Monday, November 29, 2010

I Love The Holidays!!

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving this year with my best friends, mom, and her new boyfriend. It seems so weird to think that just one year ago, Davis was in his little swing, sitting next to the table while we ate. This year he got to enjoy his first Thanksgiving meal with us. It was so funny to see him indulge in all of the goodness that we made. And of course he devoured everything! I think that boy ate more than I did! Of course, I have no pictures to show you, so you will just have to take my word that we had a blast. I took a ton, I mean a ton, of pictures but of course my camera is at home. (We are still in the hotel) I may be late getting them up, but I'm sure that I will post them at some point. Obviously there was a lot of stuffing our faces, good talk, playing games, and crying. Fine. I was doing the crying! That's what I get for giving too much thanks at Thanksgiving and thinking my world was coming to an end since I will be leaving my friend. I'm special as I will only be an hour and a half away. You would think I was moving to Egypt or something!

Yesterday, we had a wonderful family day filled with holiday fun. In McKinney, where we are moving, they have Christmas festivities called 'A Dickens of a Christmas.' People dress up, sing carols, eat...more! There are great shops and wonderful places to eat. We had such a fun time yesterday. It is so great now that Davis is getting bigger, we can do so much more fun things with him.
I took this pictures getting ready to head out the door! He's all dressed and ready to go! Family photo opp!
Look how HUGE his feet look in the picture! Davis looks a little confused. Probably wondering who in the world that lady is calling his name, while trying to take his picture!

There was also a carousel, and I have to say I was so excited to ride it with Davis for the first time. I had a massive mom moment while going around and thought I was going to tear up. But holding Davis on that horse while it went up and down was giving me such an arm work out, I let my mom moment pass!

Since we were in the area, I had to do a drive by at our new house and was beyond excited to see that the 'SOLD' sign was in the front yard. Did I take a picture? You bet I did!!

It's not quite finished yet, but we may actually be closing on the 22nd! What a way to start a new year fresh! I couldn't be more excited. And I would love to get out of this hotel room....we aren't cramped or anything :)
Hope your turkey day was amazing!!


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

What a beautiful looking home.

Robyn Lee said...

Aw, your little boy is DARLING! :) Lovely new home too, congrats!