Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Lot To Do-Day 2

Today's task is to write a list post. The purpose of a list post is to provide your readers with information that is easy to read and spread. This list post can be about anything!! Reasons why you hide in the bathroom from your family, ways you attempt to keep your sanity, or even what you did on your favorite vacation. Well, since my head is spinning a little out of control right now, I thought I would make a list of some things I have going on. This will be perfect right now, so that way I can SEE everything together. Deep breath. And out.


- I became an independent stylist with Stella & Dot and will be having my launch party this weekend
- Having the party, I am running around like crazy to make sure I have everything I need. My sponsor says to relax and have fun, so I am trying very hard to actually listen to her!
- I have several trunk shows next week that I am super excited (a little nervous) about
- Sending out invites
- Davis' birthday is next month and have been getting invites together for that
- I have reviews and giveaways lined up that I need to stay on top of
- I am attending a small business conference next month that I am really looking forward to
- Can't forget the 31 day challenge!
- I feel like there is so much more. This is why I am scattered!
- Life and diapers fit in there also. You can take the diapers though!


Lindsey said...

Fellow 31DBBB here. Nice site. The graphic on top is funny. :) I like the idea of Wordless Wednesday too. Very clever. What do you do for "The View" -- I saw the button and I used to be a big fan (before we cancelled cable!).

Amy said...

Good luck with all you are doing this month. Sounds busy and challenging.

Over from 31DBBB

Shell said...

You are a busy lady!

Sherri said...

Busy, busy, busy!! All good stuff....but still busy!

Good luck with the challenge!

Maureen said...

Sounds like you have your hands full :) Love your header picture!

Daisygirl said...

Im back from Vacay...did ya miss me???

I am always scattered and feel like there should be more than my scattered brain is remembering! I can't believe your babe is gonna be 1 already! 1st birthday parties are always the best though!

Nikki said...

Sounds busy but fun!!! And I love doing random posts like this. Sometimes you just need to get a ton of non related things off your chest and on to the computer and this is a perfect way to do it!!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

I'm tired just reading the list of reasons that you're tired! That's a lot to be focused on right now.

Hope you're enjoying the 31dbbb challenge. I am, even though it's taking me out of my comfort zone.

Christine said...

Good luck with all your ventures this month. Your sponsor is right... enjoy!