Tuesday, May 24, 2011

21 Month Update

21 months! You know what that means....Davis is almost the big 2. But seeing as how I'm sure you can do simple math, you knew this already. Things have been exciting in our household lately and I don't mean all "YAY" exciting. Living with a pretoddler is like living on a roller coaster. One minute he is in an amazing mood and all is good in the world. The next, we are down low again and I swear I'm never having more children. Then, with in a span of .5 seconds, we are up and I'm decorating my baby girl's room. Because of course I'm going to have a baby girl next! Of course things aren't that drastic here, but of course it feels that way at times.

Just a few updates. I have really loved being able to look back on these and see what he was doing when!

Sleep: is great!! Davis is such a wonderful sleeper. He wakes up at 8am, takes a nap from 2-5, and is in bed no later than 8pm. And all is good in the world again! He has been sleeping more than that lately, and think he may be going through a growth spurt.

Food: Still...what does this child NOT eat. He is on a massive cottage cheese kick right now. I may have to buy the economy size at Sam's just to be able to keep some in the house. He also love V8 right now. I can't keep my glass full without him grabbing to drink it. He loves the stuff! Overall, Davis eats like a grown man, so this should be fun. He did go through a few days last week where he didn't eat lunch and the nurse said this was normal. I tried to explain to her it's not, you don't know my son!! Then he inhaled his food again and we were back.

Playing: Davis is getting better and better at having alone playtime. If there are balls, books, trucks/cars in the room, he'll play for long periods of time and not really care who is around. His favorite is still being outside. He loves it and can simply not get enough of being outdoors.

Talking: My child is stubborn like me....BAD! So he has always done what he is supposed to, when he's ready. He'll spit out five new words in a day and then decide he doesn't want to use them for a few days. However, his vocabulary is getting bigger and better, and it's wonderful watching him learn and grow! Everything is Uh oh right now. He walks into the kitchen and sees me eating his goldfish. Arm extended and says,'uh oh!' It is so cute!

Mannerisms: Davis has a temper like me so this should be really fun! He has started 'fake smiling' as I call it and will scowl on command, then make his 'excited' face with his mouth wide open. This child cracks me up! He also waves at every car and trunk. And I mean EVERY car and truck. Even if we are in the car, he waves at the cars. I wish I could get it on video and show him when he's older!

Potty Training: Mama is still reading up on this one. I bought the training toilet and have sat him on there a few times and that's about it. He screams bloody murder, but I'm hoping he'll get used to the fact that he will be using it soon. For me, potty training isn't something I want to rush as I don't want to be doing it that much longer. So we are going to take the slow approach, start now, and maybe by the time he's 15 he'll pee in the potty.

These are a few things that stick out to me right now. Davis is getting so big and so much fun to play with. It's even entertaining for me to watch him interact with things and learn on his own.

Love you Davis!!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Annie said...

Happy 21 months Davis!! Cant believe that he is almost 2!!