Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Mama, please don't get me out. I love the baths.
Ahhhh.....what a life!


LMJ said...

aawwww...!! He is adorable!! Look at those eyes!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! I love that last picture of your little guy in the tub. :)

mom2three said...

Who Dat!! Love it!!!

The last tub pic is so cute, just chillaxin!

Annie said...

aww..what a cutie! He is getting so big!!

Pamela said...

I love how "bendy" he is!! My little guy loves his baths too!

Danielle said...

He sure does like baths. How nice. Lauryn does not.


Chelle said...

Such a cutie! I adore his big eyes! Awww!

Madelyn LOVES her baths! Isabella does, too--that definitely makes bathtime an enjoyable time :)


Kat @ said...

OH I JUST LOVE the one of him on his Belly! His eyes and face are gorgeous!

I've been to your site before, but was just passed the Blog award that you gave to Crystal at BalancedMoms! Had to visit!

The vision of you with your Red Wine is MY LIFE!! But, I'm holding 4 kids. Ugh.

Cheers! Kat

~ Noelle said...

Love your blog... Going to follow you! GEAUX SAINTS!!!!

~ Noelle said...

Me again!
Bet you are super happy about the win!!!!
You have an award on my blog!

Robyn{Lee} said...

Oh my... What a beautiful baby! :)