Monday, May 3, 2010

Change Isn't Always Good

It's that time again. Growth spurt time. I swear, a few days last week I was just ready to throw in the white towel and crawl in a hole. When Davis goes through a growth spurt, he goes through a growth spurt. To top it off, he was also experiencing separation anxiety with allergies to boot. It was fun times in our household. But wouldn't you know, but the time daddy gets home, he is a sweet angel. Michael with the look on his face like, 'whatever do you mean, Jessica? Not this precious baby!' Blah!

Davis is no fun to be around when it's growth spurt time. I am just glad that these don't happen often, because we would really try and find a way to have his room soundproof. (Can we still do that anyway?!?) He screams, and cries, and whines, and moans. And SCREAMS!!! Lord have mercy. Did I mention that he screams? I fed him an ounce more than normal and I probably would have fed him more than that, but that is all the bottle would squeeze in there. What in the world will we do when this child is a teenager? I think he'll be eating for family of five on his own, I'm sure. Feeding him a little more seemed to help some...for a few minutes, at least. I just feel so helpless and hate that there is nothing I can do to help him. I know he is in pain and I hate it for him. It breaks my heart when he gets like that. Along with me wanting to rip my hair out and scream right with him.

Along with his growth spurt, he was going through separation anxiety. I know not every child experiences this, but apparently I am just so blessed to have Davis go through it. Gee, is it just fun stuff, or what? I seriously couldn't leave the room for five seconds without him freaking out. It even disrupted his sleep, something I always brag to my family about. He woke up a few times screaming in terror and sounded so scared. I went in to his room and held him for a bit, trying to let him know that everything was okay. I'm here...I haven't left. Although the thought crossed my mind. He actually was okay. I spoke too soon. He's not okay. After I couldn't do anymore, I actually had to go sit in the garage in the car. This is as sound proof as it's going to get. I sat in there on the phone with my best friend, crying in tears that I wish there was something I could do. Now she doesn't even have children yet, and she managed to calm me down. She had to remind me that growth spurts can be so painful as she remembers having some when she was little. Her mom having to rub her legs while she would be crying at night. This actually made me feel better and I calmed down. I know there is nothing I can do, except give him more love and attention. I think it may be just as painful for me as it is for him.

Today is a new day and I think he is doing a lot better. We were away from him for one night this past weekend, and I swear the boy grew! He looks so much bigger to us now. He seems like he is much better spirits and to be feeling much better. Has anyone experienced the exciting separation anxiety? I felt like we went back in time and he had colic all over again. Fun stuff!


Shell said...

Hang in there, mama! At least these times don't last too long.

But, oh, they feel like forever when they are going on!

I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I'm soo sorry you are having a rough time. Just remember to stop and take a minute for yourself.

Daisygirl said...

Ummm ya growing sucks! I think my daughter was the worst during her growth spurts my boys not so much.

I laughed at your comment about when your hubby gets home and the baby then turns angelic all of a sudden...yep happens to me every day!!!

Juliana said...

Hang in there! I know it is will get better. I found you though Shell and am so upset that it took me this long to find you and follow you. I love your blog and I am looking forward to getting to know you better! You have one of the most beautiful headers in the blogosphere!

*LLUVIA* said...

I hate these! :(

And OMG!! That is so true about them being all sweet and cute and angelical when Daddy comes home!! I usually end up coming off as a whiner without a cause!

sanjeet said...

they feel like forever when they are going on!
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