Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Davis' (Soon To Be) New Sandbox!

As Davis is getting bigger, of course he is going to need new toys....and lots of them. He is able to sit for longer periods of time now and I have really been wanting to get him some 'big boy toys.' Preferably for the backyard. Obviously he can't run around on a fort or anything like that yet, so something small. A slide? No...that's more work for me and he can't enjoy that too much yet. A SANDBOX!! I am so, so excited about this new Little Tykes turtle sandbox.

Are you needing new toys? Even toddler beds, or even outdoor furniture? When I say they have everything, I mean, they have everything! It was so hard to chose out of all the wonderful toys they have on their site.

The wonderful people at CSN stores have allowed me to try this too cute of a sandbox in return of a review of it on my blog. I seriously never thought I would be so excited about a sandbox!! I can't wait to see Davis playing around in it with his new sandbox toys! Stay tuned for my review and I'm sure pictures to go along with it.


Danielle said...

This will be a perfect outside activity for Davis!! All he needs is an umbrella to block the sun and he is good. to. go.

Lea Liz said...

So Cute!I am wanting one of these for Brody!

How did yo get to do a review for them???

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Thanks. I'm so excited. They actually contacted me and asked if I'd be willing. It was so hard to chose what I wanted...they seriously have everything!

Amy said...

We had that when my daughter was a baby & she loved it! And, well, free is even better!

Stopping by from SITS.

Annie said... davis will be such a bog boy in his sand box :)