Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Gene Pool Skipped Me

Growing up, school wasn't always the easiest thing for me. In fact, it was one of the hardest things in the world to me. I wasn't the brightest, but I for sure wasn't the dead bulb sitting in the back of the classroom. My teachers tried little things to help me learn, but I was like a snail trying to catch up to the rest of the class. My biggest problem? Math! Once I got it, we were moving onto the next lesson. Can you just slow down for a little minute? The snail is trying to catch up. Like clockwork, my stomach aches would come like a ticking time bomb. Every day when my teacher said to pull out our math books, my little hand went up in the air and said I needed to go to the nurses office. I'm not quite sure anyone caught on, because no one ever mentioned this to me. The nurse had to wonder why I came to see her everyday at the exact same time. I didn't even realize what was actually going on until later on in life. For the longest time I thought I had bad stomach issues, not massive math issues! Maybe, just maybe, instead of riding my bike outside everyday with my friends, I should have seen a math tutor I can just see it now! Prized pupil by the age of 10 and owning my own company by 17.

Still I have problems with everyday math. If I'm baking especially, I have to ask Michael certain fractions on how much to measure. Or check my bank accounts and ask about certain percentages. But, if I'm going shopping and something is on sale, you bet I can figure that one out!

My poor child is in for it when he's older. If daddy isn't home to help with his math homework, then I sure hope the kid figures it out on him own. Maybe him and I should go see the same math tutor together! No home school for us.

At least there is plenty of time for me to brush up on my math skills before Davis is in school!


Jenn said...

Oh ... me + math = FAIL. Same story here!
By the way, I gave you an award - Versatile Blogger:

(Florida) Girl said...

Aw. What a sweet story. And think the nurse would have suspected something.

I had a daydreaming problem back then. I probably still do.