Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Sweet It Is!

When I say that we have amazing neighbors, that doesn't begin to explain what amazing is. While we were on our house hunt last year, we wanted a family neighborhood with hopes of finding people our age, with kids of the similar age, and hopefully all hit it off. Thinking this would never happen, we wrote this off and chalked it up to dream land fantasy. How could this possibly happen, right? Low and behold it actually exists. Our neighborhood is amazing. And while I only know a few people that live near us, we have totally hit it off with the neighbors. A sigh of relief enters as it actually feels like a dream come true. Because really think about it. To find someone not only you like and get along with, but that your husbands both get along and your kids aren't trying to beat each other up! I don't know about in your world, but in mine that is pretty awesome.

So, why my rambling about these fantastic neighbors? We had movie day this past weekend. Meaning that Michael and I actually went to a movie. By ourselves. During the day! Together!! Our neighbors watched Davis and he played with his new little buddy. It felt exhilarating and freeing to actually be doing something during the day together. It was liberating, I must say. We giggled like we were teenagers, off to run the streets. Feeling like we were doing something we shouldn't be doing, only...we were just going to see a movie. Trying to think of the last time we had done such a thing, see a movie that is, we had no recollection what so ever. Movies used to be one of our favorite things to do. So of course I had to have the full movie experience. Even though I was completely full and couldn't fit a morsel in my stomach, "I'll take a popcorn and soda, please" Ahhh yes, the movie theatre. Where tears are shed, laughter happens, and there is absolutely no sound within the entire vicinity of a baby crying. Bliss!

Later that day, we did the switch. We watched their son and it was their turn to go to a movie. I'm sorry, but I think we are just sheer geniuses. I feel like I need to alert the press on this one. "Mom and Dads switch to go to a movie and alternate babysitting duty." That would make front page, I'm sure!

If you haven't, go meet your neighbors! Bring cookies! Or wine. Heck, just show up and introduce yourself and cross your fingers!

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Daisygirl said...

I want that neighbor, how awesome is that....that is the dream my friend you are living the dream!