Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love The Terrible Two's

Being a parent is a skill of strength. It is also a good comedy act that requires improvisation tactics that you may not know you had. If you can act like a good parent, and seem like you know what the hell you're doing, then just go with it. Nod and smile, people. Nod and smile. Just don't let the little one in on your secret and you should have a little more time to kill. Once things are smooth sailing for just a little big, BAM! That boat has sunk and you are on a new ride. Where this ship is taking you, you have yet to find out. It may be a pretty calm ride, or you may just want to yell, 'MAN OVERBOARD' as you fling yourself off! Now being a parent of a toddler requires all different skill levels as this is a whole new territory. I for one, am not the most patient person on this earth, so I must up my skill levels. You are now creeping into, oh crap, what the heck just happened here, territory? If there was a rewind button to get that sweet little baby back, I'd be pressing it with full force. Seeing as how the Man upstairs decided against this, we have no choice but to trek on through this fun little game. Talk about a test in itself!

I, myself, am now smack dab in the middle of the 'NO' phase. At first, it is so cute that your child has learned a new word. Gosh, you're proud of him. Isn't he becoming so smart? You show this new skill off (for a day) then beg for it to stop. Then the days go on and the weeks pass by, and everything, I mean everything, is NO! Do you want breakfast? NO! Do you want to go outside? NO! Do you want to keep being the spawn of satan? NO! (Well at least that one was good!) Do you want to keep saying no? NO! You're awesome, kid! Keep up the good work. So now I wonder, maybe instead of every single time I have said no to him, I should have come up with another word? Maybe use the word yikes?!? At least every five seconds he would be screaming YIKES! and it wouldn't be so piercing to the ears.

So, I leave you with this. My son loves to say NO so much, that he is now saying it to his toys. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this phase?

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