Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things you should never do/say to a pregnant woman!

I saw this today posted elsewhere and figured it was worth sharing:

1. How are you feeling?
I'm not sick, I'm pregnant.

2. Boy, it's sure gonna be hot in'll be miserable.
Gee...thanks. I didn't realize that it got hot in the middle of the summer. Luckily, we have these things called air conditioners in our homes, cars and offices, so I think I'm good. Additionally, we WANT this baby, and if we had to go through the hottest summer ever (with no a/c), as long as she's healthy, that's all that matters.

3. "You just wait"

4. Wow, you're gonna be HUGE.

5. Are you sure there's nothing wrong with the baby?
6. You shouldn't be exercising - it's very dangerous and could hurt the baby.
My doctor, you know...the one who went to medical school, is perfectly fine with my exercise regimen and actually encourages it. Things have clearly changed since YOU went to medical school. Oh...wait a DIDN'T go to medical school.

7. Don't touch the belly. Ever.
Under no circumstances, should you EVER touch a pregnant woman's stomach unless specifically invited to do so. This is a violation of personal space, not to mention incredibly RUDE. Just because there's a baby in there, does not make it public domain. I mean, my boobs got bigger also, do you want to touch them too?

The only people allowed to touch my stomach whenever they want are the guy who put the baby in there (that would be my husband) and the man who's taking her out (my doctor).

8. Don't give unsolicited opinions, suggestions or advice.
We don't care how you did things in 1973 (or whenever you raised your kids several decades ago). It wasn't a law to wear your seatbelts in the 70s nor was there a warning against smoking or drinking while pregnant back then. If we are interested, we will ask.


Marisa and John said...

Haha...that is so great. I think that this needs to be added to the list: When you complain about feeling a little uncomfortable and people say "Oh, it's only going to get worse". That KILLS me every time!

Jessica and Michael said...

Oh my goodness! No kidding! Or, wow, you're only 6're so big! Or the opposite..are you sure you're 6 months? You look so small! Really!?!

julie said...

That list is the exact list of questions I get asked on a daily joke.