Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hopes For 2010

I don't ever really make New Years Resolutions because let's face it. I can't keep them. It's usually the same thing, that is go work out more, eat better, lose weight..blah, blah, blah. So I'm not doing this year, exactly. Instead, I'm going to make more of goals for the year.

-Be the best mom/wife that I can be. I need to try and stay calmer whenever Davis decides to scream at 4am. Sometimes I just want to rip my hair out! Claratech Pictures, Images and Photos So instead, I need to practice calm breathing or something!

-Of course, workout more! I do pretty good with this, but it's easy to make excuses when you just don't have the energy or don't feel like it at all. But I need to remember I feel much better after I workout!

-Cook more! Michael and I split up the cooking, but I really want to cook more. I am obsessed with 'Real Simple' magazine. They have some of the best recipes that are good for you and real simple to make! I would love to take more cooking classes and learn more great recipes. And baking! Pastry Pictures, Images and Photos

-Volunteer: I have tried to get involved with such things as Make a Wish, Food Shelter, and a couple of others. No one needs volunteers. How is that even possible. I want to try and get involved with something. And hoping that I can find a mommy's day out for Davis!

-Go to church more. Ever since Davis has been born, it has been so hard to get to church. The times are either really early, or really late and then it feels like the whole day is over. They are also during his nap times and I'm a little nervous that he will scream the whole way through.

-Get more organized! I actually have my life in order pretty well, but still some things that once again, make me want to rip my hair out. Maybe I should call HGTV and have them come help me out! Again, thanks to Real Simple, they have great tips. I know, I know. If you know me, you're probably reading this, thinking, what has happened to my friend? Hey, things happen. I'm still the same, just a little more focused on what is important and needs to get done. Yes, it's strange even for me!


Helene said...

Those are all great goals for the new year!! That's awesome that your hubby splits the cooking responsibility with you! Mine can't even boil water for mac-n-cheese!!

I love the picture in your header! You're my kinda gal!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope you'll be back again soon!

New Mommy!!! said...

We are like Twins!! Your resolutions are the exact same things I have been working on myself lately! We started regularly going to church again every Sunday right after Thanksgiving. I know what you mean about the Newborn, thankfully, Nik is a little older now, it was naptime for her for a long time too, so we tried different times/Saturdays. I started baking a lot more this Holiday season, and hope to try real cooking (it's expensive!)much more too--I'm spent by the end of the day! My family helped at the Soup Kitchen/Mission December 27, 2009, we bought food, cooked it, and served it, and cleaned and did dishes. I am hoping to help out more there this year by donating etc, and hopefully at our local Birthright org.

I have been trying to get my cleaning/organizing underwraps now that Nik is older and I have a little more availability--But, she's into everything!! (and near walking), With a full-time job, it's HARD! And a hubby that's a tornado! I am with you on the exercising more, fourtunately, I have started up with the Pilates a little more, warm weather come quick!! I would also hope to be the best mom and wife I can be, and yes, a little more patience! Good luck with your goals! Happy New Year! Love the new site!

Annie said...

great list of resolutions!!
I havent really narrowd mine down to an attainable list yet..haha!

Love the new look GREAT!