Monday, April 16, 2012

Potty Training, Trainer?

Potty training Davis has been a challenge, as I'm sure it is with just about any child. But now there is no training, there is just potty. We have come to a complete stand still in the potty training world, and I'm sure now that he'll be 6 before he decides it's his time again. When we moved to Houston, we were sure not to pack his little potty and have it ready to go. We set it in his bathroom, and went along as we had been. Davis was always extremely excited when he went, and would have to run across the room to show either myself or Michael his achievement. He was sitting no problem, going no problem, and even telling me when he had to go. Well, I guess I put a damper in things, and still not quite sure what happened over here. I bought Pull-Ups. Are Pull-Ups the dreaded Pull-Ups? Should you not buy these dang things? Because now I believe they are the devil. As soon as Davis saw a 'cars' figure on them, he got so excited, so of course I did, too. I was thinking, yes, we are going to conquer this potty training battle, and show it who's boss! Yes, I even explained they were 'big boy diapers' and he still had to tell me when he had to go. Nope, no go. As soon as he put those awful things one, we are back to the very beginning. And unlike what Fraulein Maria thinks, now the beginning is not a very good place to start.

I read recently there are lice cleaners. These people come over to your house, clean your child's head, clothes, toys, etc. and you don't have to worry about a thing. Now this has my wheels turning. Is there a potty training, trainer? Can Super Nanny come over for dinner and slide in tips for potty training?

Getting this child to even sit on the dang potty now is a stretch. He screams like he's being beaten. I even try and bribe with a treat, and that still doesn't work. Oh, me oh, my. What was even better was recently getting potty training advice from a young 20 something that doesn't even have kids. Wait. What the?!? Are you kidding me right now? No, no my child. Go back to the loud bars, and I'll go back to the loud toddler.

So, I'm pleading for help. Maybe begging for it. Groveling! Serenity, now! Surely this is a normal thing in little boys. Davis is as stubborn as they get, thanks to yours truly, so I hate to say I expect it. If anyone, (and yes, I'm being totally serious) has ANY advice for me, I would LOVE IT. The starting over again part, isn't working to well for me.
FYI, we move again to our house next month. Has anyone had experience with this setting children back?

Thanks, everyone! Have a wonderful day!


VandyJ said...

I am in potty training hell with my youngest right now too. He was doing fine with peeing, not so great with the pooping, but improving, then we went on vacation and Dad went out of town for a business trip--gone ten days. Potty training flew out the window. We are starting to get back to it, but it's a tough go.
I have no magic tricks, but wanted you to know you are not alone. Those crazy toddlers are stubborn, maniacal little people and I'm sure mine is out to drive me nuts.

Anonymous said...

I was in potty training hell for quite a while. My daughter refused to even sit on her potty. Finally I just started putting her in underwear and after 3 days of lots and lots of accidents, she finally decided to sit on her potty and go. Then I started using pull ups just for bed time until she told me she doesn't want them anymore.

The Dimino's said...

Brady is VERY hard headed and I thought he would go to high school in adult diapers!!! Our neighbor told me about the potty power dvd and it worked!!! I still can't believe how quickly he was potty trained!! After watching the video a few days he refused diapers and said he only wanted big boy underwear (even at night) I was scared to do it but I did and we have never looked back!! You can buy the dvd on amazon!!

Nessa Bixler said...

I think potty training might be worse than a up all night every two hours to feed a newborn. Seriously. Hang in there - I promise he won't be 6.

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I am going through the SAME THING. Pull ups are the devil. She slowly started only pottying in them. I've started over today with making her wear panties. So far, I've cleaned up 2 potty messes and spanked her butt because she knows better. I hate the poo messes. Those make me want to vomit. Luckily, none of those YET today. Pray for me and I'll pray for you.

Michele H. said...

Can totally relate! I think the pull-ups hinder more than help, but they help keep me sane until my little guy is really ready. The daycare teachers keep telling me he'll let us know when he's ready ... so I was beginning to think this idea was a load of 'poop.' But I think my man has turned the corner ... he's 27 months. He likes standing to pee and "do it himself." Now No. 2 training is another subject!