Sunday, July 18, 2010

11 Months!!! Already?!?

I can't believe it. Really! Davis is 11 months old. Today!!! How is my life flying by so quickly. Can I just press the pause button for just a minute? I can't even begin to describe the feelings of just knowing we are going to be celebrating his birthday a month from now. I still feel like I was just pregnant, as if it were yesterday! Davis amazes me with every new thing he learns, does, and explores. Although, he is now starting to get into everything, so that's where wishing the pause button could take place. Gone are the days of being able to sit him in one place and know he couldn't go anywhere! Ha. Onto the baby gate time!

Eating: Everything! And I mean everything! He loves chicken, broccoli, and bananas. Those are still his favorites. This child slurps up pasta just like the scene from 'Lady and the Tramp.' He eats meatballs, couscous, fish, anything. You put it in front of him, it's gone! He hasn't really gained any weight. Which surprises me since he's a little heffer. I do think that he is stretching out, taking some of his little chunky rolls with him.

Sleeping: He's still sleeping good. Although, he now loves to jump around in his bed like a monkey, so it takes him about 30 minutes longer to actually fall asleep. He is all over the place. But he still sleeps 12 hours a night, so I'm not complaining. His naps are okay. His morning nap sometimes he will only sleep for an hour, but majority of the time, two. His afternoon nap varies. He has found that rolling in his bed and screaming out different noises is far more fun than actually sleeping. Who needs sleep anyway?!?

Movement: I knew it! I thought he had been crawling, when no one was looking and by God, I was right! That little stinker! We caught him on video and sure enough, there he goes. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and as soon as he saw me look at him, he stopped. Really?!? Like he's doing something bad! Cracked me up. But not now, that child is all over the place. We haven't really begun to child proof, but it'll be here soon. I've already started rearranging the frames and decor, but as far as cabinets go, we're getting there! He loves pulling up on anything and everything now, so no longer am I worried about that. He loves standing and walking when holding onto things now, too. Davis would much rather stand now than sit. If he had his way, he would take off swimming, walking, or running if he could. He is so full of energy!

Clothes: He is in need! He's wearing some 18 month clothes already! I dropped off bags full of his clothes to a consignment store, so I know I'll have an ongoing credit there to pick up new stuff for him. Not like he'll wear it for long anyway.

His new favorite toys are boxes, Tupperware, and balls. He actually does so good rolling the ball back and forth to us. It's so cute and keeps him entertained for a while. Davis always plays with Tupperware when we are cooking. Banging on anything he can find, and throwing around the Tupperware and spatulas. Most of the time, he's pretty easy to entertain. Most of the time.

We are still fighting the fun separation anxiety. Serenity now....still!! His ear infection is slowly going away, thank goodness. He loves that medicine though! Can babies be addicted at 11 months? Ha ha. You remember the bubble gum stuff? That's what he has! Plus he now has 4 teeth coming in at the same time. 4 teeth. Oh, yes. It's been fun times at our house!! So that will make for a total of 6 teeth.
No, you are not taking my spaghetti and meatballs!!! I don't share. I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

What? Seconds??? Okay, you can have some then!

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Kristy said...

Look at those big, beautiful eyes! Aww. I bet you are going to have fun planning his first birthday party!

*LLUVIA* said... adorable!!!!

Ican't believe how fast time went!! I was looking at Emma's newborn pictures yesterday!!! She has grown. She's not too chubby, but she is long. She is also wearing 18 months and I have the same movements worries you had. She is not crawling yet or even scooting. She stands, but that's about it. She jumps A LOT on that jumper!!! She loves that...but won't move forward or backward in her walker.

Dr told me that if she's not crawling by 12 months, she's going to physical therapy. :(

I hope she catches up! She's usually behind on her "milestones" I dn't lose hope just yet.

Debbi said...

He is such a cutie!! My son turned 11 months on the 16th, they're almost twins ;)I'm jealous Davis is sleeping 12 hours. I don't think I'll experience that. It must be nice. Don't you just love watching him doing all these "big boy" actvities. I die when my son rolls the ball and throws it for the dog. Too cute!!

Ashley said...

Kids eating spaghetti is such a classic photo. He has such charming eyes! What a cutie!

sara said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! You also gotta love anyone who shows spaghetti whose boss like that!

Annie said...

they sure do grow fast huh?!?!? he has the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes!!