Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9 Month Update...Serenity Now

Another month has zipped by me and I have never felt like my life has gone by this quickly before. Today Davis is 9 months old. Wow! Really, Wow!! Last week when we had his 9 month checkup, I had to schedule his 12 month checkup. Fine, whatever. But then I realized, holy crap! That's in 3 months! My sweet little baby is growing up and is just the cutest thing in the world. If I could hold him all day, I probably would. Granted if it's a screaming day, I'll gladly pass him off.

I am still making all of Davis' food and actually just bought a cookbook to try out new and different things. I felt like I kept making the same kinds of stuff over and over. I bet the poor little guy was getting quite bored. He looooves meat. I get an extra thick slice of deli meat and mix it in with carrots or squash. I think that boy will eat anything!

He loves saying 'dada' still all the time. He has learned to squeal and scream, and oddly enough I find this very cute. We were out of town last weekend and I said we were going home soon to see daddy. He just looked at me all excited and started saying 'dada' over and over. Of course when I call Michael to share it with him, he stops. Go figure!

Davis is still sleeping amazing. I am crossing my fingers that this continues because it gives me a much needed break. He takes a nap from 10-12 and then again from 2-4. Sometimes he takes a cat nap for about 45 minutes around 5:45. He loves sitting in his highchair while we eat dinner and tries to cram as many Cheerios in his mouth as possible. (Usually spitting most of them out) I feed him his last bottle around 7:30-7:45, read a book and he's off to sleep until 8am. HUBBY TIME!

However, I can't help but worry about my little guy a bit. The doctor said last week that he is slightly behind developmentally and of course I can't help but be a little sad. I asked if there was anything else I needed to be doing with him and he said no, but still! He is still doing the same crawling type of thing. Where is he moving around, but not crawling. He goes around in circles, goes backwards, to the side, not forward! He can't quite figure out how to stay on his knees. I try and do exercises with him, but he just fights me. His doctor said he isn't too worried about the not crawling thing because some babies just don't crawl. Okay, we are fine there. It's the not pulling up thing. Yes, that's right. My 9 month old son is refusing to pull up. If he's holding onto my arms or my hands, he's good to go. Side of the crib, forget about it! So I have been doing exercises with him on this too. I just keep trying to tell myself to be patient, but I am learning the whole patience thing over here. But I am his mom and can't help be worried the slightest bit. His muscle tone and everything is great, I just think my poor son may be stubborn like his mama and he'll do it when he's ready!

Next subject at nine months. Separation anxiety! Dear tiny baby Jesus, help me Lord! If I could just go scream in the backyard, I would. But then cops may show up at my door with the neighbors. If I could put Davis in the backyard to scream, I would. Then that may result in cops, neighbors, and CPS at my door. God forbid I have to use the restroom or take a shower. Some days he doesn't know that I have left the room. Others, I can't step one foot out of the doorway. Frustrating, much?!? I realize this is completely normal and that he will grow out of it. However, he does not mind if his daddy is home or I leave him at the gym nursery. He loves it there! Deep breath! This actually messed up his sleep about a week ago because he did not want me to leave his sight. (He is also getting another tooth in so it has been super duper fun times at our house!)

On another note, 95% of the time, Davis is golden. I have no problems and he is a very happy baby. On the bad days, if anyone asked me when I was having another child, I would tell them they are crazy! But he is my little love bug and I can't get enough of him. As crazy as it sounds, I actually miss him sometimes when he is sleeping! The joys of parenthood!


Jamie said...

I wouldn't worry about him not crawling, Dawson didn't crawl until like a week before his first birthday and then less than a month later he was walking. *lol*

He is so adorable!!!

*LLUVIA* said...

You know, my sister's son NEVER crawled. He went straight to walking. My other sister's daughter, though, she crawled a lot and didn't want until she was 16 months old!!!

Every time I go to the doctor Emma is always behind on something and I come home feeling horrible. She won't sit up unassisted. I'm praying the she gets doing that soon. She will sit for about a second and then slide to the side. She also doesn't lean on her feet yet. So no chance of her walking any time soon.

I figured, if he's (dr) not that worried about it, I won't either.

Lea Liz said...

He is so cute! Happy 9 months! Goes by so fast doesn't it? I think it is great you still make his food!!

I wouldn't worry about him developmentally because all babies do different things at different times!! I am sure he is fine, but all mommy's worry!

Sarah said...

It is so funny how all doctors say different things. Caleb is 9 months as well, he is army crawling and going in a circle but still not crawling. He has not quite mastered pulling up all the time yet. Still no pulling up in the crib. My doctor said he was right on track developmentally and that he will learn soon.

I know it is hard not to worry and hard to be patient, but Davis is just perfect and he will learn how to pull up soon enough, and then I am sure we will wish they had not.

Seperation Anxiety hit us hard at 9 months as well. He is slowly starting to come out of it, but some days are rougher than others.

Happy 9 months.

LisaDay said...

The last pic is fantastic. Don't worry about the development thing. My guy is almost 19 months and still prefers crawling to walking. They will do it when they are ready and they all catch up at the end.

And be thankful you have a sleeper. Wow.


Kristy said...

My gosh he sounds like the sweetest baby in the whole wide world! What a cutie pa-tooty. 9 months is lots of fun and so is 1 year. I love that age. I wouldn't worry too much about the crawling. Sounds like you're doing what you're supposed to to help and beyond that, babies kind of do their own thing anyway!

Adriana said...

Hi! Im new to your blog..stopping by from sits. i have a little guy too he is 7 months and his seperation anxiety is through the roof lately so i hear ya on the backyard screaming for sure!
i wouldnt stress the crawling thing... he will get moving whens he ready. people put far too much stock in hitting milestones right on time. babies go at their own pace.

Natalie said...

Just nodded through your whole post because my twins just turned 9 months yesterday and we are experiencing a lot of the same things!!

The girls just started crawling over the past couple of weeks. And oh, the separation anxiety is out of control with one of them.

Hang in there!

The Bartlett Family said...

He is seriously SO cute!! I just want to squish him! My daughter just turned 9 months 6 days ago.

He will do everything on his own time. Some babies are just so stubborn =)

Kerry Neville Bakken said...

What a cute baby! Thanks for the 9 mo update--it reminds me of when my kids (now 7 and 4) were that age. You forget so much so fast! Give him an abundance of kisses!

Stopping by from SITS


Daisygirl said...

The pictures as always are super adorable! Kids do things at their pace...it took me awhile to figure that out, I had an early crawler, an average and then one that never did, he was a late walker too.

9 months is such a fun age, you just wait until he is crawling and get into everything you will wish he was still your stationary babe!

Danielle said...

I was just telling a friend the other day that 9 months was my favorite age! Davis is such a cutie. Enjoy!

Regina and David said...

what cookbook did you buy and do you like it? I've recently discovered that the only baby food they sell here (Guatemala) is jarred fruits. No vegetables! I will have to make all of my own food for our baby. I am looking for a good baby food recipe book. Any suggestions would be great.