Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Want To Bottle It UP!!

As I see Davis growing day by day, I can't help but just want to make time stop. My heart melts with his little giggles, smiles, and his chunky cute hands wrapped around my finger. I love going to wake Davis up in the morning and him being so happy, jumping up and down in his crib. Reaching his little arms out to me, waiting for me to hold him. Oh so cuddly in the morning, just wanting to curl up in my lap. Sometimes wishing I was still feeding him a bottle, just so I could hold him that much longer. The sound of baby talk and jibberish filling the house, loving every babble, coo, shriek and shrill. Watching him learn to walk, stumbling and falling, and determined to get it right. Wishing I could cradle him in my arms like a little baby forever. Loving that he lets me wrap him in his towel after bathtime, and carry him around like an infant. Looking forward to reading books with him before bedtime. Snuggling with him in my bed while he "reads" to me. His excitment when he sees Dexter and always just wants to play with him, pulling and tugging on his tail. Davis' love for the outdoors, wanting to play outside all day. His cute little wave is beyond adorable. The way he blows kisses, but pretty much stuffs his hand in his mouth. Knowing he needs me right now, that he counts on me. That right now I am super mom and his hero.

The more and more I watch him grow, it saddens me and excites me all at the same time. Pure and innocent with no care in the world. I just wish I could bottle this up and keep it forever. My sweet little baby. I just love him to pieces.


sara said...

How could you not love that sweet face?!

I'm having a lot of those same feelings with Pie lately. It's just going by too quickly!

Goodnight moon said...

Hello darling! I found you through SITS and am your newest follower;)

Isn't it sad how quickly the grow up and change on us? It is so sad!!!! I try and soak up all of my kids too! Before we know it, they will be teenagers....BLECK!

Kristy said...

I always say about my son, "He'll always be my baby!" Always!

Annie said...

OMGosh....that picture is great!! What a cutie!