Wednesday, May 13, 2009

St. Francisville, Louisiana Babymoon

What is a babymoon? It's a great excuse to have a getaway weekend before the baby comes. It started getting popular a couple of years ago, but we took total advantage of it. We chose to go to St. Francisville, Louisiana and tour plantations. It was absolutely perfect and we got really lucky with the weather. (It was supposed to be awful!) On the way there, we stopped in Natitoches, where we had lunch and did some sight seeing. We had meat pies and crawfish pies. OOOH Child! Soooo good! This town is so cute, that I actually wanted to stay there. It's right on the river, and has the best strip of stores, restaraunt/bars, and bed & breakfasts. We got to stop and take pictures at the B&B where Steel Magnolias was filmed. This is one of my all time favorite movies, so this made my day!

When we pulled up to our B&B that we were staying in for the weekend, we fell in love. The entrance itself was just breathtaking, covered with huge hanging moss trees. We stayed at Butler Greenwood plantation, in the original kitchen built in 1894. I swear, it smelled like bacon in one of the rooms. It also had the original well next the jacuzzi tub, covered with plexi glass and lit up so you could see down in it. We ate, and ate, and ate some more while we were there, but had such an amazing time. I don't think I've been so relaxed in such a long time. In the mornings, we sat out on the back porch, drank our coffee, and watched the peacock and birds that were there.Sounds cheesy, but nice. We also visited Rosedown Planatation, which was the one I was really looking forward to seeing. It was originally on 3,500 acres of land. I want to move in! It's so big, maybe they won't notice! I'd even stay in the garden if I could.

Over all, we had such a wonderful time, and are already wanting to go back. It was great. Michael had a much deserving break from work and was able to relax and do nothing for once!


Marisa and John said...

Ummm you look AMAZING! I'm glad you guys had a fun trip. It looks like you had a great time.

Jessica and Michael said...

Thank you so much! Really! We had such an amazing time. We were sad to leave because it was so perfect and relaxing!! :)_