Friday, February 26, 2010

Baby, Oh Baby: The View

Let's talk about sex, baby. Okay, not really. But you can relate almost all topics this week on 'The View' to sex...somehow! Let's just start off with the cast from Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore cast . Pictures, Images and Photos

In all honesty, I thought they would get ripped into harder than they actually did. Joyce, on the other hand, can not relate, nor can she stand the cast of Jersey Shore. She relates "people like them" to people of her childhood. She also feels like they give Italians a bad reputation and portrays them as people they are not. She did however, have some funny/interesting questions for them. To Snooki, (yes, you read that right) "When did you know or believe that you were famous? Snooki's reply: "Oh, at birth." Um...really? Did I hear that correctly? That's right. Her hairdo has somehow gotten her her 15 minutes of fame and she is running with it. Joyce also asked the cast if they used condoms. That one threw everyone for a loop and I think caught the cast off guard. Also, "Do you have a backup plan?" Mike, aka "The Situation" has said he will enjoy his reality tv until his limelight runs out. Until then, he will attempt a career in acting. Okay, let's getting something straight. Just because you are in a reality tv show doesn't mean you have skills in acting. Lord, people! The Jersey Shore cast will be taking over, but somewhere new this time. It will still have the same name, although they will no longer actually be at the Jersey Shore?!
On to Nadya 'Octomom' Suleman. I have to say, watching this segment gave me a serious headache and I felt ill. That woman is seriously off her rocker. Yes, loony bin. Speaking which, she stated that she used to work in a mental institution. Need I elaborate? She was so all over the place and could not answer ONE of the questions that she was being asked. Joyce actually asked her if she was on drugs. She told the cast of 'The View' losing all the baby weight was important to her and she did not do this to be in the media. She also said she did not have any type of plastic surgery to help her lose the weight either. She has 14 children! There is no way that she looks that good and hasn't had some sort of help. She also continued to say that if she met someone in the future, she would have one or two more children with him. No comment. People have such a problem with Nadya because she does not work, and lives off support mostly from her parents. With 14 children, she also says she does not have a nanny, but then later in the show says she does have a nanny that helps her out a few hours a day. It was over the top frustrating since she couldn't get her stories straight. Bottom line: The real questions need to be asked and answered truthfully by Nadya. There is so much evidence of her wrongdoing. Nadya herself has proven she is a pathological liar. In many interviews by Nadya she has said:
No plastic surgery. Medical experts have said otherwise.
Doesn't watch t.v., but says she loves 'The View'.
Doesn't wear makeup. Proof is on film.
Eats healthy. Proof is on video of her at Jackinthebox, Mcdonalds, Starbucks, etc.
No welfare. She had those kids on Medi-Cal, Wic, Food Stamps. Bottom line she was not prepared financially to bring 6 let alone 8 kids into her home.
Used leftover eggs. Medical board found she wanted fresh eggs each time and has a stockpile of eggs in storage.
Last, but not least, the discussion on the very saddening topic, 'Infertility.' The topic of today was all infertility for men and women. Infertility is defined from a year of trying to have a baby. Twenty percent of couples are infertile. At the age of 30, 90% of a woman's eggs are gone.
Causes for infertility:
•Blocked fallopian tubes
Did you realize the cost for treatments? I knew they were expensive, but actually never sat and thought about the actual dollar amount. The average cost for Invitro Fertilization is $12,400. That is just one treatment, which unfortunately, is not covered by insurance. (Some companies do cover) Giuliana and Bill Rancic were the guests discussing their issues with infertility. They discussed that they have been trying for 2 1/2 years and did not for see them having any issues with having a baby. One of the last things that Guiliana said was her doctor did tell her in order for her to ovulate regularly, she would have to gain about 5 to 10 pounds. Whoppi looked at her and said, "You would think if you wanted a baby bad enough, this wouldn't be a problem." Guiliana went on to say that she knows she is being selfish and that it is hard with her career in the media. That's when Whoppi replied, telling her maybe it just isn't the right time for her. You could tell on Guiliana's face she was in total shock. She was arguing the fact that her stylist brings her only clothing in small sample sizes and her sister was skinny when she was pregnant. She did mention she is insecure, but being pregnant, you have to let those insecurities go. Do you want to have this beautiful, precious baby, or not?
Now then, this completes my somewhat harsh, but truthful week in review...for 'The View.'
Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: "I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review."


Caroline said...

Yeah....I'm too selfish. I was so pissed when I gained weight when I was pregnant! Lol..

Annie said...

woah....quite the lineup on the View this week I see. I can't watch it b/c I am at work...but I am suprised to see that they had the cast of the Jersey Shore and Octomom on! ha

Lindsay Rudolph said...

I love reading your blog! Because your posts are so much fun to read and they brighten my day, I am passing on the Sunshine Blogger Award to you. Visit

to find out all the details! Congrats!

Marisa and John said...

Having children is all about sacrifice, and if it's too difficult for someone to sacrifice their figure for maybe a year...they definitely don't seem cut out for all of the other sacrifices that you end up making as parents.