. So I am just about to introduce rice cereal and food to our five-month old. Trying to decide what food to introduce first. I've heard squash is good. I'm also going to try and make my own food. Curious what you started with.

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I have friends who make their own and seem to enjoy it! I can't imagine doing that, but of course I haven't crossed into that area yet. ;-)

Jessica said...

I started with sweet potatoes and he looooooooves them. Just poke holes all in it, wrap in foil. Bake at 400 for 1 1/2 hours. After it cools, peel the potatoe and puree it. You can add either your milk or water. I just added water. Puree until it's the texture you want. Not very thick at first. Next week is green beans :0

Mama B said...

I made all my own baby food with my first. We enjoyed it and he was such a good eater! My second...well she was born picky and I had less time. It was very frustrating and couldn't get her to eat any homemade food. The ONLY think she would eat was the most expensive brand of organic, of course only available at one store!

So I agree I loved making homemade food, it's the way to go, hopefully it will work again with my next!

Heather said...

You have such a great blog! There are some informative tips in this post.

I make a lot of my own food for the twins as they have allergies to dairy and soy. Once you get in the habit of doing it, it isn't that bad.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Regina and David said...

enjoyed your post. I plan to try making my own food as well. thanks for your thoughts!!

Salt said...

I am really happy to see this write-up actually. I have always wanted to go the home made route when we have a child and you just drove the point home for me. :)

I'm so happy you stopped by my blog! Your son is just adorable! (And the pic in your header is great...definitely my kind of sippy cup.)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I gave my son homemade and store bought. I could hide veggies in the homemade. Stopping by from SITS!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I always dreamed of making my own baby food-- but the times I tried it, it wasn't as light and airy as the jarred food; my daughter didn't like it as well. I figured, why on earth am I wasting precious time with her (I work out of the home) to make food she won't eat? That pretty much sealed the deal for us!

Besides, she was breastfed until 14 months old, so I guess she was getting enough "home made" stuff from me anyway!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Shell said...

I applaud you for doing this. I never made my own(except for bananas- we always used fresh there).

I used the excuse that my kids were all breastfed, so at least I was giving them that!

Though, my youngest was only on "baby" food for about a month or two and then he wantd the table food that his brothers were having.

Stopping by from SITS.

The Dimino's said...

I loved making Brady's baby food!! He always loved it and I enjoyed making it!! I knew it was much better for him!! Davis is getting soooo big!! He looks like a mini Michael!!

New Mommy!!! said...

I am for homemade baby food all the way. I did give Nik some gerber food and rice cereal too though, when I needed. But, I agree, I think fresh fruits and veggies are great for little ones! Nik is eating with us now, she kept grabbing for ours, so we decided it was time, now that is her preference!