Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year. New You!

Resolutions for 2011

**In no particular order**

1. Lose weight-yes. so typical, but I say it every year. What would a new year be without ME saying that? Now I am trying something different. I downloaded MyFitnessPal.
It's an application on the iPhone that tracks your calorie intake, calories burned, and exercises. It also keeps track of all nutrients for the day. If you happen to have this app, add me. We can do it together!
2. Learn to bake cupcakes from scratch. So once I lose this God awful weight, I'm just going to pack it right back on. Okay, moderation is key!!
3. Actually go to the moms groups that I have joined. Yes, in more than one. Since we have just moved, I don't know anyone in the area that we are living in. My friends are all close, but I would still like to meet new mom friends and have some little ones for Davis to play with.
4. Enroll Davis in Gymboree or something similar. There are also toddler classes at the gym I want to check out for him.
5. Attempt to have dinner cooked and ready when Michael comes home at least three times a week.
6. Be a better wife. Try to be more patient with him as I know he busts his hump working so hard for us. With his new job and the stress he endures, and I know it's not easy on him.
7. Kick butt with Stella & Dot this year!! I am still having my online trunk show going if there are items you are interested in!
8. I would love for Sundays to be family day. Whether that means just us three, dinner with one of my parents, or sisters. Cooking, relaxing, and having fun with each other.
9. Spend less money. Holy cannoli! Did I really type that? Ugg!! :)
10. Relax and enjoy life! Doing my best to breathe and know that I am beyond blessed in this life and have my wonderful family and friends to thank for it!


I'm just the MOM said...

I'm on fitness pal too1 I'm mommybeautiful.
Homemade cupcakes...*drool*

sara said...

Those are all good ones.

Pie was in an 8 week music class and LOVED it...I've got to find something else for her to do!

LisaDay said...

So perhaps losing weight will be easier than No. 9. Good luck with all your goals.