Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Closert...To Moving Time...Again :)

I went by the house last week, to see how the progress was going, and I have to say I was SO EXCITED! I pretty much did a giddy, crazy, happy dance, in the middle of the kitchen. No, I didn't care there was a bunch of men working in there. I just looked like a crazy chick that walked into a house and started dancing, to them.

When I got there, they were installing the front door. I had to take a picture, because this is Michael's dream door. Yes, his! :) Where the cardboard is, will be a giant panel of glass, to let as much light in as possible. it!
And here it is! Can't get much more southern style home than that. Once the shutters get put up, it will look amazing! Through the garage right there, goes straight out to the backyard. The garage also goes the length of the house, which was a selling point for Michael. I can only imagine what is going in there!
Entry way lights (I'm pretty excited about the lights because I had to pick them out when Michael wasn't in town, and crossed my fingers he would like them! Thank goodness we have the same taste!) That doorway is a powder bath.
This light fixture is still wrapped, but I still had to add it. I picked this light and pretty much said I don't care what else is put in the house. As long as I have it. It's amazing when you see it. I know, the plastic looks good (haha) but unwrapped is drool worthy!

And Oooooooooooh my kitchen! This is where I did my awesome happy dance! And no, I didn't care if a random man was in my picture. I just told him he was amazing and kept going. The cabinets at the very top will have glass, which is perfect. Because how can I show off my 1920's cookbooks without glass cabinets? They knew I was coming. I picked all the lights to go with the period of my house, which is my favorite, so I have to say....THIS IS MY DREAM HOME!!
Note to Michael: If you move again, I am staying here. That is all.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Kimberly said...

What a cute house! Love the yellow. Good luck with the move.

myshelomitashop said...

congratulation for your new house...I just had my second cake decorating class and your house looks sooo damn delicious lol!