Thursday, December 31, 2009

Look At 2009....

It's over already? I swear, this year has flown by, but I think I say that every year. Does that mean I'm getting old? Wait, don't answer that! This year has truly been a blessing having our wonderful little Davis. He is my everything. I never knew love until we had him. My heart truly feels like it's melting when I hold him at times. It is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Then he smiles his goofy little smile and I think I may tear up. How did I become so emotional? IT couldn't still be the hormones, could it? Wait, don't answer that either.

April 28,2009 was when we had the exciting news that we were having a boy!! I started balling right then and there at the hospital. I really think people thought we just experienced a death in the family or something! We went immediately to buy his take home outfit....that he was just now able to fit into!

In May, we went to the American Heart Association-Great Gatsby event. It was sooo much fun. And yes, I showed my growing baby bump!

Also in May, we went on our Babymoon! Our last trip together before the bambino was born. Nothing too extravagant..since we did just get back from Italy, but we wanted to do something!

July-I thought maybe I would somewhat reach maximum weight. Otherwise, I thought I may burst! Thank goodness it was summer so I could just sit in the pool at all times!

August!! He's here!
Since then, things have flown by even faster. We were our normal, goofy selves and dressed up for Halloween this year. Can't help it!! The kid had three costumes so we had to do something! And no, I didn't buy them all. We had Thanksgiving here at our house again this year. It was so different, but in a good way, having Davis here. He was so good! Christmas has come and gone, and now here we are at the end of the year again! This was just little bits and pieces of mine, but the only thing that mattered was I had my son. I feel so, truly blessed.

Have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Danielle said...

Children do make for a wonderful year. Happy New Years!!