Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pregnant in the Summer

For everyone that is, or has been pregnant in the summer, you know how annoying it can be when people sit there and tell you how sorry they are for you. Thank you for the concern, but reminding me again that I live in Texas and it's really hot, doesn't really help the situation. I actually had a woman at the gym yesterday say, "Gee, you really picked a great time to be pregnant. Right in the dead center of summer." Yes, that's right. Michael and I actually sat down with a calander and chose when we were going to conceive this baby. I also had someone look at me and say, "Wow! Well...better you than me!" Nod and smile, nod and smile. Thank you. So, I've been thinking and even though, yes, I realize it's hotter than the desert, I think I would actually prefer being pregnant in the summer than in the winter. It's probably a mind thing at this point, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do! So, while I've only come up with a few things, it's better than nothing!

It's SO WONDERFUL (haha) to be pregnant in summer because:
1. Ice cream! Mmmmmm: I've actually had a few Andy's cravings (it's a 50's style frozen custard place here) and thought I was going to kill if I didn't get it. If there was no Andy's, I would have to go to Marble Slab.

2. We won't go into labor and have to get to the hospital during an ice storm. Come on, that would suck! Not like Texas has ice storms...but still!

3. We get to wear sandals or go barefoot when tying shoes will be impossible! I don't even think I can reach my feet anymore. Like I said, are they even still there?!?

4. No maternity coats and no big sweaters. Why try to fit that big belly in more clothes and make us feel even bigger? UG!

5. We get to spend time at the pool and the water will help our aching backs against the weight of our bellies. This has seriously been a lifesaver!

6. Cute (as cute as pregnancy dresses can be) summer sun dresses! Less clothes that are free flowing, the better. Can't do that in winter!

Like I said, it's not a long list, but I think it's more of a mind thing. I just want to tell people that yes, I actually have A.C. in my house, so it's really not all that bad. Trust me, I don't sit outside in the heat all day! :)


Lisa said...

I agree with you 100%! The other thing I've loved - fresh fruit! I crave ice cream, too, but also any kind of fresh berries that are out. And flip flops are a life saver - no hands required :)

BTW, you look adorable in the swimsuit pic!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I'm there with you! I'm 30 weeks right now and this has been the hottest summer on record for the NW. We got to 108 the other day and 10 days of 94+. I am loving the ice cream, lack of clothes, swimming and fruit too. Plus, it's the only time we can wear fitting clothes and show off this belly, sweaters and hoodies just wouldn't be the same! Yay for your list!

Jenn said...

People say the dumbest things to pregnant women! I like your list and it is true. I was really pregnant in the winter and hated putting on sweaters, trying to find slip on shoes, etc. It also snows here so the day we went to the hospital, it was snowing and then on my 3rd day in the hospital there was a snow storm and we got 2 feet and I was trapped at the hospital and my husband got trapped at home for a day. So, it's no picnic being pregnant in the winter either! And I went and got pregnant for another winter baby! :)

Lea Liz said...

I wa spregnant last summe rbut just a couple motnhs along and I loved it!! I was able to war sun dresses, my bathing suit, and flip flops and it was great! I was huge in the winter and it was no fun! You felt bigger becasue of winter clothes, I didn't even wear a coat.. and you're right I really would have loved the pool at about 30 weeks!!! Oh and it would have beens o much easier to throw on a big sundress at 8 months pregnant..haha

Annie said...

good attitude! I had Blake in December, in Michigan! We had to take him home in a BLIZZARD! It was a bit scary..and then we couldnt leave the house for about 2 months b/c it was SO cold....

New Mommy!!! said...

We had our first on March 29, 2009 I had a wonderful pregnancy and loved every minute of it! Pregnancy and children are truly amazing miracles! Everyone kept saying how I picked such a nice time to be 9 months pregnant( wasn't summer-as at the start of my pregnancy in July and August and September last year) and it did happen that I had a wonderful pregnancy, but i would have loved it during any time period! At the end of our pregnancy, I actually started seeing the new summer maternity line at stores and actually wished that I was going to be pregnant during the summer bc of the adorable little sundresses. And swimsuits, flip flops, and pools, would be nice. I ate ice cream and yogurt my whole pregnancy anyway, but would have been fun in summer too-Custard is nice! I hope one of my next pregnancies falls in the summer. Just nod and smile. You will hear a lot of things from a lot of people, as I'm sure you know, during the whole course of your pregnancy, and it continues after your child is born! But, it's just mothers trying to share their wisdom and re-living their own pregnancies, which I'm sure we will all do in the years ahead.:)

Samantha said...

Just found your blog-love it! Congrats on your beautiful son!! I am due in 5 weeks with my first baby (a boy), and I completely agree with your reasons why it's been good to be pregnant in the summer-ice cream and floating (no more swimming:) in water has been awesome!!