Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who Knew Rain Boots Were So Amazing!

That's right! Rain boots are the coolest thing on the block. Well, maybe just in our household today. I finally got Davis a pair today, for the rainy, yucky weather, and the puddles to splash in. I couldn't even get to the checkout line before Davis was gaga for them. He grabbed them in the cart and immediately put them on. Hey, whatever steers away from not screaming, right?! To make the image better, Davis had a cracker filled face, crazy messy hair, and was carrying his monkey lunch box. Why he felt like he needed his rain boots on with his lunch box, I have no idea. Did I argue with him? Oh, hell no! Knock yourself out, kiddo!
"I do it, mama", he kept telling me. Off to the pool we went, rain boots and all. He would have worn them in the water if I let him. Watching him try to run in these huge boots was the cutest thing ever.

Today was a much needed, wonderful day with my little man. No tantrums, fits, or screaming. Oh, shoot. It's only 3:20. Hopefully I didn't jinx it!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

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