Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Baby? Gone!

It seems as if we are entering the terrible two phase, without yet being at the two's. How in the world did this happen so soon? And what I would like to know, is what demon force decided to take over my sweet little man? As soon as I wake Davis up in the morning, I proceed with caution. I creep over to his crib with a huge smile on my face, hoping for the best, but ready for the worst. Sometimes, I am lucky however, and get the overly excited, jumping baby who is so thrilled to see me. Almost as if a sigh of relief that I didn't forget to get him out of his crib. Then there are the other mornings. You creep in, and the turn for the worst happens. Terror screams. Sounds so loud, you wonder how a little thing so small can make such a loud boisterous noise. At this point, you brace yourself knowing this is the start to an awesome day.

These my friend, are the roller coaster days. Talk about wishing there was a manual that came into play. Can I please look up the chapter for erratic and uncontrollable behavior for a 21 month old, please? Lately, I have also begun to call Davis, 'bipolar baby.' I think that a Sunday morning comic named this would be perfect. One minute we are playing, rolling the ball back and forth, big smiles. And then SCREAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM!!!! What in the? What happened? I have recently implemented time out and some times this works, sometimes it seems pointless. When situations arise where there is absoutely nothing I can do to please this child, I have to other choice then to say, 'work it out buddy.' That's my way of saying I am going to attempt to ignore you right now. Let me know when you are done with your tantrum. I keep having people tell me that the three's are the worst and I wonder how anything can be worse than this? The-I'm so mad at you I'm going to throw my food across the room, after I smack in the face, then give you a kiss because I know I messed up, the scream on the floor phase?

Let the good times roll, people. This is when I say the serenity prayer....a lot. And of course a little wine doesn't hurt, either.


Kristen said...

We are right there with you and we're only at 20 MONTHS! I can't imagine it gets worse...although I'm sure it will.

Mama Hen said...

It can be hard when we do not know how our little ones will act or why at times. Is it a new tooth? Are they getting sick? Are they hungry? At times we just do not know. I am learning that there are different phases our little ones go through. Hang in there! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Heather said...

Ugh!!! I totally hear you!!! Like for instance, we set up the kiddie pool in our backyard for Babygirl. She asked to get in the pool, so we changed her into her bathing suit. Something clicked when we were getting her into her suit b/c the demon child came out in her. Screaming fits and "NO!" for everything we said/asked, even the pool that SHE JUST ASKED FOR!! I just let her be, got in the kiddie pool myself, and about 3 minutes later I have a happy, giggly, still tear-stained baby girl with me in the pool. Really, child? Really??? lol I wish you the best, this too shall pass, right?