Monday, July 19, 2010

Elevator Pitch: 1st Assignment

I am participating in the Problogger challenge. 31 days to build a better blog. Am I in over my head?! Not like I have anything going on. Haha :)

So today is the first assignment. Write an elevator pitch! How can I describe my blog and what it's about in just a line or two. I thought on this for days. And days. And then a few more days. How can I incorporate baby and wine? Lord!

1) What is your short elevator pitch?

Embrace the chaos with a little vino.

2) Did completing this task change your blog, or change the way you think about your blog?

In a way. I know that most of what I write is about my life, but I also write about topics that all moms deal with. Such a making own baby food, breastfeeding, and separation anxiety.

So be honest. What are your thoughts? Day one down, 30 more to go!


Sherri said...

Perfect! Not sure it's an easy task to sum up a blog in a few short words...but probably a great exercise!

I saw the SITS newsletter this morning and was thinking of doing the challenge...but then, it does sound challenging!

Second Chance Moon said...

I love "embrce the chaos"! Life is chaotic and crazy but some day our kiddies will be all grown up and I know we'll miss it. Right???

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS. I might have to give some thought to what my own "elevator pitch" would be!

Nikki said...

I love it...couldn't have said it any better. I think it's so hard to sum it up in just a few words. Especially when your a mom just writing about your life and can be anything from poop stories to wine tasting with your husband!

Amy said...

I love it! Fits your blog perfect! I'm taking the #31DBBB challenge too - looking forward to the next 30 days!