Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slowly But Surely..

We are IN the house!! After almost three not so fun months in the hotel, we are finally here! Now, who is going to unpack the boxes? Any takers? Fine, don't blame you!
I've been going nonstop, trying to get everything in order as if I am nesting. When I ever move, I never stop. It's rather annoying, even to myself!
I at least have Davis' room together. Now all I need is new decor, drapes, etc. But he is so excited to be back in his old bed and out of the pack-n-play! He recognizes his old toys and his face lights up!

He throws his blanket out and then wonders how that happened!

Similar to the old room, but a teeny bit bigger. You really can't tell here.

Just need to get it fixed up and it will be so cute!!

**I don't have Internet yet, so bare with me :)

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Heather@WHMB said...

I feel ya girlie! We moved in October last year and it was crazytown. I had my 2 year old and 4 month old and was NONSTOP. But, it was so worth it, we're back to normal and finally breathing. Good luck!!!

Jamie said...

I love unpacking so much! I'd come and do it for you (but then you'd have to deal with me putting your glasses where *I* think they should go). Enjoy your new home!

Nessa said...

hooray for being out of the hotel!

Rachel said...

But he doesn't have his awesome Winnie the Pooh mural painted by his Auntie Rachel :( Too bad you couldn't take the wall with you! I'm glad you are finally in the house, though.

LisaDay said...

The room looks huge. Congrats for finally coming home.