Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writers Workshop:Parenting Pet Peeves

4.) Name a pet peeve you have about how other parents raise their kids

You know those parents. You see them, you may know them, or you know of them. Some things they do just makes you want to cringe and think to yourself, what in the hell are they thinking?! Those people you feel like may need a few extra parenting classes because obviously they could use some coaching.

Take bedtime for example. In some households, it is nonexistent. How can this be? The parents are walking zombies and don't understand why the kids are so darn fussy all of the time. No, the later you keep your baby up at night does not mean that they will sleep in later. In fact, it is the exact opposite. That could possibly be the reason why your child is waking up at 4am screaming. Or, the, "My child just doesn't take naps." Hmm...that's interesting. Did your child decide this or did you decide this? Did they actually tell you this and you thought that was actually a great idea? I'm pretty sure any parent would want their child to take a nap. Maybe, just maybe, you didn't put your child on any type of routine so they are not disciplined. Your child should get up when you tell them to. Otherwise, put a book in the bed and let them look at it. Then there is the, "no, my baby just screams." I'm no barbarian, but let the child scream a little. Don't you get tired after you are crying? Exactly.

Then we have the picky eater. No, Suzy Q only eats goldfish. Is that really all you're feeding your child? Toss those goldfish crack of crackers in the trash! At 2 years old, you should not have a picky eater. Come, on. Maybe not like shrimp, or not want a chef salad, but your child will eat what they see you eat. Feed them broccoli as some of their first food and they will eat whole broccoli later.

And what happened to discipline? You're just trying to go grocery shopping and escape your own kids, when the devils lair is in your aisle. Seriously people? Grocery stores need a kids zone! You try to leave the soup aisle as fast as you can, but Little Johnny throws himself in front of your cart, screaming how he wants meatballs in his spaghetti o's. If this were my kid, we would have had a little talk and he would not be getting any spaghetti o's. What does this parent do? Okay, sweetie. How many cans would you like? At this point, you just want to run Little Johnny over with your cart and give the mom a, 'are you freaking kidding me,' look. But a can comes hurling your way because it is the wrong brand. It's okay because the mom tells you her son is very tired today. Hmmm... Parents, we make the rules! Not the kids!

What's with the counting?? Hasn't your kid gotten the idea by now that when you throw in a 3.5, you're not really being serious? Are you going to count backwards now?

With that being said, go be a bad mama jama!

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Nessa said...

hilarious... love the spagettios child because I think he hit me the last time I was shopping.