Monday, November 8, 2010

Oklahoma..where the sun...

This past weekend was wonderful along with eventful! I traveled (alone, mind you!) to visit my sister in Oklahoma. We had the whole weekend to hang out and she also had a trunk show for me. Since I just love cleaning so, so much (hence sarcasm) I helped her straighten up before people arrived. But as soon as I saw this baby, I couldn't help myself.

Yes, my friend! That is a jumbo lint roller. So technically it's to be used on your couch for animal hair, but I couldn't resist.

If only I worked that hard at home! I must say, the amazing giant roller worked wonders in the floor. Think it will fit in my stocking for Christmas?!?
Now for the fun part! Setting up all of my goodies. I put everything in different little areas this time to make use of space. Isn't it all so cute?

Okay, well I loved it!! We had such a great time. And of course the beautiful hostess!!

Afterwards, we went for dinner and drinks. I have to say that the manager of one of the places bought our drinks ( without us talking to him, mind you) so we felt pretty special. I did anyway!! Not like that happens often, so I have to embrace the moment. Oh, Michael would be so proud.

And if you are like me and like Irish pubs, then this is wonderful!

Mostly a mans beer heaven, but hey! I like my beer, too!!

That's my weekend in review. Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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Bri said...

Everything looked so beautiful! Dude, Emmy's apartment is nice! Jess you could out beer drink any man I know. Love ya

sara said...

Busy girl!!

That giant lint roller is awesome!

ty said...

I love the giant lint roller. Like ... LOVE.

Amiko said...

Hi Jessica thanks for stopping by on my blog, I am now your newest follower.

Together We Save said...

I love that giant lint roller!!

LisaDay said...

I hope the sale was a success and Davis was happy to get mommy back.


Sandra said...

Gotta get me one of those giant lint rollers!
The jewellery looked beautiful...what kind of hostess gift are we talking 'bout?...