Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Night Out With Auntie Em!

Emilee had date night with my sister. She watched him and I went to visit my friend in East Texas. The word love doesn't begin to describe how crazy they both are about each other. Davis lights up as soon as he sees her walk in the door. And she is all about that kid. It just melts my heart. Has to be the cutest thing ever.

Why can't he wake up like this all the time? Precious.

Gatti Town! Davis loves pizza as much as I do. Definitely my kid!

Baby bowler! Watch out, now!

And he's out of there!! I would say she wore him out....and had a BLAST!!


LisaDay said...

Family is a wonderful thing.


(Florida) Girl said...

By the looks of this last photo I would say it was a successful mission. How fun.

sara said...

So sweet. Love the baby bowler!

Mama Hen said...

Great pictures and what fun! Aunties are the best! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Kristy said...

Very good auntie!