Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa Came!

Being that it has been the holidays, this will be several days crammed into one post. But I'm sure you don't mind, so I'll cram away!
What are the holidays without being silly? Tis the season, to be be jolly, right?! So I bought Michael, Davis, and I matching pajamas. Yes, that's right. We all got footie pj's with the flap on the butt, and our names. Well, actually, they said- Mama Cortez, Dada Cortez, and Lil Britches.

Why do I have my jacket on, you say? I had to do some last minute grocery shopping! Of course! I only got about 20 funny looks, and it was pretty awesome! But never fear, I made Michael wear his to shine in public as well! It was sheer greatness!

I couldn't leave Santa left out, so I had to give him some love!

Nothing beats getting all dressed up and going to a Christmas party. I actually wish we had had more to go to. I do have more dresses to wear, people!

We had a lot of fun, ate too much, had some drinks, and still managed to go home before the sitter was supposed to leave. I'm so lame!
Davis was really excited to leave cookies out for Santa this year. I know he still didn't understand at all why he was leaving a plate of cookies out and he wasn't allowed to eat them. Maybe next year. But he did bring the plate like a big boy to the table and didn't ask any questions. I checked my pulse!

Davis was a little spoiled this year and I have to say, I was pretty excited about it. He has had no new toys to play with since everything is boxed up. So new 'big boy toys' are everywhere! This face just says it all!

He was screaming YAY over and over. Absolutely priceless!!

I hope everyone had an amazing and blessed Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I freakin love the PJ's, and i'm sooo glad you all had a great christmas!

Liberty said...

LOVE the PJ's! Those were too fabulous to only wear them within the walls of your house. I don't blame you for "having to go to the grocery store" {wink wink} in them. :))