Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clunkity, Clunk, Clunk!

My First Clunker...I Mean Car!

Now, anyone is very lucky to be getting a car when they first get their liscense. You just take what you get and learn to live with it. Because face it. The alternative is not having a car, or working at Arby's until you slice so much beef that you're 20 before you can actually pay for a car. Yes, I was working at Arby's! My first car was a 1994 sky blue Toyota Camry. While this seems like a great first car to have, this car had been through the wringer. By the time I had gotten the car, it had been driven and ragged out by 3 other people in my family. Still drivable and fine! Right?? Well, sort of. When I got this beauty of a gem, it had already had 2..count them...2 engines. I know you are asking why we didn't just get a new car? People, that is much to easy. Why not live to the motto that Toyotas last forever! If you make them last forever, that is.

Two engines later, and I had my first car. The outside of the car was a sky blue color, but so was the inside. Blue. Everywhere! Even the knobs for the AC and radio. It was so very classy. But my car was unlike other special cars. I had to keep a wrench in my car daily. Not for protection to whack someone on the head if they were trying to steal this amazing found car, but to get my AC to work. You see, all of the knobs had fallen off and some were missing at this point. The only way to get the AC to work was put the wrench in where the knobs go. Hey, it got the job done. Another awesome thing about this awesome car was one of the back windows. It had a keen sense of when it was about to rain and would decide not to stay up. If the weather was beautiful, go figure it would stay up on it's own. Having a back seat full of people getting soaked when the weather was awful, was not always a great thing. I can't understand why people didn't want to ride with me that often.

And last but I'm sure not least, the engine delima. On my way to see the love of my life, (because I was a teenager...of course we were determined to get married! haha) my car goes kaput! The engine went out for the time! In the middle of the road. With traffic. I called this love of my life and said, 'hey! I'm going to be a little late. I'm with the cops right now and they are helping me with the car.' You're what? Huh? So I go on to explain I am right down the street and will be pushed by a cop car to his house.

And that is how I roll, people!!

RIP old chum. You lived a good life.


Andie said...

The love of your life didn't come get you? Well at least you arrived with an official police escort!

Diane said...

My first ride was a 1984 blue Mazda (about the same color as yours) and it finally died for good my last year of college but not before leaving me on the side of the road numerous times. I don't think I ever got a push from a police officer though!

Jessica said...

Wow, that's quite a lot to deal with on a first car. Hope you never lost that wrench when it was hot outside.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Your car took at lot of love and work to keep moving.

Rachel said...

After all that, I still had to drive that car AFTER you did. Let's not forget that when I had it, the driver door got stuck and I had to get out on the passenger side. Yeah, that's really awesome when you are in high school. I can't believe you actually have a picture of that thing! Ha ha ha! I'm trying not to laugh in the middle of Starbucks right now!