Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can Guys & Girls Be Friends..Vlog Off


Daisygirl said...

oh my gosh how cute are you!!!! I was so super surprised you linked happy;)

I like your answer and the more and more I think about it yes it depends on the 2 people involved. I so laughed at your vomit in your mouth comment...haha!

I think if you have a guy and a girl who have similar flirtatious personalities well then a "friendship" is probably not going to last long. Great answer and thanks for linking up!

Shannon said...

I agree...girl, you are too cute! Proud of you for vlogging, I just can't get up the courage to step in front of a camera! Hope you are enjoying your weekend. We've been home with GG for a few days, thankfully! Just loving spending some good ole' fashioned family time! Take care!