Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogger Hiatus-Catch Up

I haven't been writing so much lately, I know. I think I'm taking a leave of absence. A sabbatical. A hiatus. Call it what you will, but no, I haven't been around too much. I am, however, getting used to being in Houston. I have to say that I love it here, but I HATE the freaking traffic. Where is everyone going all the time? At 1:45 today on my way to pick Davis up from school, I was in bumper to bumper. Needless to say I was flippin out, trying to detour my way to through cars.

Here's my RANDOM update....

YES! Davis started school last week! I think he's really enjoying it so far, but still taking a little getting used to.  They had an Easter Egg hunt today at his school and he was ready to conquer be nice and not take all of the eggs.
Is that not THE CUTEST little outfit, ever?? Thanks, Gigi!! Davis also got the BIGGEST Easter basket sent to us from 'Lita' the other day. Filled with new jammy's, puzzles, books, and snacks we all love. So a big thanks to 'Lita', too :)

On Easter Sunday, we went to a new church down the street, that we really, really loved. It was gorgeous to begin with! Everything was wonderful about it, and Davis enjoyed every minute of it. I think he thinks we are taking him to a musical story time and claps, and sings the whole time. When we are done singing, he yells, 'YAY!!!' When we about to pray, he yells (while looking at people) PRAY!!! It's by far the cutest thing ever. Love it! After mass, we went to a new favorite seafood place of mine for the Blues Sunday Brunch. Again, Davis loved it because there was live music. This boy needs to be signed up for music camp! While we were waiting for our food to be ready, the three of us danced next to band and had the best time. Go me for not getting any pictures of it. I think I should dress us up in the same clothes and recreate the moment next Sunday.

I was really excited about our little Easter Sunday! One, because it was the best and so much fun. And two, because it was the first holiday that we did on our own without any family. My goodness, I think we have a new tradition started for Easter. Mom, you should just come here next year :)

Michael and I also had date night last Friday to see Tosh.0. He's crazy, crass, and blunt as heck and I love him. My face hurt after about the first 10 minutes!

Our move in date ended up getting pushed after all. That's a HUGE BLAAAHHHHHHH! We won't be moving in until June, now.  As much as I'm ready to have my stuff back, be in a house, and feel like I can start my life and be organized, I guess it could be worse. We are in a great area, and the house is looking amazing! So while I'm ready, they can take a little more time if it's going to give me my absolute dream home. (But still, insert huge ughh!!)

I'm slowly starting to book appointments for my mobile tanning, and beyond excited about it. I went to an amazing women's networking lunch last week, and met so many fabulous women! I had such a great time, and booked many appointments from it. Maybe networking groups aren't all bad, after all!

That's it for now in a nutshell!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and has a great week!

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Shawn said...

Yo'uve been through a lot, take some time off but be sure to come back!

You certainly have a handsome little man in you hands, the girls need to watch out in a few years!