Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finished Mural!!

Michael and I are sooo excited that Rachel was able to come and paint the mural in Davis' room. We are doing the theme Classic Winnie the Pooh, and she was more than happy, and kind, to come and paint for us! Didn't really even have to bribe :) I think it's so special that Aunt Rachel painted the nursery. We chose the picture, and went and got all the stuff. I'm sure she got tired of sitting in the room, watching her paint, but I couldn't help it. The girl amazes me, what can I say. I was joking around, saying that I'm going to have a picnic in the nursery now because I just love it so much! Thank you again with all my heart. We absolutely love it so much!


Toni said...

This is AMAZING! What a sweet, sweet mural! :)
Hi! Came here through the Baby Center August 2009 Birth Club :)

Jessica and Michael said...

Yeah! Thank you so much. I absolutely love it. She did such an amazing job :)

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful!