Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tacky Sweater-Not Wordless Wednesday

Last night was a tacky sweater party, cookie exchange contest. I do not own a beyond awful tacky sweater, and I'm pretty sure (well, here's to hoping) that my mom got rid of her shoulder padded, librarian Christmas tree awesomeness of a sweater. (Don't worry, mom. Some are still okay...as long as they aren't flashing!) I didn't have time to go to thrift stores or anything, so I had to makeshift a sweater.

Now, I know what you're thinking! Where can I get amazing earrings like that? Grab some off your tree and no one will know. Okay, a few will know. Some girls actually thought they were store bought earrings. With ornament hooks on them??? Well, they worked! I wrapped Christmas tree ribbon in my hair and was rocking!!! Heck, yes, people! My sweater was a little bare, but hey, last minute. The toy solider scares me with his eyes rolling in the back of his head, and thought that would be perfect. I also added a beautiful wooden rocking horse, probably dating back to the late '70s. Sadly, I didn't have any more safety pins, or I would have been covered and gone overboard! It would have been awesome!!

I also had the pleasure of being a cookie judge. Now, this is hard work, people. When there are 12 different kinds of cookies and only a little room in your stomach after your have already picked at every food there, this can be a challenge. Not to mention some of the cookies scared me by appearance, so they weren't even entered. I do have to say that I took a bite of a few, and had to slyly spit them out in a napkin when no one was looking. Some sort of cheese biscuit with raisin concoction was not flying with me. Where do you even come up with that, anyway?! So, I'm stuffed and merry at the end of the night.

At the end of the night, I am left with two thoughts:
1. I now know what Ms. Piggy feels like. Please roll me out the door.
2. Am I going to have to get a tetanus shot for sticking ornaments in my ear? I think my head is starting to hurt!


Anonymous said...

You look soooo cute! I love love love cookie exchangesm execpt they make me fat! no fun!

Jamie said...

I love the earrings!

Nadine Hightower said...

Only if you're not current on your dptet!

Impulsive Addict said...

I actually love the creative idea with the earrings. I've always wanted to attend a tacky sweater party but I've never been invited DANG IT! Hey...are you going to the blogger meet up in Tulsa next Monday? Just curious.

Anyway, I think you looked very pretty and not like Miss Piggy at all. What kind of cookie won the contest?

Thanks for linking up with us!! We appreciate you very much!

Stacie said...

OK, love the ornaments as earrings. And I don't have a tacky sweater either, but I think this is such a fun idea for a get together.

Anonymous said...

The ornament earrings are awesome!
All those cookies...yumm! That reminded me I need to start baking Christmas cookies.

Date Girl said...

bahhahahaha omg those ornaments ROCKED! You looked adorable in your outfit. I haven't been to an ugly christmas sweater party in forever. They're so fun!

missy. said...

that is awesome you used ornaments! i'll have to try that sometime.

Shawn said...

Your earrings scream awesome! I may have to steal that idea and pretend to be serious just to freak my girls out, I embarrass them all of the time!

Thanks for linking up, you're awesomesause!